Saturday, May 31, 2008


I'm back from PD..where i've been staying at Guoman Hotel for 4 days 3 night..Proton's Management Team are having team-building and sumtink sumtink..n my father's involved~ I spent my time finishing Wicked by Jilly Cooper..

I'd enjoy it..except for certain reason...

Firstly..too much english lit. language..n since lit is my weakest subject...i skipped every eng lit quotation in it..*smile*
Hey..i tried to understand it..but..lit sUcks! =P

Secondly..there was one character named Aysha,14/15? cant remember..she is potray as a muslim from Pakistan and after her GCSE's she's going to be married to a guy she don't like(arranged marriage)..but several "scene" is very very opposed to the muslim ways..i'm VERY aware that not all muslims are perfect...but i dont think its appropriate to potray this in the novel..i'm not sure wether the author realised it or bg pendapat je..diri sendiri maseh blowm ckup baik *sigh*

Lastly..the ending seems like the author are rushing to finish the books..or maybe she's out of idea..all the conflicts suddenly came to kinda jolty end..whatever dat is..*LOL*

Btw,i'm sooo in Love and happy at the moment..
i'm trying to get myself fat..haha..i'm sick of being skinny..nasihat shana? minum lg byk air masak..advice taken sis!


Sunday, May 25, 2008


hari ini hidupku di atas kereta sahaje..haha.. pkul 8 da bgn siap..
by 9 da atas kereta..breakfast di mamak usj 16 kejup..
n i really mean kejup...then tros smbg perjalanan ke Kedah..

destinasi sebenar adelah penang..
tapi pegy wedding at Jitra dlue..
plannye utk lunch kat kenduri
perjalanan yg jaoh..n asyik stop kat rnr je..menyebabkab terdelay sket..
so.."lunch" pukul 4 lebeyh la..

walaupun pnat gle duk atas besh..i mean the scenery..
sgt cantik...did i mention..i mmg x pernah msk kampung yg byk sawah padi..??
i mmg kampung kat klantan tp kat Kota mmg x jumpe la sawah padi nie...
few days before today mmg tension psl upu n result..
tgk scenery td..i feel like i cud smile all year~ *LOL*
sgt sengal..yer..sda diri *sigh*

dlm 5 lebey berangkat dr kenduri..pergi Kepala Batas plak..
amek sepupu mama a.k.a my uncle kat matriks penang(KMPP)..
n jelesnye ain!! KMPP lawa!!~ tp KMM ttp unik di hatikue~
tp my opinion,kerajaan kene bwat sumtink utk update the facilities in matriculation college..
okay..stop it ain~ *sigh*

dlm pkul last..smp jugak di Park Royal Hotels n Resorts in Bt.Ferringhi...
check in...lepak2..rehat2...n kelaparan sbb maseh blowm dinner disbbkn late lunch td..
kul 10 lbey..trun jln2 smbl cr mkn..
area ni byk hotel...sume sblah2 or dpn2 jer..
along the road plak ade gerai2 yg jwal mcm2..
imitated goodies? souvenir? accesories? cloths?
macam macam ada...haha~
mcm uptown ak ar..mmg tourist pn byk kat cnie...especially arabians..mat saleh pn of course la ade...
certain malaysians yg proud sgt bli original branded items yg harge kdg2 x relevan ptt tgk mat saleh nie..
slamber i pn a fan of certain brand gaks(F21,Tods etc etc etc) offense~

owh..i'm blogging from my hotel room(221) rite je lps mandi..
agak bdn pnt gle.. dats y da malas blog in english..skang da kat atas katel..tggu nk lena je..
btw, x saba utk gath YC next Sat!~ c u uys there..

okay~ beta nk beradu nie..
Selamat Malam..


ps: gamba nnt2 la upload..lpe bwk cable =(

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


OMG!! my results are out..i'm relieved rite now..for days i'd been worried of my result..
i dont think i did well in my exams last April..
the results? its okAy~
not Quite as bad as i expected...especially for my maths(which is a B+)..
eventhough its not as good as the 1st sem..

i'll have to wait for an offer into any local U..
i hope my results is good enough to get into the course i chose..
mind u guys..i'm OVER medic..*LOL*

The good thing is..i cud still SMILE~


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i dont noe wut u guys thing of it..but i sucks at it! seriously..
its been almost 1 year since i've got the license..
but i still could not get the hang of it..

when u see moi drive..the 1st thing on ur mind would be..yeah..
"how da hell did she gets her license??"
"diz gal must have bought her license instead of earning it"
come to think of it..we do pay money to actually get our license..
its just that some ppl pay more bcoz they're not confident with theirselves..('s called bribes)
i dont do that..but moi "style" of driving makes ppl thing that i too..bribes..
n i hate that...but it still doesn't overcome moi fear of driving..

btw,why did i started on this topic?
owh yea..i'm chatting with moi bro n he's excited to help moi learn how to drive..
*sigh* wish me luck..


Monday, May 12, 2008

Smile everyone

my first blog ever...i'd once enjoyed writing..but its been a while since i did anything like dat..
guess it'll take time for me to get use to diz..
hey..but i know i'll enjoy it..
thats all for now..