Thursday, February 23, 2012

Smiling Like There's No Tomorrow

So result's are out and I am a happy girl !

Alhamdullilah, what i've been waiting for since my 3rd semester had been achieved this semester. :)
I am even happier that it made my dad happy. He's not the kind that is easy to please. *grin*

What's next ?
Final clinical practice and my final research report !
Pray that I'll pass with flying colours just like last semester.
I really really hope I wont lost enthusiasm and focus too easily though.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Result Day

Assalamualaikum and good evening !

So, tomorrow is UiTM's result day for the Semester 2 2011/2012. Seems like most people are tweeting or posting up status about it, directly or indirectly. No matter what my result is, I have to brave myself to accept it.
Hold on to the Creator's word that he won't test us more than what we can deal with.

Well, not gonna ramble much about that. I was on a very very LONG hiatus from blogging, no? I wasn't that busy but I just lost cause and words to blog. I guess I was on twitter too much that blogging became a 2nd option to write about opinions, complaints and life events.

The second last semester of my 4 years of study are hectic and eventful! *LOVE* I joined in my campus's innovation day. We didn't get any recognition but we did have fun looking at everyone's creative and genius innovation. Okay, maybe not all was fascinating as there was stuffs that I don't understand and I didn't even look at ALL of them. Just those near to our booths. Our team do have to congratulate the ALL boys teams from our class that got their self a Gold prize! *proud-for-you-guys!*

After innovation, comes the Inter-campus Aerobic Competition & Inter-faculty Aerobic Competition. Oh my, a whole month of practice almost every evening and night was fun fun fun! Tiring? Yes but FUN ! We didn't won the inter-campus competition. Well, we're the underdog amongst all of the team. but we got SECOND PLACE for the inter-faculty level. Speechless moment for the whole team. Our supporters are so sweet to say that we deserves to get first place but alas, we're happy even with even second place. Special shoutout to ALL who came ! The boyfie, the girlfie ween and kak zeha, the classmates and also the juniors ! Thank you all !

All these while I was also busy with my data collection for my final year research paper. I am still in the middle of getting the research paper done. Although the motivation is so not there ! I've been procrastinating since earlier this month! Help?

InsyaAllah, once the research paper are done, I'll be going for my final clinical practice at Hospital Selayang for 3 months. With Allah's willing, I might be graduating this year ! Pray for me will ya?

As usual, I ramble too much about myself. Oh well...


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birthday Wishes!

I always have a lots of birthday wishes, thus... I blog about it. 

Although I wish for all these, I never really did care if I got it or not. LOL. 
I am not a millionaire's daughter for one...

So here goes! 

Kiss & Tell Platform Pumps

Any makeup brushes set *LOL*

Urban Decay Naked Pallete

Clarisonic Mia

Furla Candy Boston Bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca

Colour Block Blazers

Soo.. there you go. Haha! 
Not even a gadget in sight huh?
Not a big fan actually. LOL. 
I appreciates any fashion item though. 
of course, makeups too! 

Okay. Enough dreaming for tonight.