Saturday, June 28, 2008


I'm so not ready
not expecting this coming

does history always have to repeat itself?


Monday, June 23, 2008

Counting the days

few more days before i got to register into uni.
but i'm not doing anything.
i don't even feel excited about going to uni.
wayy to go ain~

by the wayy
i've to go for medic checkup
on Wed morning(or afternoon)
this gath with YC Wed night
The date with Rasyid
on Thursday

Where is my shopping day??
I'll call my shopping gf;The Shanas



Saturday, June 21, 2008


quick confessions: i Love Hannah Montana! haha!

quick brief: i'm craving for Lots of thing.But i'm right now, I'm craving for "tauhu bakar". Seriously. I don't really eat tauhu but the day i tasted the tauhu bakar at Masjid Tanah's Pasar Malam in Melaka i've been asking my mum to buy it for me everytime we passed by on the way back to college. Any of you know where to find the best tauhu bakar here? haha! Rojak Buah pun sedap juge~

Friday, June 20, 2008


does the title really exist? idc. whats on my mind now is either to challenge myself or play safe? i really wanted to challenge myself, but i've to consider that if i failed myself, i would cost my future.
to play safe means my qualification was wasted.(at least thats what my family said) whatever the decision is, its up to me.

those who knows me well..u would know that i've been aiming for medic since in school back then. but as time past, i dont know if i'm really up to it. it seems like a very, i've to sacrifice a lot..and i mean A LOT of things. i've got to study for a very looong the three years in govt.hospitals..damn! My vision is to be a way i'm gonna be just a doctor! Hell no! *sigh* that means adding few more years. there goes my life. WAIT! that if i chose to do medicine u peeps!! dont get me wrong...

Lets just time decide thats..meanwhile..i'm impressed with an old friend of mine. He's currently doing mass comm in UITM Melaka if i'm not mistaken. Ezzat Asyiq. I'm impressed with his blog. Maybe cam "ntah pape je ain nie". but i seriously do meant what i said. He blogs in B.Melayu. not just in BM but quite proper BM. i'd blogged in BM but obviously..rojak nye BM.haha!Neway..good for you ejat~ You'd made me realised things i hadnt before. =)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sigh of relieves

okay..i've got the result for ipta..but damn! i didn't get what i was hoping for which is pharmacy..
nevertheless, the course i was offered is physiotherapy.(matul hates it..haha!) syukur alhamdullilah~

we don't always got what we want rite? owh yea..i was offered the course at uitm but not sure which uitm..i'll update about it later..and i don't noe whether to accept it or not..i'm torn!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


okay..a friend of mine invited me to a gig where his band are playing..the problem i a gig-going person??

his band is moshroom..*sigh*



i just read one of the articles in cleo(June 2008) on size-stalking ur bud.the downside of it?it's about being skinny,while i want to be the opposite of it.not that i want to be fat.but atleast i'm healthily skinny which i'm not!

i wonder..if i could size-stalk one of my bud to put on weight.any of you interested to be stalk?? we're never sastified about ourselves..aren't we? thats what makes the world go round..or is it?

anyway..there's a web here on food coaching.i guess i'll give it a peek.mane taw ade something for me =)

do i want to stay like this??


Sunday, June 15, 2008


yc's gath was fun! they'd never fail to make me smile..
hope they enjoyed it too..

eventhough certain events on the day before was still on my mind dat nite..
i push it to back of my mind..just for the sake of having fun..

if only the fun wud last till i closed my eyes..
it would be..much much better..
if only......


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


driving..again..this morning with naz...he said it was scaaaarryyy~

worst part?
that evening i drive again..sent my brother to his friend's house at putra height..puteri plak teman kalie nie..then we fetch syak n lepak kat mcd taipan.. on the way home my bro msg suruh amek die plak..thats when thing happen..haha..
ain langgar van!! sengal..i noe..terpaksela call my mum nk settle..then my friend's dad dtg tlg dlu..then uncle malik plak dtg..n then baru my dad...
nmpak dat gambar? tuela "kerosakan" yg die nk mtk ganti rugi smp RM300..what make things more dad offer to repair it for free..(working in an automobile work reaaally helps) but he rejected the offer..his excuse? in his indonesian or wtv slang..
"saya xda masala...hari ahad pun saya keje.."

my dad's friend was like..

"u anta malamla..kitowang boleyh bwat..setgh jam da siap da nie.."

n he's like..

"malam saya pun maw rehat..x boleyla mcm nie..saya pun nk rehat jgk.."

LIKE HELL he wants to rest..
obviously..MONEY is his my dad mls panjang crite..he paid him RM200..*sigh*

that money is better spend on my cloths!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kungfu Panda

i went to mid with zieq,ween n naz~ okay..wrong choice of shoes..actually..i dont have any shoes...only heels heels heels..imagine walking for hours hours hours in heels! hurts like wedges sume da anta repair..n susa tol nk jumpe wedges yg really lawa,suits me n comfy i yg x pndai cr?? *sigh* the moment i arrived mum says they're going out..i tros tuka pkai flat..n went with her.igtkn nk gy mne la..tgk2 giant.. *sigh* lps shopping2..went to eat..apparently my mum nk ajak try mkn kat restoran kwn die..thai cuisine at usj11..not bad..looove da kerabu mango..~

my mum pakse bgn pagi..rasyid pown sme..dengki xnk i tdo lame2..
after zohor..went to one sisters pnye choice..they want to see the hannah montana pop star thingy there..after we berjaye persuade naisya to go sumwhere mum suggested we watched kungfu panda..i agreed..since they're paying..of cos la kan..but my parents pegy jalan2..x join tgk skali..ramai jugak minat panda buncet tue..full taw cinema tue.. =)

okay..out of topic..still exhausted~ i'm posting this while hearing my parents sembang2 ngan anak2 buah abah from work..merepek je dowg nie..daa~


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Laughs and Tears

I adored him but i dont think it would work if we go on any further
I'm sorry it has to end
I've moved on

I'm happy with who i am now
I'm happy with my love life now
I'm happy even if i'm crying

I'm sorry if i hurted u
I didn't mean too
I love u

i know its late
very very late
but i wanted to say sorry
for not keeping in touch when i should have
not to share with you what i should have
one thing u should know
u gurls are the best!

Naz n Faiz
thanx for being the big brother i never had
i adore u guys so much~
i'm trying to be stronger everyday


Sunday, June 1, 2008



My parents, family n their friends are all encouraging me to go into medicine..
the problem is now..i've to write a one page long essay on 'what motivates me to be a doctor'..

i don't want to bore them with something cliche like..i want to save peoples life..lalala...
u know what i mean..i want to be a doctor bcoz one of my family members died from cancer etc etc etc..crap!
even if u do become a's against the etiquette to treat family members suffering from chronic diseases..and so i was told.. me out here friends!~

what actually makes me want to be a doc at the first place?
i just looove biology..i loove getting to know our body and how it works..i'm curious how do doc actually get to differentiate between one disease to another...haha..crap crap crap!~
the point is I DON'T KNOW!~

everyone motivates me..but i still could not motivate myself..and how am i going to write this essay if i could not be confident in myself...*sigh*
Btw,any ideas are WELCOME!~