Friday, August 19, 2011

Malaysia vs Singapore

I did say I was going to post something about the game itself, no? :)

Well, I am no expert I warn you.

But hey don't I hate Singapore during the game !

I don't want to say anything about their skills, ball handling or those stuffs cause I really don't know much about it. But through out the game, I am annoyed with Singapore players wasting time. Orang lain yang kena orang lain yang injured. Tak ke weirdddd?

Tactics you say?

Well, to me if you are really that good, that why bother with these lame tactics?
Half way through the game I am already bored. What with Singapore injuring themselves all the time and Malaysia still couldn't get a goal.
I pity Singapore's physiotherapist though. Haha. Keep running into the pitch carrying all those bags. Are Singapore players really that weak that they keep on injuring themselves? Or is it the pitch?
Yela kan, Singapore's pitch kan artificial. ;)

All through out the week/days to the game, loads of things are being said about Singaporean. I never been to Singapore, never experienced their infamous courtesy before therefore I won't comment about it.

What I am trying to say is that Singapore player should get theirselves check and train harder so that they won't get injured so much anymore. If, I say IF they are pretending, than they also should get their head check. No one wants to get injured except them. Kalau tiba tiba injured betul betul? tak padan muka ? and IF lets say they are pretending, than I am not sad that Malaysia lose. We lose with dignity. :)

Howeverrrr, Malaysian supporters throwing a shower of bottles/cans etc? NOT COOL ! It just shows how low our mentalities are. I am sad by this event. :( I know I know, sangat geram kan?
But still, aren't Malaysians known for our courtesy too? In a positive way ofcourse.

I plea,


Sempena Bulan Ogos yang mulia ini marilah berubah. :D



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naza World Supports Harimau Malaya

The title speaks for itself. :)

Naza World are now pledging to support sports as the way of life. Or something like that. Sorry, I don't re-call the exact pledge and just too lazy to re-trace it. I do remember they tweeted about it.

So, they sponsored Chelsea's Asia Tour and become the Official Transport. They gave outs free tix and meet & greet pass and even chauffeured the winners to the games. Yes, these winners got police escorts to the games and could forget the hassle of traffics and parkings and best seats.

No, I didn't get these VIP treatments when I went to the Chelsea game.

Again, Naza World gave out free tix via twitter for the Msia vs Singapore game. I was one of the lucky one to get the tix. What made me even excited for the game is because Mr. Sportsgeek was SUPER EXCITED to go to the game. At first he was not really in the mood to go as we were in the middle of 'the' mood. Once I announced that I've got free tix, his mood just rise up in a speed of light. Sumpah die gila excited.

Sadly, we didn't get our VIP treatment as much as we hoped for. Though we're not complaining. Apparently, there's some misunderstanding that made us left behind by the Vespa convoy and the police escorts. To make matters worst, our seats are full. Yes. Full. Somehow, there was no one guarding the entrance thus supporters takes advantage. I am also guessing 'ulat tiket' bersepah. Cause seriously, the number of supporters was more than the seats capacity. Crazy atmosphere ! Lucky we manage to get seats although not the best seats but but it was exactly besides the main entrance for the players. So yes, Malaysian players upclose. I don't even bother looking at Singapore's.

However, Naza World did make it up to us by inviting us to an Iftar Session with Dato Wira SM Faisal and his wife. unfortunately, I can't make it. Saaddd :(

Anyway, click here and here for pictures of both events ! I didn't get any pictures of my own. We did bring camera but it's full of my pictures. *LOL*

I'll make a post about the game itself soon.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Late Post

Yes yes I know ! Football is over ~ Although BPL will starts again in the next few days, here I am talking about pre-season. Ketinggalan zaman maybe. But I just didn't find the time to post about it. :)

Sooo, there I was at Chelsea's Asia Tour. I literally melts whenever I sight Torres. and No, I didn't scream a fan girls scream. Chant, half-way yeah. but mostly I just laze my eyes on him and go *sighhh*. HAHAHAHA.

A little reminder of the controversional score.

Chelsea FC 1 - Harimau Malaya 0

There are like LOTS of pictures but since I am too lazy to choose. U can head on here.

So, during the training our views are severely obstructed by the medias =.=' It annoys us but we still had some shots of the players. Plus earlier before the training, players was kicking balls to us viewers. Lucky Hasmin got one from Bosingwa ! *excited-gila-la-masa-dapat*

Even before the players or anyone was out, there was some commotions in the stadium when 2 guys wears MU jersey. I don't know whether its on purpose or not but I don't understand why? The same commotion also happens during Liverpool's training session. I'm guessing only the fanatics would understands why. Any MU supporters care to explain?

The game ! the game itself was filled with me enjoying the view ! Okay, on a more serious level. I actually met and get to know roughly 2 guys who had been supporting Chelsea since forever ! *clapclapclap* They're also following Chelsea around for their Asia Tour. Now, that's what I call a fanatic ! Anyway, the controversional goal. Hum, I don't know, from my point of view, who cares? Its a friendly game and the goal is from a free-kick/penalty. Can't remember. My brother who sat behind the goal post during the kick said it is a goal as the ball did past through the line. Plus, Malaysia was good. I must say, I am in denial when Chelsea can't seem to get through Malaysian's defence. Good for them !

All in all, I had great times with great companions ! =D


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Month of Love

Yes. Its the month of Love and its not February. :)

Alhamdullilah, I've been given the age to again, meet Ramadhan Al Kareem.

I felt like I have a lot to share, and I really do. Somehow, the words are not there. This year's Ramadhan have quite a special effect on me. There's a feeling that I just can't explain in words. Only that, I know its a good positive feeling.

So to all readers who found me, or found this blog by accident. :)

I seek forgiveness if I had ever wronged any of you in any way possible. I know sometimes, I can be harsh and insensitive. May Allah S.W.T bless you for the forgiveness you gave to everyone who hurts you.

May this Ramadhan be fill with good deeds and kindness. May this Ramadhan be a turning point in us. May it be a month full of blessings. May it be a month that we really proves our Love to Allah S.W.T.

Honestly, I am hoping for the best in me. Please, pray that Allah S.W.T would show me the way. I'll pray for you too, my sisters & brothers of Muslim.

Sincerely, Nur Ain Ahmad Fadzil.