Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Final Fear Fight

here is my Final exam schedule :

29 Oct 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

3 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

6 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

9 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

13 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

18 Nov 2008
9.00-11.00 am

i still dont know when is my practical exam..will update on that later.

who in the right mind wont?

Fight is still going on..
kinda going from bad to worst.
hope for the best is all i'm capable of doing now.

cause my focus is on my exams.
sorry Dear..
got to sort out my priority now.
tried to talk to you earlier..but with no response.

"buat ape cari orang yang menyakitkan hati kita, baik cari orang yang tak menyakitkan hati kita"
-Nur Ain-


Monday, October 27, 2008

Azri Alimor

happy birthday!

lotsa lucks in whatever you do!

hope for the best and only the best u'll get.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

more and more...

i made a mistake.

pretended to be strong when i'm not.

now, i suffers from my ego.

tears wont stop falling how much i tried to stop it.

laughter suddenly stops being a miracle for a sudden.

i'd crippled back into the weak 'old' me.

maybe it's just who i am.

either that..

or i should never get to close to anyone ever.

cause i could never stand the word "seperated" or worst..




i hate cigarettes. i dislike smokers.

but what am i to do if a best friend start smoking?
yeah..i am sad and i did ask her to stop.
promised she'd try.

relationship problems which i thought would subside after sometime..
just go on and on and on.....
idk whether it will survives..

have i mention i hate losing a friend?
even though not permanently...
i am not actually losing one..
but still..
the idea of it makes a...

all these make me soo not in the mood for my finals..
damn it!
all these while i'd always had a friend to study with..
to encourage me..
but now...

btw..YC!! love u girls! please make it a reality..i mean about this december! i really need that vacation!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aerobics, PHYTAS and Movies

first thing on my mind today.

"got to get the aerobics video done asap!"

along the way. this came up.

"it's 12! meeting in next door class!"

after that.

"damn! they've left us two to finish it up? 'great' team i have here. *sigh*"

however, this night..

"nana nak pegi" *doublecheers*


"i dont think i cud make it" *sigh* *shrug*

credits however to Naim..

Thanx for helping me! i owe u A LOT man!
and if ur really going to change ur programme next semester.
one thing for sure..i'll miss u! *sobsob* =(

here is something u said to me
and ask me to not forget which i won't.

"biar orang buat kita, jangan kita buat orang."
-Ikhwanul Naim-


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


aku benci kolej nieh! tah ape lagi die nak..
x pasal2 aku kena pegi kem aspirasi??
what the fuck is that?!
dala last minute!
dorg taw tak aku nk exam nieh??!



kids and HSM3

okay Matul..
i've booked 6 tickets for HSM3 this friday for the 9.50pm showtime.
need you to book the rest and also. arrange transportation and timing with tqah. or nak ain buat tueh? hehe. i pun bz finals ohh~

i'm not sure wether i'll be able to go home first or not since i have class till 5pm. xleyh ponteng syllabus x abes lg. dam it.
just confirm with me the time.
btw..Liesa said she is not promising anything but i booked one for her neway. in case she's joining.
if she's in..maybe she could drive and i could go with her..if not.lalalala..


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


our last therapeutic exercise class was end with an advice from beloved Mr.Bahman.

"in physiotherapy, first you must study hard. secondly, you must look at number one."

-Mr.Bahman Jamaludin-


Sunday, October 19, 2008


hari minggu yg diidamkan rosak sekali lagi.


da tau ade dua fakulti same tapi tempat berasingan letakla notis kat dua2 tempat.

menyusahkan pun ade jugak.

kalau takde org bgtau lgsg camane?

rosak plan maw shopink pada esok hari.

ain akan pegi modul yang bosan bersama org2 yg bosan.


p/s: thanx matol n tqah! wonderful nite~

Friday, October 17, 2008

The end at last

at last..this hectic week has come to an end.
this is the 2nd or 3rd time this week that i was wide awake till subuh.
gotta get the assignments ready darlinks!~

but still, no lazing around just yet as the final has yet to come.

i'm hoping for a miracle this weekend. hope all the plans go as it was plan.

YC! plan a getaway pleassee!~ haha!

before i forgot,

current situation in college: my room has officially turn into a psychiatric ward.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ku CHENTA kinesiology~

di saat ini ku maseh menelaah pelajaran ku meskipun waktu sudah menunjukkan jam 4.45 pagi.

maseh ade 5 tajuk lagi belum ku telaah.

ujian ku bermula pada pukul 8.30 pagi.

mampu kah aku meneruskan perjuangan yang tak pernah habis ini?


i'm announcing that i had officially gone nuts!~



Happy 19th Birthday!

sayang sama kamu. =P


p/s: jangan ada salah faham di sini kerana naz abg ain. huhu~

Friday, October 10, 2008


i love PINK!!

Next Week Schedule.

