Thursday, December 16, 2010

Muar; 5th Ed.

For the moment, post would all be from Muar. I know, lame. But its my destiny, somehow it was meant to happen. so, with love...

i've been too afraid about the past repeating itself, that i become so insecure. alas, i learned that the more insecure i am the more reason for the past to repeat itself. i guess, insecure is a part of me now. i lost my faith once upon a time when i lost a loved one, by mistake. :)

we've tried to rekindled but it just won't work. one of the many reasons is Mr. Love himself. without realizing what was really happening, we fell in love. or maybe i fell in love, again. I fell in love the moment i swear not to. i fell in love the moment i say he's not the one. i fell in love the moment i vow i don't want to.

Love, was obstructed at first. for which i'm cool with. i don't really want to fall in love though i knew i had. and as if for fate, obstruction resolved? which make it harder for me not to fall in love. He's not the one i've always dream of. he's not the kind every girl wish they had. he's not the type that can be showed off as a prized boyfriend.

but for now, he's like everything to me. *minus the family and tight friends*

to lose him, was never in my plan. if i ever do, remind me not to fall in love again.
or rather, don't ever fall in love again.
cause i could swear i just couldn't bear another heartache.

being faraway from each other makes me emotional enough.
i guess watching Gossip Girl don't really help. lols.

we've been through a lot. and i mean lots.
thus i hope, nothing could actually break us.

hope is a painful feeling but everyone loves it so much.

i am like a drug.
too much of me, i'll become toxic.
at the same time, i could cure.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Muar; 4th Ed.

Again, from Muar with Love. :)

Love life has do me no justice since i set my foot here. True Story. just didn't quite share it with anyone. It became just like an ocean, there's time when the tides comes in, and times where it goes.
I've been putting a lot of taught, if am ever gonna survive here i've got to step up more. yet, i still didn't manage to do that. Spoiled brat like me just prefer lazing around. Lols.

I have no idea what to say. I'm just saying, i need life. more than i ever taught i needed.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Muar; 3rd Ed

Oh god. I am enjoying life as a physiotherapist (student-for-a-matter-of-fact), but outside the hospital?

I need life! Seriously, i need one.

Never mind the fact i went back to Subang once every fortnight. but it's not enough! Muar is basically a dead city.

and i am officially homesick! :(


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Muar, 2nd Ed.

Life's been busy. It would be busier over the next 5 weeks left of our clinical practice. Therapists are all treating us greaatt! Tortured? Maybe in one way, in another way it helps us. LOTS! i have no idea that there are still like a mountain of things that we are clueless about!

Anyway, this week i had been on an emotional roller coaster. =.=' I'm sick. Feverish. Lethargic. and paranormally sick. Somethings been bothering my sleep when i really need it most. It affected life in someways. Luckily, we are two very patient couple. *Love!* Survived the week, and am gonna meet him in a few hours! Excited!

I'm adapting to life there. Quite liking the fact that i stayed in all night, mind u. I slept the whole way through the night. Once i settled down, i lay down, sleeping and texting at the same time. haha! Maybe waking up now and then to peek around fb & twitter. Then back to sleep. Downside of it, is that i have 11 pending assessment to be done. LOLS!

oh! Rezuin's graduating tomorrow! yeay u! maybe am gonna drag naim there. :) Actually, a bunch of them are graduating for diplomas. foundation students, we'll have to wait eh? lols. dah. sudah merepek. jom tidur. morning will come and a fast weekend it would be. i love Subang Jaya!

oh, how i wish we have that MC now! tuesday is a public holiday, and monday is a no patient day. so, the department is practically closed. maybe there would be patient seeking 1st treatment and making up appointment . but still, if the department is closed would a lot more cooler! i'll have 2 extra days of holidays then! well, sometimes dreams will stay as a dream.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Muar. :)

It's been what? 2 weeks? :)

Homesick and missing a certain someone is basically, a routine for me. but my story is about everything except those.

The town. Busy busy town with nothing i can do. pffftt. It's basically a chinese town as their race kinds of dominates the town. I can't even find a decent restaurant at noon thanks to the traffic and one way road. =.=' don't even ask about dinner, we would just stop by any restaurants or stalls that looks promising and assuring. Siapa kata makan murah?? Normal. feels just like Subang. and believe me, i've not been outside the house after 7pm. Don't have a reason too plus am too lazy to drive. Ngee~ Kind off getting used to it by now, whats with the tons of works given.

Work. I am starting to love it here. Leceh? Mungkin untuk sesetengah pihak. For this 1st 2 weeks, things are a bit chaotic as the management just changed hands, and one of the physio got into an accident (1/12 MC). Yeah, u could imagine how things are. But today, a staff meeting was held and Alhamdullilah. Lots of things were resolved, and i admire the HOD spirit of trying to help us become a great therapists. Even with the lack of time, lack of staff he starts on a routine of daily tutorial to help us with our skills and knowledge. Not forgetting all the other physios, with different characteristics and all they're always willing to help. :) Even tomorrow, i'll be conducting an aerobic class for the hospital's staff. wish me luck eh? ;) This friday, CME would start. Tutorial would start next week. We also have to make a timetable for 3 types of group exercises. each of us would handle one class. There's a plan to ask us to prepare an educational board for the department, perhaps on stroke. Then there's the world diabetic's day and so on.

Whoever follows this blog would know how i dreaded coming here! but now that time flies so fast, i don't even feel the rush to finish this posting. :D

ouh yeah, My Sayang? He's doing faaaaiiiyynn! :) As long as he stays true, i've got nothing to worry about. Apa? Kalau dia curang? BAKAR je! Seriously, this is what i told him. haha.

I miss him though. Hmmm. 6 weeks more.

Sabar ye?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am gonna exaggerate on this post. If u don't like what u read, please close the window. Thank you.

13 days more till the start of our clinical practice. As for this moment, i am freaking and stressed out. Say what u want, i know myself better. Its just that, people been saying that u don't have to see each other all the time or be together all the time to be happy. cause then u'll learn how to miss each other and appreciate each other more. The problem is, even with us being together all the time i still miss him when we're apart for the night or the next morning. *tak-kahwin-lagi-tak-boleh-tidur-sama*

and even for the few hours we're apart, its like disaster! *yes-exaggerating* i mean, tonight would be an example. We have a special assignment to be done before this Friday, and since our exams is on Thursday we plan to finish it by tonight. So, we went out to get the ink to print out all the case report we've found. After juggling much, we decided one is enough. Back home, i was ready to nap when he text me saying, ink was not enough. we would probably need 3 more. =.=' Tonight, we went out again to get the ink. Why didn't he goes or i go on my own u asked? The assignment involved both of us, i feel obliged to help him or atleast accompany him. i don't even like him riding his bike at night with the traffic of Meru. Dangerous even for car drivers. Extra dangerous for motorbike riders! And right after we got back home, from Tesco again. He text again saying i forgot to give him the papers. *denggg!~* So, its like there's always something bringing us together during the day!

i don't care if u'r saying, LAME! my life, my way. hate it? get lost. :))

anyway, i am actually anxious regarding 2 things.

1st, us being away from each other for 2 months. *not-whole*

2nd, is like. em. maybe i should save this reason to myself. no, let me save this reason among me and closest friend. :D

what is it with me and long distances? well, the reasons goes a long way back in my life. i told him once about this and he went all ballistic! *where-did-that-word-came-from?* anyway, the point is he said that past is past. if i cant let go of it then it means that i am not ready for him. and he has a point. even all my friends repeated the same thing over and over again. now it's all up to me to make it work.

all this talk about relationship kinds of annoy myself now. i talk too much kan? LOL. if, it is mean to go the opposite way that i plan i know all this words would backfire. for now, i like to think that i live in the present. i have faith in us. i do! despite all this insecurities. it is just the immature me talking. i know, and i'm positive, i will survive in Muar, and we will survive apart.

we have a wish we share together. :)


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Something he tells me this evening gave a me a reality-check-bitch-slap right in my face!

i was pretty embarrassed by it that i still can't stop thinking about, whereas he might have even forget about it. it makes me think hard. maybe, maybe we should just set like some kind of gap. no, its not like we haven't tried doing it. tell me, how do we separates ourselves when we're in the same class, studied the same thing, and be on the same group for almost every assignment. and yes, i am aware of people judging us. telling us to get a life !

well, the truth is this is our life! :)


p/s: about the thing he told me about, we'll figure something out. maybe, a "big" decision will follow? xD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home vs House

mum proposed that i stay at home next semester instead of renting one. well, i'd love too, though for certain reasons i am still considering it.

