Friday, May 29, 2009

hati resah.

tak taw.

hati gelisah.

mungkin kerana seseorang.

hati terkilan.

tak mampu meluahkan rasa hati.


saat-saat dulu.


saat-saat kini.


penghujungnya pasti manis.

kamu keliru?
biar saya seorang mengerti.
masalah hati yang tak mungkin pernah selesai.

saya perlu kamu.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

there was once a rumor.
that these 2 person had denied.
they said rumors are rumors.
they're never real.

then somehow,
the rumors starts to slowly
turns around
it became real.

its more than real.
these 2 person claims they're in love.
they claim that they care.
they said they want it to be forever.
but will it ever be?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


okay. i'm going to be in my hometown next week.

will depart on 1st of June and will be back on the 6th of June.
Miss me already?
jom gy kelantan!~



Monday, May 25, 2009


just some newsflash~
My laptop had gone nuts!

less Facebooking and YMing~
no fair~

currently using my dad's.
hating the fact that most of my stuffs is in mine.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mohd Nazmi Saadon


He post something up about me.
hurm.. it was a revenge ok. :P
not fair :(


don't u worry now. i'm finee. ok?
get the confirmation from.. err.. her :)

nite nite~


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i wish i could post something.
to let out what i feel rite now.
but the words seems to be stuck
in my head.

i wish u wud text me now.
n tell me what u hate
n why r u mad.
cause at least i know
u care.

i wish i could turn back time.
this time
i'm gonna make sure
that we're not going to fight.
i hate it when we fight

i wish...


2 persons.
they are friends.
they're sweet together.
they are in love.
for years.

somehow, someway,
things don't exactly go the way we wanted it to be.
they stumble upon some problems.
problems both of them knows
could cost their friendship.

they don't hate each other.
but for some reasons.
they prefer to wait.
they kept their distance.

for some reasons..

only they have the answers. :)

To be friends, does not mean we're not in love.
To be in love, does not mean we're not friends.



assure me that u love me.
assure me that there's no one else.
assure me that you care.
assure me that u feel the same way i do.
assure me i am not alone.
assure me that u r always gonna be there.
assure me u r not playing around.
assure me we are the best.
assure me that i could always count on you.
assure me this are serious.
assure me this is forever.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Foods & Gossips

Gfs : Halimatul & Rezuin~
Location: One Utama

Foods: Seoul Garden & Starbucks
Gossips: everything everyone everywhere ;p

3 hours in Seoul Garden with endless stories.
some time in Forever 21. then MPH.
a couple of hours in Starbucks with yet more stories.
lastly Watson.
then we head home.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Past

a person from a past said "i love you".

a person in the present said "i love you, too".

*weak smile*

in a situation like this.
what would u do?


Friday, May 15, 2009


why am i suddenly blogging about this particular topic in Kinesiology? lalala~

Rezuin. this is for u. :)

to make it easier. i'll use pictures to define these postural defects.

normal posture kyphotic-lordotic posture

lordotic posture

normal posture scoliosis posture

Monday, May 11, 2009

my ego had been altered.

a maJor alteration!

but come to think about it..
No.. nothing big has changed actually.
i am still as cold as i am before.

Joe should know what i am saying.
ur sarcasm does get into my head.
but then i pretended to ignore it.

i know.
deep down ur asking what n why this is happening to me?
even i dont have the answer for that.
Lust? Love? Lost?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

even after several days past my practical exams, i still can't get my mind of it.

i don't want to rant about it. but the more i don't, the more it bugs me.

My exercise, starts off with OK.. ends up with a mess!
yeah, i was panicking. but the examiner isn't helping either.
i felt like saying, cud u please shut up and let me continue with this?
well, but of course i dont and continue panicking.
The model tries to help, but i didnt get the message.
after the exam, i was thinking to myself, "OMG ain! bridging je kot! tue pn boleh blank.."

then there was my modalities, which starts up with me chasing time and ends with me forgetting the important steps of it.
no, this time the examiner does not bug me much. but well, as usual, panic gets the best of me.
how cud u possibly do a muscle strengthening without giving any resistance or checking the patient's MMT?
bukan terlupa, tapi it was purely panic!

lastly, kinesiology. the dreaded subject.
was at least wayy better then the other 2 subjects.
1st reason! *wicked grin*
2nd reason?
the question is not that hard. just needs lots n lots n lots of reading and of course,
hafal. :)

whatever it is, past let it be past.
the worst of it yet to come.
next semester there would be neuro and patho n mandarin n ortho and more~


Thursday, May 7, 2009

i am frozen.

to melt again?
only if HE starts warming up.
which i doubt,
would ever happen.

do i really have to be who i used to be?
and hurt the wrong ppl, again?

mana kamu?
phone saya hilang.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My exams are officially done!
for this semester at least.

what does happiness mean?
feeling content? satisfied with everything going on in our life?
smiling? laughing? not crying?
what else?
just some random thoughts in my head.

years of being in Subang
never before i entered the ice skating rink in Sunway ;p
never had the guts to.
but after several stressful exams papers
and practical examiners who loves to see u falling
we (as in me and my classmates)
head to Sunway and actually went skating.

sumpah x reti main!
but then (as usual) Naim is there. :)
sangat membantu :)
rasa bahagia :)

kejup sgt.. :(
tak puas.. :(


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wish me

Good Luck!

i'm having my practical exams tomorrow and the next day.

*Huge Worries!*


Saturday, May 2, 2009

i am done with my theory paper! :D
ween dearie, jgn jealous eyh?
practicals coming up. :)

have u ever experience doubts?

i bet everyone does. but, i hate doubts.
once there's doubt, it's hard to have faith.
i tried to trust, but every now and then, doubts would haunt me.

there are moments i feel like backing up.
fortunately, there's something holding me back. no?
as i always said, let time decides. :)