8.00 am: Anatomy and Physiology test
10.00 am: Physiotherapeutic Exercise test
*postponed next week* -damn-

2.00 - 6.00: Practical class

8.30 am: Kinesiology test
2.00 pm: Physiotherapeutic Exs practical test

9.00 am - 5.00pm: JPA scholarship agreement submission
8.30 pm - 10.30 pm: TITAS seminar

8.00 am: Public Speaking Presentation
10.00 am: Electrotherapeutic Modalities test

8.00 am - 10.00 am: Class
2.00 pm: Both Health Psychology assignment submission

11.00 am: BSMM exam
noon: Lia's open house

9.00 am - 5.00 pm: SUA practice


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy and Miserable

i'm having fun today.
at least i do at the beginning and middle of the day.
i was laughing all the way through the middle of the day.

today, our class started with the last public speaking presentation for the semester. well since my presentation is next week, Naim and me both sat at the back of the class and start making sense about the topics that have been chose by our friends. we joked laugh talk and question each other(at least this shows that we still pay attention to what our friends are talking about).

our next class was spent on finishing the assignment given yesterday. at first, she wanted us to submit the assignment today. Luckily, she extended it to next week. so, we kinda play more than working on the assignment. i was trying to focus, naim was busy singing his heart out while ihsan was busy surfing the net for anything that have to do with football. oh please..boys would be boys. could never seperate them from that sports. yet, they're aiming to get me to join them. hah! fat chance boys!

since i don't have any classes in the evening, i planned to revise my anatomy since there's going to be a quiz tomorrow. halfway through my reading, my brain is already telling me that sleeping sounds better than studying. so i slept till Naim text me asking about psychology quiz tomorrow. i was like..."Naim! aku tgh tdola!". haha! replied him, woke up and read one more paragraph. then i went down to find something to eat.


this is the part that make my day miserable. i waited for almost 2 hours till my food is ready! dammit. they're lucky that they're the only one thats open and i am bloody hungry that time. so yeah..i waited and and the waiter couldn't even said sorry plus he put on a 'idc as long as my works done and u paid for ur food' face. i was practically banging on the counter for my food.

and damn the food wasn't that nice either. *sigh* because of this i decided to skip my meeting and instead revise anatomy. but heh..fell asleep on the book.

bloody kedai makan. make me waste my time for 2 hours. now i have to stay up to finish my revision. and if my brain is blank tomorrow i'll surely curse that kedai makan cukup2 pnye!



ain rindu masa dulu dulu. rindu YC rindu ani rindu alah rindu semua.

boleh tak ain nak pusing balik masa??


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleepless nights

well, currently its 4.18 in the morning. i had just finish my psychology assignment. good for me eh?
haha! what supposedly to be a 2-3 days assignment turns to be a one week assignment. procrastination is not good people! better get rid of that habit of yours if you do have it.

cakap orang jea ain nieh. haha!

p/s: would you agree if i said that, a women who had heard rumors of her men's scandal from another person would first get mad at their men. then their men would explain and maybe apologize. the anger would subside. but not the doubt or vengeance towards the third person which may or may not be innocent in this rumors? however, this vengeance is hold silently without the knowledge of their loved one?


Monday, October 6, 2008

and the "LIFE" begins...

after one week of holiday, i'm back with classes and works and all those that have to do with studies. lots of test is waiting and assignment to be submit. plus the finals are just around the corner. yet what did i spent my class-free time today?

i slept for 3 hours peacefully. haha! those hours which i planned to finish up my assignment was spent for my beauty sleep.

i didnt have lunch today as none of the stalls are opened yet. actually i did. but instant noodle never satisfy me. n we had KFC for dinner. no problem in that except that the cashier forgot our cheesy wedges.and i trusted him enough by not checking. *sigh*

what more could happen this week? pray for the best~

"Shallow men believes in luck. Strong men believes in cause and effects."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-


Sunday, October 5, 2008


okay..as usual, i woke up late. very late! get up and get ready. went to Ani's house. omg! it's been ages since we last see each other. well, she never changes. haha! glad bout it. i was really afraid it would be awkward. then went to Summit with Faie and Naz. haha! today is like..went to visit places or peoples that i haven't seen or went to for ages! eventhough i'm in agony all the time i am out today, i manage to have fun.

hum..it's 4 in the morning. i started on my assignment that i had been putting off for several days at 9 but..too much distraction.haha! only manage to really progress like 2 hours before. still in progress but decided to blog.

i am actually very very worried about my finals. i had never been the type to study study even if i know that i had too but i never worry this much. hurm2..maybe it's the assignments. see ain. this is what happens when you procrastinate.

rumors have subsided though my curiosity is killing me. i badly want to know who's the one responsible in spreading rumors.

"tak suke ckp x sukela.."
-Ikhwanul Naim-


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rumors 2

i have a bad feeling due to this rumors. damn it! i said before rumors have a way of expanding and then explode right? well, it also have a way of ruining relationships; friendships, love and family.

Friday, October 3, 2008


rumors do get people in troubles. cause rumors are meant to be bad don't they? the rumor has start but it's weird how it started. i thought rumors are soo high school. it's fine now. however, rumors have this funny way to expand in silence. and when the time came..it'll explode. by that time, the damage is done and nothing could be done to reverse it. is befriending with others a sin? respect others la weyy!


Celebrity Crush

i was doing my assignment while my sister is watching Disney channel.
suddenly, i heard the voice that was rewinding itself in my head for sometime.haha!
i know. it sounds so immature to some people. but idc.
i believe that there is always a childish part in everybody no matter how mature they are.

Joe Jonas XOXO

p/s: i want only the ORIGINAL Joe Jonas. =P

Thursday, October 2, 2008

cakes and cookies

i spent my 2nd raya baking.

my mum woke me up early to go beraya but i refuse to follow because i was planning to finish up my assignment then by noon i could start baking choc chip cookies because i wanted to give a jar to Rasyid. heh. but alas, i overslept and only woke up at 1pm(buruk perangai anak dara bangun lambat). so, i had a bath, take a peek at my assignment, then start baking till just now.

now i had to entertain some guests.