1st; i would need a lunch time getaway to sleep or hang out. surau or library is not a choice. neither do naim's house.

2nd; i would need a getaway place from my stuffed house in subang. *yes darling, i dont actually have privacy here but it's home* and duhh~ me, too needs some times away from parents.

3rd; i wouldn't have an option but to drive all the way back to subang even on the most exhausting day out with naim or any college's friend for that matter.

4th; this reason supposed to be the 1st but~ xD i would have to go to campus on study week to study as there's no way i can study at home. prove is this semester choice of staying at home. not working for me, i end up in campus 5days in a row. *lols* studying in campus in daytime is no biggie, but to stay till night ? never done it. and don't think i will like it. takkan laa hari hari nak lepak starbux pulak. kaya pun boleh jatuh miskin. =.='

5th; i have no where to place all my stuffs. having a rent house allows me to ditch certain stuffs that i don't use at home there. like my academic books. ;P if i were to stay home, i'd have to find spaces to fit them all in.

so, i still think having a rent house is a better option. but i don't know. maybe should ask around if there is a cheaper and better one? cause even my rented room is very stuffed! =.='


Friday, October 22, 2010

Extra Work

d/t some technical mishaps, we've lost our clinical preceptors marks that would cost us 30% . Thus, now we've got to cover the marks by doing some extra work. We've been given the task to search for 20 case report. Mine is case report on stroke. and of course, physical therapy.

and i tell u, it is not easy!~ it may seems easy, with google and stuffs yet we still need to read and chose the most reliable, and suitable. that, and the number of cases we need to get.

ouh, don't get me wrong though. am not actually complaining. we're very grateful of having 2nd chances. we're even hoping that he scores us more than what we've got! u know the saying, behind every cloud, there's a silver lining. :D

actually, i'm getting bored and my eyes are getting sore of reading books and watching tele at the same time. and i'm not helping my eyes by staring at the laptop. *sigh* and i thought taking a break from studying by searching for case report is a good idea. LOL.

lets head to bed.


Friday, October 15, 2010


it kinda had become a habit for me.

when i'm mad with any of the friends, i literally absorb myself with more ME and HIM time.
This i realize, few days back.

I was pissed.
So, i drifted away from them slowly.
Stayed in the room alone indulging myself with HIMYM and Research Methodology notes =.='
And the next day, once i was awake, get ready and get my ass out of the house.
Met HIM and studied together.
After class, went out instead of going back to the house.
Tagged HIM and his friend.
Once i'm back at the house, a bit catnap then head straight back to Subang.
The next morning, got into a bit of a catfight with HIM, yet make up asap!
After test, went on a little runaway drive with HIM.
Still to the moment i'm typing, i am still putting myself in a distance from them.
but made a date with HIM this evening.

I have no idea why i do these things.
but boy am i blessed from having him in life.
which is the very reason why i'm thinking,
this could last. :)



p/s: i am the perfect wife! :))

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Happen?

We was the ultimate B & S.

note, WAS.

though i know, i don't exist anymore in her diaries of life.
and only God knows, how hurt i am thanks to her actions and words.

There's a feeling, lingering around. Reminding me, of the times together.
Pushing me to ask myself, what is she up to nowadays.
but seriously, for what?

we've been given chances to redeem back old times.
but both of us, for best or for worst;
denied it.

i could repeat saying, i couldn't care less?
but who am i kidding?
i do care.

i'm not really good at first moves.
but if there is something worth holding on forever;
it's friendship sewn with love.

If she reads this, i know she know that its her i'm talking about.


p/s: pathetic as i sound, i rather be a pathetic loser on earth than a helpless loser in hell. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I can't seem to come up with any title, thus decided to leave it blank.

I was at a certain someone house today, and i just don't know what i felt.
no, act i do know.
this feeling is just so weird.
i know its better to just be ME.

I am just too shy!

words don't spill out from my mouth as usual.
and i kept myself hidden as much as possible, though failed. =.='

macam, kalau orang masuk tanya dengan muka pelik sb ta penah nampak,
"nieh sape? "

rase nak terjun masuk gaung dek malu!

okay, i exaggerate too much. =.='

em.. aa..


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


All these talks about cars and phones, really got me thinking.

How blessed i am to be given this family.
No, i don't have a sport car, i don't have a room of my own, i don't own the latest smart phone, i don't even have anything luxurious. No, we're not rich. not even close. We're a normal average family. and i am your normal average girl.

but still, i've got nothing to complaint. my parents never restricted what i do. they trust me to make my own decisions, and experienced things in life. I may seem spoilt and could never survive being independent, but i could live on my own. Prove it to y'all when i'm in Muar okayh?

currently, my dad are paying around 500 excluding the maintenance for u-can-call-it-rental car, just for the sakes of my convenience. He knows how important it is for me to be able to get here and there w/o having to rely on people. so, while he's trying to actually buy one, he "rent" one for me when he could have easily ask me to use the public transport. he knows my time of using those, are over. :)

i bought my own phone using the scholars i got last year. but then now it's in the "clinic". it is just so logical for me to pay for the repair myself, yet he offered to pay it for me. this, and all those stuffs i bought and shop for. all my cloths, heels, bags and those thousands of accessories. no, i am not exaggerating.

20 years, i've been through it all. the time when i'm the only child and i get whatever whenever i wanted it. the time when i have to compromise of having a baby brother, but still i have advantages of being the only girl. then come the times of hardship when i've the baby sisters, and yes financially. then, currently my family are doing great.

you see, life is a circle. i've been all around it. so, how could i ever complaint?

and i know they too, are proud of me. despite the lack of compliments :) if not, they wouldnt easily brag to their friends about my future profession? but they did leaves out my pointer out of the conversation. lols.

he's been planning to buy certain stuffs for me lately. ouh well. we'll see how that plan goes.


p/s: the fact that they're cool i'm dating now, is just an extra bonus point! :) reasons seems to be that they never really approved of it before.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inspiration *LOLS*

Sumpah Tak Larat

nak jaga hati orang.

nak happykan orang je.

nak fikir kebajikan orang lain.

sumpah tak larat!


kamu nak maki saya.
kamu nak caci saya.
carutla banyak2.

saya tak larat nak peduli.


kamu nak ignore saya.
kamu nak sisih saya.
kamu nak buang saya.

saya tak larat nak terasa.


kamu nak panggil saya apa.
kamu nak gelar saya apa.
kamu nak cerca saya apa.

saya tak larat nak ingatkan siapa saya.

yes. i'm serious.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is how i spend my Raya. :)


Venue : Curve, Damansara & Sunway Pyramid, PJ
Activities: Movies

er. can't remember but i was out somewhere. i think?

Venue : OU, Damansara
Activities: Movie and Seoul Gardening and camwhore

Venue: Saujana Utama & Tesco Setia Alam
Activities: Naim's friend open house and tagged along w Naim's mum shopping.

Venue: All around Subang, Pyramid, Meru, Shah Alam & USJ 11
Activities: Searching for "kelapa parut", looking for marshmallow and accompanying kak shana, picking ween, naim and sue, and BBQ party for Ifah.

Venue : again, Curve Damansara and Lily's house
Activities: Bowling and BBQ party

Venue : Farahin's open house and Naim's house
Activities: MAKAN! :D

Aren't Raya supposed to be filled with open house and be-raya-ing to everyone's house?
Where is all that on the list? gosh.

Matul, i guess this is why this Raya seems so weird. Oh Matul gile!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Pouring it all out.

i feel like pouring it all out here.
i can't.
what happened, who're involved, how i feel.
can't be explained by any words.
God knows.

i want to cry.
but it will be for no reasons.
i want to cry for something worthy of my tears.
but nothing is worthy right now.

faking it.
thats what i do best.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Once u marry a guy, means ur marrying his family too.

