Thursday, December 16, 2010

Muar; 5th Ed.

For the moment, post would all be from Muar. I know, lame. But its my destiny, somehow it was meant to happen. so, with love...

i've been too afraid about the past repeating itself, that i become so insecure. alas, i learned that the more insecure i am the more reason for the past to repeat itself. i guess, insecure is a part of me now. i lost my faith once upon a time when i lost a loved one, by mistake. :)

we've tried to rekindled but it just won't work. one of the many reasons is Mr. Love himself. without realizing what was really happening, we fell in love. or maybe i fell in love, again. I fell in love the moment i swear not to. i fell in love the moment i say he's not the one. i fell in love the moment i vow i don't want to.

Love, was obstructed at first. for which i'm cool with. i don't really want to fall in love though i knew i had. and as if for fate, obstruction resolved? which make it harder for me not to fall in love. He's not the one i've always dream of. he's not the kind every girl wish they had. he's not the type that can be showed off as a prized boyfriend.

but for now, he's like everything to me. *minus the family and tight friends*

to lose him, was never in my plan. if i ever do, remind me not to fall in love again.
or rather, don't ever fall in love again.
cause i could swear i just couldn't bear another heartache.

being faraway from each other makes me emotional enough.
i guess watching Gossip Girl don't really help. lols.

we've been through a lot. and i mean lots.
thus i hope, nothing could actually break us.

hope is a painful feeling but everyone loves it so much.

i am like a drug.
too much of me, i'll become toxic.
at the same time, i could cure.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Muar; 4th Ed.

Again, from Muar with Love. :)

Love life has do me no justice since i set my foot here. True Story. just didn't quite share it with anyone. It became just like an ocean, there's time when the tides comes in, and times where it goes.
I've been putting a lot of taught, if am ever gonna survive here i've got to step up more. yet, i still didn't manage to do that. Spoiled brat like me just prefer lazing around. Lols.

I have no idea what to say. I'm just saying, i need life. more than i ever taught i needed.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Muar; 3rd Ed

Oh god. I am enjoying life as a physiotherapist (student-for-a-matter-of-fact), but outside the hospital?

I need life! Seriously, i need one.

Never mind the fact i went back to Subang once every fortnight. but it's not enough! Muar is basically a dead city.

and i am officially homesick! :(


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Muar, 2nd Ed.

Life's been busy. It would be busier over the next 5 weeks left of our clinical practice. Therapists are all treating us greaatt! Tortured? Maybe in one way, in another way it helps us. LOTS! i have no idea that there are still like a mountain of things that we are clueless about!

Anyway, this week i had been on an emotional roller coaster. =.=' I'm sick. Feverish. Lethargic. and paranormally sick. Somethings been bothering my sleep when i really need it most. It affected life in someways. Luckily, we are two very patient couple. *Love!* Survived the week, and am gonna meet him in a few hours! Excited!

I'm adapting to life there. Quite liking the fact that i stayed in all night, mind u. I slept the whole way through the night. Once i settled down, i lay down, sleeping and texting at the same time. haha! Maybe waking up now and then to peek around fb & twitter. Then back to sleep. Downside of it, is that i have 11 pending assessment to be done. LOLS!

oh! Rezuin's graduating tomorrow! yeay u! maybe am gonna drag naim there. :) Actually, a bunch of them are graduating for diplomas. foundation students, we'll have to wait eh? lols. dah. sudah merepek. jom tidur. morning will come and a fast weekend it would be. i love Subang Jaya!

oh, how i wish we have that MC now! tuesday is a public holiday, and monday is a no patient day. so, the department is practically closed. maybe there would be patient seeking 1st treatment and making up appointment . but still, if the department is closed would a lot more cooler! i'll have 2 extra days of holidays then! well, sometimes dreams will stay as a dream.