This advice of the older, scares me a bit. Just today, i went to pick him up and his aunt was there standing at the door grinning to the ears. It seems like she's sending him of, siap lambai lagi. Okaayy, his mum never done that.

oh, it feels so impossible to get married. Mum is repeating that she wants me to finish study first then only get marry. okaayyy, girls! if i becomes an "andartu", please don't ask why! u know the answers. there might also be a possibility of ending up in some psycho department d/t all work and no play. *terbaiklah!*

back to the family thingy, no. i'm not the major super friendly kind of people or girl. example? i was silent, like reaaally silent whenever his mum is around. segan weyyh! even i'm intimidated by his 19 y/o sister. don't even ask me about his older sister. membisu seribu bahasa la aku =.='

the other day i met his aunt , uncle and grandma. they seems really nice and friendly. but ta sempat beramah mesra, he was already back in the car. thanks to extreme sleepiness. lols.

oh yeah. i just realised something, i do sound like gatal nak kawen! ;p

oh well.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kecoh Betul


Raya in KL have never been fun, but then melaram tetap melaram en? :)
Raya tetap raya. :)
but by today, 3rd day of raya i am already bored to death. hence, the blogging.
some people prefer to blog when they have something to tell.
i on the other hand blog when i'm bored, then only the stories will flow out.
crapping in blog is something i do best. ;p

somehow, i could not crap just about anything tonight. blank weh! :)



Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak

OMG OMG! It's Raya already! Seems time flies at high speed during Ramadhan this year. :) I miss Ramadhan already. I feel like i've wasted it too much to have right to celebrate Eid Mubarak. *sigh*

Sincerely, i don't think i tried hard enough. Reading a friends blog confirmed it. I should be ashamed. I hope by the next Ramadhan, i'll be a much better person.


Happy Eid Mubarak!

I know i know,
saya gedik celupar garang nakal jahat etc etc
Thats why, from the bottom of my deepest heart, i am SORRY for every single mistakes. Every teeny tiny one to the oh so unforgivable wrongdoings of mine. Please forgive me. Please know i didnt mean any harm. :)

Maaf Zahir Batin.


Monday, September 6, 2010

thanks zieQ.

love it. found it on zieq's blog. :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Love of god is the greatest love of all.

yet why do we still craves for human's love?

that includes myself.

To really fight for the greatest love, we had to have the greatest guts. to end it off with the person we thought we love, to really change, to stop thinking about love and lust, to really put an end to everything.

To really fight for the greatest love, we had to be prepare to fight the greatest fight. To struggle the calls the temptations, to fix our heart for the one and only, to not "cheat" on Him, to willingly follow His ways. His true ways.


It's hard. but let's try. one step at a time. :)



Hadith - Sahih Muslim, Narrated by Abu Hurayrah r.a

Allah's Apostle said:
There are two types, amongst the denizens of Hell, I have yet not seen them. One possessing whips like the tail of an ox and they flog people with them. (The second one) the women who would be naked in spite of their being dressed, who are seduced (to wrong paths) and seduce others with their hair high like humps. These women would not get into Jannah and they would not perceive the odour of Paradise, although its fragrance can be perceived from such and such distance (from great distance).

Thursday, September 2, 2010


My blog is dead. Greeeaaattt! :D

Lepaking with YC never dissapoints me. :)
All kind of stories keluar.
from past till future!
dari belajar sampai kawen!

Oh yeah.
Mereka kata saya gatal. :D
Gatal nak kawen.



Saturday, August 21, 2010


Baby during the first four weeks of life. :)

Am supposed to get this assignment on neonates done, but i have no idea how to start. So instead, i'm stuck here. HAHA. I'm in love with parachute by cheryl cole and pyramid by charice ft. iyaz. okay, crap. seriously i have nothing to write about. just feels like crapping.

Yesterday buka puasa luar. kfc je pun. i know, lame~ but who cares? it's who i'm with and how i appreciate my meal that counts, no? :) another reason it's kfc is cause i've been wanting to try the shrimps. haha. though all my other experiences taught me not to trust the ads, but suka hati la! nak jugak rasa. :D after all, we debated on where to buka puasa for hours. at first it was supposed to be a restaurant we rarely goes to or never, well lets put it this way, kfc is something that is close to our hearts. ngee~ i wonder if he realised this or not, i don't think so though. *sigh*

Oh, i really want a new jeans. no, make that several new jeans. cause all my old jeans just dont fit anymore. NO, im not fatter. im THINNER. hate that fact but i've got to admit it. :) Oh, want several new blouse, shirts. oh maybe trousers and what else? new bags? again? haha. shoes shoes! tho i have lots and only wears each of them once or twice except my comfy pairs. :) which i drag everywhere. like seriously everywhere. shopping, class, bazar etc etc etc.

oh. boyfie is once again indulging himself in fantasy football. and yeah we do talk about it together. he's been gloating for getting the highest point in the 1st week. anddd been talking about it only with the boys in class. somehow, in someway i know i'll be ignored. =.=' he better make it up to me. oh, i think i already know what to get him for his bday next year. lols! :D

okayyyyy. i'm crapping way too much.


Friday, August 20, 2010


As in today, its been 2 weeks i'm stuck at home literally. minus last saturday and sunday. ;) oh and classes and meetings and stuffs.

Okay, so not really stuck at home la. Stilll, i'm bored to death. Its been ages since i'm kept at home on weekends. Shopping? Broke. Eat? Puasa. Then nak buaaattt apaaa neeehh? =.='

Assignment, please. Its a handwritten assignment, and am absolutely lazy to get it started. *sigh*

I dont even have anything to blog about. No, thats not entirely true, its just that i chose not to say anything anymore. :)

I'm even more lazy to get back to Subang. Malas drive! *dasartaretibersyukur!* :))


p/s: ignore the title it has nothing to do with the post.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ramadhan is here. Again.
A peak for all Muslims in salvaging our love for Allah the Almighty.
Late as it is, I am wishing Happy Ramadhan and i seek for forgiveness from all.
I'm human. A creature god created to make mistakes, yet learned from them.
May every Ramadhan become better and blessed for each and everyone of us Muslims.
May it also be a turning point for some.




p/s: Masquerade party is a job well done. :) Thanks everyone especially to my class. HS224/05.
Next event, we'll do better okayy?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Masquerade Party.

One more day to go.
I'm excited and worried at the same time.
Hopes everything goes well after what we've gone through.
It may not be the most perfect, but it will be something.
We've tried our best based on our limitations.

We're touched by the support.
Hurt by the complaints and rambles.
yet, Strong.

I'm amazed how some of the committee members are so collected and committed in handling the event .
I've to admit, w/o them the dinner wouldn't have come true.
Thanks guys. Ur the best! :)

Gotta go sleep. Busy busy day ahead.


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daddy's home!

My dad gets the offer of going overseas only once in a while. A VIP here it seems. lols. This week is one of the week, he's in Aussie. And he got me a Coach's bag~ At last, and no, my family is not from the oh so wealthy i could have coach everyday if i wanted to. Thank you. ;) Love u daddy! *grin*

Being a girl, getting a bag makes me jump for joy ~ !

Today, Naim is playing rugby for SAF. ;) Good Luckk dear~ No, am not going to support. *awkward* Lols. Maybe i should ask him to play something where girls are not a non-existence. :D

So far, things are going well. A few exceptions here and there though. ;)

bye! going shopping!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is something to be think about, or maybe not.

Why on earth does we feel secured around the one's we love?
Every minute spend was worthwhile nevermind the fact that it was actually wasted doing nothing.
One second in their arms makes us feel a whole lot better.
Every touch makes u smile?
Every smile makes u melt?
and even with only a look in the eyes could turn u upside down?

Some would say "Sorry" seems to be the hardest word, but sometimes "sorry" is easier to be shown, not said. Even words can't deny the effect of an action. ;)

Can't seem to understand my rambling? Ignore, thank you. :)

Another thing is, foes or enemies.

How do we define them actually?

U know, most people claimed, that a certain person is their worst enemy and they just so hates them. yet, they stalked, they asked, they have the needs to know what is happening in their so-called enemies.

I'm confused. If u hate that person so much, then why do u have to care about them? Then, define hate. I would say, it's not hate.

It's either care, cause there's actually love not hatred.


It's just plain jealousy.



p/s: i could have explained everything, but then i thought it's for no reason.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nothing to blog.

Its been a while. Lots had happen yet nothing to be blog. I think i'm losing interest ? Whateverla~

Well, a news would be that we would be going our seperate ways. Starting this November ? The lecturers had happily seperates us for our clinical practice. ouh well, they have their reasons. Mummy is not happy yet okay with it.

The annual dinner is around the corner yet seriously, LOTS of things need to be done. Gym to be decorated. Things to buy. Budget to fit. Making everybody else happy about it. Seriously, the least thing u could do is understand the situation and not make a fuss out of it. and yeah, SUPPORT. an attitude? oh thanks a lot for being in a community~.

There was this alumni13 dinner hosted by the high school. have fun LOL-ing with YC. yeay! Spend approx. 3 hours getting ready! Best sangat! The place and food was yucky but it was cool to meet up with old friends old flames old teachers. yeah. long lost everyone was there.

Love story? ;) Loving every minute. Hopefully, our ups and downs would gain us strength.

Studies? i dont even know what to tell since class is something that almost not exist in my diaries. *grin*


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

note to self;

Well, at last i have something to say.

This comes from my good side.

I understand that the owner makes u representatives to collect all the money and stuffs, but seriously u don't have to ask us everyday when its been crystal clear he's coming on saturday~ u'll only exhausts urself and annoys us.

household items. PLEASE talk and let us know before buying ANYTHING! i don't appreciate people asking me money when i don't have the slightest idea of what u bought. we're living in a house, NOT college as we used to. So, treat it like ur own house AND act like ur living in a real house. we don't need 2 to 3 similar items in the fridge or kitchen or anywhere else just because everyone's acting so selfish. Except the item for your own room and ur toiletries, please, let's share. it'll let us saves more than u can imagine.

oh. for what i am babbling in here not to them? to restrict myself from flaring up in anger and disgust. i know how i'm capable of doing that.

for those who are not related to this house, stay out of it.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3.

For the sake of 3D, we waited for 5 hours. the 1st hour was spent at rope walk. Love's fav places to explore. Tho he found out nothing much was great there. Now, let's see what happens the next 4 hours. oh yeah. 2nd hour was spent in the food court at Sunway. Then 3rd hour was spent window shopping. *we'rebroke!* *grin* *blush*

Then i lost track of time. *lols~* The boys went into SenQ or something exploring all kind of those big big tv which all look the same to me. So, we *thegirls* sat comfortably on a sofa provided watching wonder girl's nobody while Naim was like "gelinya" . Then their next song, then suddenly Girls Generation come out. I am not a fan of Korean everything, but somehow i recognized GG *iknowHwudlovethispart* because of Yuri. At least i think its her? *chuckles*

I guess u did it. U made her known. well, to me at least. :)


p/s: the boys finally get to watch a 3D movie. ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short Term Goal

For the whole semester, i've been criticized by every other peoples. that includes hypocrites, people who thought they knew me well enough. Think again 'dearest', u r way out of line. :)
Thus, i promised myself that somehow, am gonna prove them wrong.

Results for the semesters are out, and i'm blessed! told ya I'm gonna prove myself. Though, i'm certain i could have done better if i started from the 1st semester. oh well, time does not turn around, no? i'm gonna stay positive on this one. I have all other advantages that they may not haves. The languages, the brain, the boyfie and the fun. ;)

Clinicals. I'm done with my lecturer evaluation. Though, i'm confident that i could have done much much better. Such a simple case, just lots of early precautions. Yet, panic attack! Thanks to the lecturer tho for giving chances as a first timer. :) Appreciated it, very much! Am gonna improve and try my best to be perfect in every other aspect left eg. clinical folders.

New semesters. Trying to find ways to not get involved in their misery. As in criticizing others to make them feel good bout themselves? *grin* Lame, i know. I guess this is the downside of being in an all Malay society? where mentality is still between the line of immaturity and actually matured. Oh, u'll only be offended if ur one of these people i'm talking about. :)


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

True Love

who could imagine that greatest love of all do exist in this mean world. ;)
and not to mention, in a hospital. where everything looks sad and dull.

*notes to self*
True love would always be there no matter what ur condition is.

1st case.
Wife suffers from Parkinson. Husband is always there smiling at her while she's in treatment. She doesn't trust others to hold her except him.

2nd Case
young couple. Husband survived stroke. Always exchanges jokes, giggling while hubby on treatment. Never fails to bring him water, take off and put on his shoes. Help him up, push him in wheelchair. ;)

3rd Case.
very young couple. An 19 y/o girl involved in MVA, suffers traumatic brain injury. Undergoes cranioctemy. unable to speak, or mobilize. very low confident and very little tolerance to pain. during treatment, boyfie was there to encourage her and help her. yes, her BOYFIE not husband. ;)

4th case.
Young mother with two children suffering muscular dystrophy. Never fails to smile and entertain her children while exercising. Never fails to support them. Always, smiling, laughing and kissing them.

and lots of other similar cases. these are the ones that caught my eyes.

True love would always be there when ur in ur worst condition.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Subang Jaya.

i oh so love it. its what i call home. ;)
no matter where i have to be, it'll always be in my heart.
even when i'm married and needs to live somewhere else w my hubby. ;)

3 weeks in Penang.
Love blooming like it could never end.
i seriously wish it wouldn't.
it's like we're back in honeymoon period.
nothing can hurt us, i hope.

So, yeah.
i gained i.5kg in 3 weeks.
another hope.
hope i'd keep on gaining weight.
ngee~ the last day in penang before coming back, they said i look more chubby than before.
thats, a compliment. :D

Work have been a blast.
I think i could live as a physiotherapist.
but, the same routine every single day?
im having 2nd thoughts bout that.
but hey, ive got 3 more clinicals to go.
no worries.
oh, i dont want to split groups.
prob is, eventually ppl would start talking.
why do they have to do that?
live us alone.


Saturday, May 22, 2010


im gonna get fat.
unlike what zieq predicted, i am not buncet-ing.
2 weeks and i'm having a tummy again.
2 months?

loving penang for its delicacies!


Friday, May 14, 2010

1st week

i wasn't gonna make this blog one to talk about cases and works. since i cant remember or bother bout tumblr, i just decided to just use this blog. so readers, prepared to get bored and clueless.

1st week. only 2 cases. ;P no, not because there is no cases. but too many till i just dont get the time to grab one patient and assess them. whats with the small gym and overcrowded patient. funny thing is, they all came at the same time, and gets out at the same time too. on certain days, we'll be relaxing by 11 am! and break is at 1. lols. too many time to prepare to get hungry! *grin*

1st case, frozen shoulder. ;) 2nd case, ACL tear. ;)

The physios there are very nice! and they dont just shut u out when u asked something. Tho we could always find their fault, as told by many lecturers in class. still, sometimes they know better what with all the experience. no?


p/s: i think i'm loving my job.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Penang, at last.

1st day here, not so bad. except for the weather. and i thought Subang was very hot.
I'm not good in summarizing the day. Too much work. lols~
oh wth, we arrived around 11, 12? somewhere there. Now only i am thankful to have Puncak Alam. *seriously* The building is old, nevermind that but not the fact that it is very filthy! Trashes are everywhere, and the office is behind the building. and i really mean behind. we have like to 'tawaf' the building baru jumpa office. ngel~

oh, lunch was awesome! Mee Udang Sg. Dua? terbaiikk~ :D Thanks mummy daddy~

first daayy?
cooooll~ besides us, we have 4 more diploma students from acms, kepala batas. They're cool. ;) We didnt do much today, will start getting cases tomorrow. Anyway, i have a feeling i'm gonna love being here. *grin*


p/s: i'm eating alot. sweating alot. drinking alot. working alot. and eating alot some more. do u think i could gain weight? *wink*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

6 hours.

in about 6 hours, I'll be on my way to Penang. believe it or not, I'm going to work. serious work. where i cant mess up, or I'll screw my reputations. somehow, it's different than working as anything as long as i get the money. This time, I'm working for my grades. 8 credit hours. screw up, and I'm dead. :(

Most of my friends won't believe this. i am actually going to treat patients. who would have thought. Lil diva-ish Ain turns out to be a physiotherapist? RoFL~ To H, i oh so adore the post! thanks for missing me already. i know u miss making me scream! :))

Omg. i hate holidays w/o u guys. if possible, do try to come and kidnap me on either Friday or Saturday since I'm working on Sunday. ;)
I'll miss u girls and guys, a LOT!

for the moment, i think I'd finish packing except for the small thing like toiletries, make ups etc. which would have to wait for tomorrow. and i think i break my record, i am only bringing one luggage bag, one box full w stationary, books etc, one bag for my laptop and one handbag.

oh well, i guess that's because i exclude my Roxy bag which i stuff in my comforter and 3 to 4 pairs of my shoes which is going straight into the car w/o boxes or begs, not to forget my laundry-washed and ironed clinical uniforms. :))

Why is it hard to lessen things? i guess the need to bring everything along despite all the tips learned in magazines is much more comforting. even when I'm typing this I'm trying to remember what else did i left behind.

Nevermind, I'll blame Naim if i left anything behind. he kept on saying, only the clothes matter. everything else could be bought there.

i guess i better head to sleep now. Nites dearest. Wish me luck.
please know i love u all.
and i know u love me. :)


Saturday, May 8, 2010


Why am i excited yet reluctant to go there?
Seriously, one thing about traveling that i hate most, packing! I could never pack right! Make a list as long as i could, but somehow there would always be something left behind. hope this time, it doesn't happen that way. lols.

okay2! i'm going packing now!


Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm relieved that we don't chose specifically who we stayed with. Now, our problems are solved. We don't have to cramp inside a house. Instead, we have enough space for each and everyone w/o messing our heads where to stash our belongings and at the same time fit ourselves in a house.

Choosing the right housemates, right friends are crucial. i can't deny that one bit. but not to the extend of burdening our own self, time and money. Alhamdullilah, our housemates seems fine. I don't think there would be much problem. Our landlord are nice. Very nice. They left almost all the things in their house for us except for beds. Which made our work seriously so much easier! They even promised to re-paint the house, repair what needs to be repair and clean the house for our convenience. Basically, we only need to enter and place our stuffs w/o worrying bout furnitures etc etc.

though i'll have to say. renting is hard work. now i've got to think like my mum and dad. Bills, cleaning, cooking etc. Double major trouble~ *dasarpemalas!* lols~ Next sem would be a pain in terms of cash. The other sem i hope would be better! ;) I need to find a part time job, i guess?

for the record, i can't wait to get hold of the Persona~ which would make my life so much easier. ;) come and go as i wish. Be patient Ain. The time would come.


Friday, April 30, 2010


Oh, i am dedicated to studying this week. NOT!

lols~ naahh~ not really dedicated actually. despite all the tough subjects this semester, i'm more relaxed compared to the previous semester. don't ask me why. i just don't know. anyway, when studying reach the ultimate boredom, i tend to tweet and stalk people who matters most in my life. not those haters. when it comes to H, i gave up. her blog is totally out of my league! anyway, she tried to help me by making a special post. and oh i am touched! ;) To S, i read all yC's blog. no matter how kompelikated it mait sim. :))

Summary of exams? Please, just wait for the result. what's the best summary for exam except results aite? :D as i said, i am dedicated to studying this week. and lets make it a much smaller NOT! insane much?

what else. what else. oh! houses for next semester. as a degree student, we're meant to be kicked out from college one day or another. so, we decided to get our ass out from the college before we got kicked out. haha. but then, we found kind of a perfect house. RM800 w/o the bills. Fully furnished w/o bed. Great neighborhood too. Max 6 tenants are allowed. Good news, we have 4 at the moment. bad news, we dont have anyone to total up to 6. and we are very sure that we can't afford the rent with only 4 persons! anyone up for the grab? 2 person needed tops!

i should start studying now. tutoring love. *as if*


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am basically glowing in and out! ;)
Thanks to Love, that is. He came to my rescue before i get all hormonal. rofl~
Seriously, being here would not get me at my best. i'd stress out before u cud even count to 3. *3secondrulesanyone?*

at the moment everyone else was so stuck up in books notes etc.
we took the liberty to went out together.
the thought of getting out from here was ALWAYS comforting in a way.
being with you makes it even better. :)

thought of coming back?
makes me squirm~ and whine~ and god knows what else.
i wish i could just stay at home.
best place one could be.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Imperfections does not mean unhappiness. ;)

Somethings cant be shared with words. ;)
Let it stay in my memories, yet i can't seem to keep this happiness alone to myself.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy 23rd Sayang.

Happy Birthday Sayang! U are getting old. lols.

never mind,

i love u still.

*Gambar ta clear. Benci*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Physiotherapy Department, HUKM

A visit that had at last, open up my eyes & mind.

Previous hospital visit didn't actually exposes us to the everyday routine of a physiotherapist in a department work. One reason was 1st, in the 1st and 2nd semester we only had visit to have an idea of a department and it's equipment etc.
3rd semester we did went to the orthopedic ward, but we didn't actually get to see how a physio functions here. Even in the outpatient, almost all the patient are quite normal despite few limitations. plus, there are very few patients at that time.

this semester however, a visit to a bigger hospital. with more friendly physiotherapist helps me, us to get the feel of being in the hospital, working not just visiting. i hope i am ready to be an intern this upcoming holidays. pray for me! cause i know, i'll be suffocating d/t lack of knowledge. thanks to being super lazy all four semesters. :(

oh, he asked me. till when i am gonna keep myself shut and ignore the lots?
seriously, i don't know. maybe, until i am ready to forgive & forget.
definitely not now.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's time.

Call me a bitch.
That wouldn't make u better than me.
In fact, it puts u at a lower level than me.

Put on your seatbelts girls.
The Diva had pushed on the Bitch-y button.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


How hypocrite can a person be?
despite all the laughter and smiles and gratitudes, deep inside there's always a negative thought.
i've experienced this for oh so long now.
in fact, i am facing hypocrites almost everyday for the moment.
and have been putting up with it for as long as i can remember.
i've played it their ways. now its my turn to play it my way.
what the heck?
do i look like i care what they're gonna say?
i've had enough!
pull a face if u want to but i couldn't care less.
talk behind my back and see if i care.
plan to ignore me? don't waste your time cause i'd be happy to do it first.

from the start i'd never thought bad about any of u.
but being here. seriously opens up my eyes.

Who am i referring to?
Ask yourself.
Once u read this, u'd know who i'm talking about.
Maybe it's u?
I can't wait to get out of here asap!

don't make me loathe u lots!
once i start being a bitch.
there's no turning back.
even Naim wouldn't be able to stop me.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Awak & Awak,

saya tau, walau macam mana pun penyelesaiannya awak & awak, dua dua akan terluka.
tapi kita kan kawan dah lama?
janganla sebab ni, hubungan tu jadi renggang, paling teruk putus.

kalau betul awak happy.
kalau betul keputusan ini adalah terbaik.
saya sokong. saya doakan yang terbaik.

awak pula,
mungkin bukan masa awak.
mungkin ada yang lebih baik untuk awak.
ingat, tuhan maha adil.
dia tak akan anugerahkan kita pasangan yang tak setanding kita.

saya tak cukup baik untuk menasihati.
tapi saya cuba.
sebab saya sayang awak & awak.

Perkara itu belum pasti.
Mungkin masa depan akan mengubah perkara kita jadikan sekarang.
Tapi yang pasti, persahabatan itu jika tulus. Pasti akan kekal.
Cinta antara sahabat itu lebih indah.

Saya sayang awak, awak, awak , & awak.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have no idea who is being true to me. or who's not.
No, i am not talking about love. Seriously, nothing to do with it.
Just that, sometimes when i thought i'd finally made friends. something would always happen that made reality kicks me hard.

i am not the kind of person who can be friendly to just about anyone that easily. we may sometimes shares the same joke, but thats just it. to spend time together, to really take notice or care about, only with those i'm comfortable with.

secrets and problems are another thing. i only share it with one i knew, would understands me. i have a tantrum. i have a mood swing. i have my own way of dealing with my problem. sometimes, people can't accept my ways. but that's my way. i dont expect anyone to understand. yet still, people misinterpret me. yeah. nvm. people misinterpret me all along.

i had been an ignorant little me once. it work just fine with me. i dont have to care about anyone. i'd do my things, n not have to consider about others. it does have it's downsides tho. but for the moment it sound perfectly bliss to be able to do that, again. if only, i can.

once, that ignorant little me came back. Everyone around would be affected. I'll come and go as i please. I'll only care or be with the ones who really matters most to me. That time, my friends would be categorized into priority. That time, i'd be heartless. Bitchy. wtv u called it.

That time, everyone would be talking behind my back.
That time, i couldn't care less.
That time, ones who are true would be the one to stay.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Gian nak update blog.

Yet, i have nothing on my mind. Oh. Aznil just won. lols. no reason why i'm typing this. i told u. nothing is on my mind right now. so, bye!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Climbing back that social ladder.

I thought that i'd hold on to my throne of being a super spoilt diva for too long. Maybe, a step down would do me good. well, guess what? i was wrong. You could never suppressed who u really are for too long, no?

Instead of letting go of that throne, i'm going to get it back. So, yes. do expect the old me. Super bossy super spoilt super selfish. :)

You may ask why? for those with twitter. u'd know why. i am not going to let myself be treated this way again. it may seems like a small issue, but to a diva every issues are major issues!

I may be slow. I am not perfect. But i am not someone that could be step on like this. what? just because u carry an innocent girl next door images, ur always right? well, think again my dear. i've put on with all this crap attitude far too long.

From today, i'm taking the lead. like it or not, the Diva is back.

and it's not going to be the same game anymore. ;)


Friday, March 26, 2010

Socialite or Plain Jane?

Check out my addictions. Instead of going from hundreds of thousands to nil. it goes exactly the other way round. which i kind of love, yet it is holding me back. from what u may ask? socializing back in USJ duh!

i am missing yC. a whole lot more than i realised actually. Not just them, but i miss my mum. it's been ages since i went shopping with her condemning my every choice! *sigh*

is it the hormones or am i seriously losing my mind? or maybe too much gossip girl? u know, u shouldn't left drama queen with a tv series FULL of life drama alone. u'll a get a megadrama Queen in a blink of an eye. =.='

and, whats weird is, my social calendar is in the sacred Puncak Alam itself. Lame. i know. but what does an over-achiever (as if!) supposed to do? i am needed everywhere.

i'm a masseur this saturday. Then on Sunday, i rotated 360 degrees into an aerobic instructor. The next 2 weeks will be projects & tests weeks. then it's the final. wowee. thats sound excruciatingly FUN!

then 2 days after my final paper or final station (whichever comes last)i'll be heading to Seberang Jaya for my clinicals! additional FUN!

and the news from my so called beloved brother, (u know who u are) are playing round in my heads like a stuck radio. it's like it comes out straight from GG! UES much? or should i say, USJ much?

seriously, broke or not i am getting that spa in Penang! don't ask me how, where or what. Let me dream first!

oh shit. i am supposed to be studying! I've got a test and i can't play around with my grades anymore! i've scored my best for the previous tests. I can't let the charts drop! i've to stay consistent!

believe me.
From now on, i'm gonna be a Diva and top notch student.
never a nerd.


Monday, March 22, 2010

busy as hell? Not!

been a while since i ramble on and on b0ut endless topic. Haha. I'm not that bz, but yet i just d0nt have the reason to blog. Yes, things happen. Here and there. But i guess n0thing really special nor exciting happens. Oh. yC are kinda quiet lately. Twitter is mving slower than usual. So, yeah. Where are u guys?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Uptown Girl with her Backstreet Guy. =)

cute kan?


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love of my life~


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Botoxx & Alice in wonderland

Ooohh~ Today, i officially called it a public holidaayy~! yeay!
After a hectic semester with classes all the time, today all the class was canceled!
So, the Botox (will be introduce later on) , me & ika decided to go on a girls day out! well, not quite la, actually ask naim to tag along but he refused, so yeah,it's a girls day out! *rinduGDOwYC!*

Main plan: Alice in Wonderland 3D *completed*
side plan: shopping! *WELLdone*


The Botoxx~!

From the left : K. Farah, K.Jaz, K.Raby & K. Zeha. ;)

Ainul Syafikha

Oh oh! i was planning on shopping, but as usual i'll be too fussy to pick up anything. at least thats what i thought, but today was different. i bought *ohihopemamadoesntreadthis* 2 pairs of shoes! Almost bought 3 though. was attracted to a wedges but thought better than. ;)

I've got myself a pair of studded glads flats from Nichii! ;)
yes, flats not skyscraper high heels!

(sorry! malas nak rotate!~)


A pumps with oh so cutee blings on it from Vincci! =D
oh my gaga! it was on 50% sale! who could resist?

Besides that, we cruise in a japanese shop with all the items cost only RM5. Bought my self a skinny belt and a cute pink measuring tape! lols~

Spotted also a studded clutch in Vincci accesories! Gonna get it the next time! =D


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Exercise Physiology & Pharmacology.

2 different tests. 2 very different subjects. same day. half & hour gap.
takes the breath of our whole class and make us go blah blah blah.

i slept at 4am last minute revising my exercise physiology. the more interesting subject.

and slept the whole morning today, even skip my neurology class. ;p ignoring pharmacology. seriously, it's a bore. i thought i was gonna spend my morning revising the latter. i read 2 pages, and was fast asleep. :))

Arrived at the exam hall, prepared & ready to answer EP.


"Pn. Maria lambat sket. kul 3 nnt baru mula."


"Pn.Maria kata die da anta org suh jaga kite test"


"Pn.Maria bg choice, buat test malam ni or pg esok"



"Sape yg mara & kutuk sy petang td? tlg phm. sy pnat baru blk outstation n td meeting etc etc"

Tonight, we'll only sit for Pharmacology test.


"Puan, EP dulu la puan. budak OT ta dtg lg. Puan kate pkul 9.30"

"Np, i told ferdaus malam nie Pharmacology sj. Sy bwk test Pharmacology shj. Siape NR, drive carefully, jln Meru tu gelap"


seriously, i lost my momentum.
i don't have the heart to sit for these tests anymore.

feel sorry for the post diploma who came down or stayed back, but in vain. i am not blaming anyone though. Sabar je la en? ngee~

so, exercise physiology test is postponed to this Monday. Damn. Pharmacology was done & marked. *widesmile* Thanks Pn.Maria for the true & false Q's. All the statements was right from the book which is very convenient. Eventhough the test is 5% only, hopefully it'll help later on. ngee~

Gaahh~ So much work yet so lil time. What with clinical at the end of the sem, my life wont be the same anymore.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


suddenly, i felt home sick. I wanted to be at home this very instance. yet, i know i can't. :(

i guess, i am very much spoilt. *_*'

Ma, i don't wanna go to Seberang Jaya. :(


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clinical Posting.

My day, i'd have to say starts at 5.30am. today. I was startled from sleep d/t god knows what. There's a feeling inside of me. Dark, scared, ashamed. I thought it was the end. I can't make up why am i awake. I can't bring myself up. Troubled spoilt bratz in the mist of morning rise. :)

Then i realised, Sayang is calling to wake me up. twice. Rather slowly, i bring myself up and get ready for class. By that time, i feel bouncy again. lols. i know.

I smile, i laugh. Then the lecturer came in. Our Head of Program, Madam Kamariah. or Madam K for short. She came in, stands in front of the class. Usually, she'll come in, puts her bag down and straight away ask us to start presenting, fast. not today. she look around,and says..

"excluding the post-diploma, the original sem4 OBE students will be going for clinical posting end of this semester."

That moment, the whole class went astray. All such Q's asked. except for one person, he is the only one enjoying the news. That is, Mr. Ikhwanul Naim Ismail. *boyfiesapelanie* ;)

Madam K explained the reason to us. calmly. i do think the way she smile to us is somehow, sarcastic.

Later during the day, the posting area was announce. As i suspected, there will be arguements on 1st, how to divide the places. 2nd, trying to get the place nearest possible to home.

My group? "jom kita merantau."
Results, we end up in Seberang Jaya. ;) The place where no one seems to want to go. Instead of letting ourselves involve in the drama, we chose to keep calm and except anywhere available. Come on, we have like 4 more clinical posting to go to. Buat ape gado-gado? To me, i'll save the best place for last. final year, the most crucial clinical posting. ;)

Anyway, at the moment i got the news that there may be another draw tomorrow.
Kinda annoyed with it, can't we just lives with our decision? Co-operate la. Next sem, next year ade chance lagi kan? chillax je~

Back to me, i am EXCITED! yet un-prepared. my mindset was next semester! Plus plus, we also got the news that our final papers will have only one day gap between each paper. and we'll be the first batch to undergo final practical examination (OSPE/OSCE). Then, straight to clinical.

wish me luck dearies!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Hye. ;)

i realised my blog is quite abandoned these past weeks, though i tried to post up something every now & then. Not that i don't have the time. technically, that is quite true. but the main reason would be that i'm out of words. lols.

where do i even starts? a summary is easier, no?

February, starts of lots of works, tests, submission, programs.

1st test, i slumped. I didn't revise, at all! ouh, being a copy cat t/o test is NOT fun. seriously.

2nd test, which is today. i was determined. by hook or by crook, i've got to finish revising! turns out, i went dizzy the whole night. *damn* change of plan, instead of staying up. i woke up super early! 5am. studied the 3/4 remaining of what i needed to study. Test? turns out, okay. ;) i managed to answer most of the Q's. why only most? cause one of it is drawing and explaining. anatomy of upper respiratory tract. *pass!* LOLS.

Now, i am proceeding with the lots and lots of assignments waiting in line. :)

Next week, a booked weekend by my c'sha. ;)
the other week, Junior's induction. *evil*
the next week, Physiotherapy Carnival. *datangla!*

and more to come. ;)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post B-Day Post. ;)

It was nice. ;)

I got TON of wishes via all sorts of communication ways available. *terimakasihfacebook* :))
Laughs,Smiles. Frown here and there. Haha. And oh, everyone is calling me TUA. ciss.
Until today, i am still getting belated wishes. :)

A class in the morning. Then i spend times in my room. Facebooking. Sleeping. Texting. Resting. Then, at what around 4pm? Naim pick me up, and went for rojak & cendol @Puncak Alam. ngee~ :D

Next stop: Sunway Pyramid. Wasting our time camwhoring. :))

The last stop of the day, is the best part of the day.
Happy Day, Taipan.

My family had planned for a dinner there, where my mum specifically ask me to invite Naim along. :D and oh my, i can feel myself bloating at the end of my meal. Even Nazmi can't eat already. *surprisedbythat!* All night, Naim is joking aroung with Abah. humm. ;)

Then, somehow, somewhat a small cheesecake suddenly was sent to the table with the cutest candle on it. *gosh!* well, apparently the cake came along with the crew. the next thing i know was that i was standing on the chair, in the middle of a restaurant! *blush*

i remember saying, i love everyone at the table *wink* and my brothers keep saying that my bday wish was to have a fiance, fast! ;p Then, they sang me a Bday song. *yipee!* Naim was smiling sarcastically tho. ngel~ I know ur laughing at me being treated like a child. ;p

*sigh* i wish the night was longer. :)

Thanks again each & everyone of u for the wishes. :)


p/s: i still didnt get a baloon tho. :(

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pre- Bday Post.

One week to my Bday.

excited? hopeful? dreaammy?
ALL checked!

yet, i just know nothing special is going to happen. *sigh*

No, not expecting anything from boyfie. *sangattidakromantik* <3
No, not expecting anything from family. *since i'm going to be in Puncak* <3
No, not expecting anything from classmates or collegemates. *practicals & tests* <3
No, not expecting anything from fellow YCs. *classes, colleges & jauhness?* <3

But, oh. Childish as it seems, i've been longing to have a HUGE helium-filled balloon that says Happy Bday Princess in pink! This is a bday wish i had since i'm in high school. ;)

Why u might ask?
It reminds me of my 5 y/o Bday party where i get the same thing. I had also given out helium-filled balloon as one of the door gifts. *muchsmallerthanminethatis* Sadly, my BIG pretty balloon pops before i even get the chance to shows it off. :(
Since then, i never get the same thing or a Bday party as grand as it used to. Thanks oh so much to 'aging'. ;(

Other "matured" bday wish?
Since i am materialistic, i'd love everything from new shoes to new make-ups! :D Materialistic much? i know. don't get me wrong tho, YCs would know that i love cute stuffs meant for children under the age of 7. :))

Oh. i hope for myself to turn to the better. and i hope <3 also have a turn to the better. hum. tough luck? i know but better than being hopeless. something just crossed my mind, but it went running away at full speed. now i have no idea what to continue blogging about. :(

okay. i'll stop now. :D


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Once, i might get excited on "connecting" via facebook.
Now, when "dreams come true", no. seriously, not a bit of excitement was felt. *sigh*
It becomes a burden. A heartache. Soon, no. IT had already become a source to bicker about. who am i lying to? it's not bickering, more to fight. BIG fight.

seriously, thanks FB for becoming a pain in the ass. Lols.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Majlis Perasmian Puncak Alam Fasa 1.

i have to be honest, it was a much dreaded program. But then, the crowd made it lively & fun. Physio rock! *all of a sudden excited*

We waited for almost 2 hours for PM's arrival & was told that he was at another event before coming to Puncak Alam, the reason that he may not be able to be there on time. VIPs, they are always fashionably late. * i think that includes me* :D

compared to other courses whom sits behind or just a few here and there, physio stays together full with excitement preparing for the PM by the red carpet. we fought our place there from the masscom students tho. They are like sooo annoying. Just because the PM requested that they be there to celeb his arrival doesn't mean they have the rights to act snobbish. It's our campus, but they're acting like "hello~ PM requested for us, even sponsored our buses, thus we must have ONE straight line by the red carpet.Physio student whom PNC requests, should make a double line.Gives us space" So, fine, take all the space u want. But, we'll still be there by the red carpet, doubled or not. :D At the end, we managed to stays in a single line, while the mass comm students stays before the red carpet. whatever la kan.

Oh! It was on news! Haha.Physio was cheering our trademark at the moment. :)

Pictures on Facebook people! :D


Monday, February 8, 2010

of Aerobics & FSK Family Day.

this week is all about hectic & chaos!
i've been squeezing aerobic practices & netball practices in my time table. Not much fun u would say? Quite the opposite. Instead of complaining, i am thankful that we get to spent more time together. Besides, i managed to squeeze in dentist's appointment and date together in one day. *thanksteman*

On Friday, i was helping out two of my seniors with their research. Then, done with both research, i help Phytas's crew loads a HUGE cabinet, seriously huge & heavy before i went for Aerobic's rehearsal. I thought that night i could rest & sleep. HAHA. let's LOL together cause Netball's game is tonite! Fortunately, one of my seniors which is UiTM's netball player changed her mind & decided to join our team. *so i reserve! yeay!* and we made it to the semi's!

Saturday, it's the big day! OMG! i was shocked by the amount of students that came supporting the program. *nevermind the fact that they came for the coupon* But, things turn a bit chaos when the head-mic is not available. which then force me to use a hand held mic to conduct the session. First time conducting a big crowd with the PNC, i've got to act professional, thus trying to look comfortable using a hand-held mic. The mic going on and off is seriously NOT helping! Well, as i thought, there were complaints & critics but still i know that i did my BEST! but i also know that i could have done better. Sorry guys!

Sunday, Big game against the most dreaded & competitive opponents! the nursings. :) We had been complaining that referee had been biased towards physio's team. but still, we play fair. AND win fair & sQuare! Not only did we win the semi's but we also win the final's! first place for physio's netball team!

All through this 3 days was fun fun fun! :D


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ign0ring stalkers.

so what if u wanted to stalk? This is my blog. Mine. Thus, i have every right to write anything, ab0ut anyone or whatever. Stalkers ? Ign0ring them totally.

Its been two weeks of crazy hectic life. Assignments. Programs. Tests. Love life. Sigh. I am admitting i've been at the b0ttom of life these past days. Need i say more?

Oh. I am actually in class n its abt to start. Will babble m0re when i have the time.

Love u all.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Face drop.

laptop si boyf yang menjadi hak milik sementara. ;)
thanks sayang~

My laptop crashed. Thank you very much. Sigh. I am at verge of losing myself completely. PMS much? Pathetic!

I don't feel like myself these days. I put on a happy face, i went to class, i smiled i laughed. but at the end of the day, i was exhausted pretending and i just couldn't pretend anymore. Maybe one day, i'll just disappear. Get myself back, my hopes my spirits & my determination. I lost it somewhere along this rocky road of mine.

I have no idea whether this is the hormones talking or what.


Monday, January 25, 2010


Laughing on the outside, raging in the inside.
I actually hate this feeling, a problem i find hard to conquer.
Seems like i'm cool, but God knows how i feel.
But he has something, that makes me goes from rage to smile & laughter.
Something, unusual.

i couldn't seem to appreciate.
how much he wanted me to know.
The sincerity & honesty he has for me.

Rage is always there to accompany me.
At times,
i could control.
But certain times like now,
i goes out of control.
ruin everything.
then regret my own action.

My mind would then go into chaos.
random thoughts that i'd never dare voice out would play around.
i never managed to find the stop button,
replay is the only button there.

i wanted to tell this to someone.
but i can never bring myself to do it.
egoistic much?

p/s: Rezuin, sorry bbe. i'll talk to u when i'm ready k syg? Love ya!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rumah Seri Kenangan, Seremban.

Actually, this is a program organised by our very senior working in RSK itself. Its a combination between a health program & a research. We were there to help the seniors in their final year research. ;)

At first we're supposed to be on the road by 5, tapi biase la. at last, 5.20am baru gerak. Unfortunately, baru jalan sket tak sempat panas kereta Karim tayar pancit plak. Da jd aksi mengangkat kancil manually sbb jek lembab, n masing2 perasan macam dlm f1. Fakta: klau itu f1 confirm korang kalah. HAHA. Lastly, around 6 baru jalan balik, stop tol Shah Alam solat subuh. tolak tambah dalam 6.30 jugakla baru betol2 berjalan lancar.

7.00am sampai R&R Seremban. Meet up w Pn. Maria, breakfast. Then baru sambung perjalanan.
8.00 am sampai la RSK. I thought Puncak Alam is in the middle of nowhere, tp RSK lagila in the middle of no where.

Basically, orang2 tua kat situ physically quite okay. Still boley jln sendiri eventho gait ta btol. Still boley diri lame, naik turun tangga. Tapi, biasa la nama pun warga emas, yg ta boley bercakap ada, yang ta berapa nak dengar ada, yg ta pdai menulis membaca pn ade. Kita yg bagi instruction pun kena ulang banyak2 kali & suara pun kena kuat. ada yang degil pun ada, tapi pandai2 la pujuk en. Bukan apa orang tua ni, kadang kadang dorang nie takut. Sedih juga bila baca sebab2 dorang masuk situ. *sigh*

Tapi memang kering la air liur aritu. I was in charge of Berg Balance Scale assesment. Assess balance la kan. ade 14 items kne buat, so nak terang2 kat dorg ni kne suara kuat. kene demonstrate. tapi nada suara kne lembut, kang merajuk plak. hehe.

Then, petang sikit, pegy ward untuk treat patient bed-ridden. or simply, patient yang fragile and most of the time was spent on the bed. Part nieh touching sket bila patient mengadu sakit, mengadu itu & ini. cam nampak la jugak dorg ni rase terabai, bila ktorg dtg bwt treatment, riuh2 kan meriah2 kan suasana, dorang suka la. terhibur sket.

Pakcik2 kat situ berkenan btol dengan Naim. HAHA. cet, bajet penyayang la tueh? ;)

anyway, lepas abes program bukan terus balik pun. Singgah dulu kg.baru makan nasi lemak. Haha. Sampai puncak alam nak dekat kul 10. Then, terus anta Naim & balik rumah. Balik tue mmg tdo ta igt punya. :)

nak lagi program macam nie. seronok walaupun penat. :)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Mood to blog,

with nothing to say.

Might as well say something on what i've been up to currently.

Starts with assignments, two duedates in one week is not fun. Though, we managed to get it on time. succesfully. hope the marks would be one to be proud of.

Aerobics program. Quite smooth compared to other events managed in the past. :) I will be conducting on 6th of February. Datang tau YC! ;) Oh, it's going to be a 45 min to 1 hour session. Yeaahh~ Let's Sweat~

RSK, Seremban. Rumah Seri Kenangan btw. It's going to be a geriartric program. or simply, program rumah orang tua. haha. Tomorrow, 4.30 am from puncak alam. Have to be there by 7 am. huaaaa!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

The mood to blog is here. with nothing to blog about.

Friday, January 15, 2010


A quick recap on my life currently.

From the 1st week of lecture we had been burden with assignments which needs to be done in 2 weeks. Well, it's a MAJOR killer subject's assignment. Thus, full commitment must be given! I don't know whether i could score the theory, so why risk it right? Then come another interesting subject's assignment, Ergonomics. This is where we've got to find a workplace to analyze, present & viva. A project i would say. Then, being a degree student and all, assignments are all based on journals with the minimum of 15. Only 5 references from books are allowed. -__-' What with the location of the campus, and the slow net, finding a journal is hard work! A good journal would then need a sleepless night to find. UiTM di hatiku. :)

Also, our class is given the responsibility of organizing the Aerobics program for a year! OMGaga, i know. I was appointed as the secretary. A much dreaded position i must say. I can do the work, but i tend to be disorganize & very much forgetful. ;( Challenges, must be fight though. Not only that, i am also the weekly aerobic instructor. My colleagues, decided to gives us a class to train us to instruct. Brush up the skill, that is. Since, this weekly programme are open even to outsiders, YC! come join! I'll update the deets later when it's confirmed okayh?

Oh. I am actually revising my exercise physiology. mwhaxes!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Endocrine System.

Ignore the title. It's just another name for hormone secretion program in our body. Still don't get it? Then ignore it totally. :)

Seriously, my face looks like crap. :( Everything about my body that relates to the endocrine system is on haywire! like omGaga! Major HELP!!

There's also things i can't tell in here. Don't even know how too. -__-'

Emotions? Don't get me started!
I get mad at the very slightest things,
then i'll break down & cry for no apparent reason.
Then, i'll stood up strong & says idc, even if i don't mean it.
Then, i stress out and drive like mad.
Then, i'm all better & starts apologizing like mad.
Yeahhh...i know..
wtf? rite?

Endocrine system, please be good to me? :)


Sunday, January 10, 2010


When the semester starts,
so does the hormonal imbalances.
regardless with the menses or not.

maybe i should just stay at home?
as if. -_-'



Something a boy would tend to say to me. If, they do know me well.
Yes, i am.




Tuesday, January 5, 2010


1st day is average. 2nd day is the same.

As usual,
when class commences, so does the problem.
i chose to entertain these issues lightly.
cause it's the same problem all over again. ;)

Though this sem things looks like it's better,
it's not for some important people of mine. :(

Special Tributes.

Rezuin Nurulsadia
Stay strong dear.
one more sem and ur out from there!
Text me if u have any probs or even if u feel just like it. :)

Mira Kartika
ur the one who's always telling me to stay strong.
For the sakes of ur future & me of course, don't make any hasty decision yet?
give one more sem a shot.
Cause, obvie, i know ur stronger than this!
u don't want to gives up & present ur weakness to ur enemies don't u?
Plus, it's not that far away from the ending point right?

Halimatul Saadiah
OMGucci! Marriage course?
Gatal much? HAHA. u go girl!
Jangan lupa jemput YC!
oh, and do post bout the course. *macammenarik!* ;)

The rest of you.
Please keep ur spirits high!

ily all!