Wednesday, December 30, 2009


every year is one hell of year.
but this year,
it goes from bitter to sweet.
from bad to good.
from negative to positive. :)

The start of 2009, a smile was plastered to my face, though it tends to come and go with situation.

Academically, earlier this year i was led astray with unnecessary problems. Social life & events become a priority rather than my studies, which shows in my results in the middle of the year. Fortunately, i did not fail any papers. I thought, i would give up & couldn't care less bout my studies anymore. quite the opposite happen actually. I still play around, but not as much as before. *ithink* :) oh. yeah, my results did turns out better. :)

Love life. Hum. Can't actually explain. what i can say is it turns out better than expected. negative influences? paranoia? doubts? jealousy? something that everyone have to deal with. in or out of love. :) *edited* Thanks to Love also, & PHYTAS of course, this year had witnessed this spoilt bratz had AT LAST went camping and even survived it! besides participated in activities she had never imagined doing. spoilt much?

Friends. Great! Meeting & keeping in touch more than u can imagine. Haha. Has also been meeting with some of them unexpectedly. I am sorry though, if turn out from one to many outings planned together. Despite all the complaints of being stranded in Puncak Alam, i guess i had also grown accustomed with being indoor and doing nothing. ;) Berlatih jadi isteri solehah. POYO! ignore that statement, it is something out of ordinary. ;p

Family. End of year, December, was mostly spend with moi family. My Che'Tie family came all the way from Kelantan. So, was spending the times with them. :) Jalan TAR, Jalan Masjid India, Bagus Baking Solution in Ampang. Her mee bandung is the best! 2 days i only ate that. Lols. Then, when she goes back, my C'sha came. So, 2 weeks with endless laughter & havoc.

Money? Haha. This is the only one that actually goes from bad to worst. ;) due to no planning & movie outing once or twice every week, not to forget the irresistible urge to get a new phone. i was broke earlier than planned. :( JPA! masukla cepat! :P anyway, next year, i promised myself not to get too carried away with my scholarship money. :)

New year resolutions? something i could never list any year. i'll try though, but i am not putting high hopes on keeping to my resolutions. Usually, my resolutions comes & go with situations. :)
One obvious one is to plan my spending. *seriously,goodluckinthat* ;)

okaaayyyy. tade idea da. Nytes!

p/s: i've also grown accustomed to watching footballs. -___-' surprising? not!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A little smile won't hurt anyone.

Saturday & Sunday.
Stadium Shah Alam.
Medical cover.
Carnival Selangor Ria.
Tag along with Sayang.

It was a last minute decision, when Sayang told me he had been offer the job. I ask to tag along. 1st day, mandi hujan. haha. 2nd day, lepak kejap da abes, so jalan-jalan kat pasar cari makan. :)


Oh. This was fun. Got myself one set of Benefit's products. :) Thanks Abah!

Sunway Pyramid.
Ice Skating.
Alvin & The Chipmunks 2.
Sayang, the babysitter.
C'sha & Abg Boii, the couple.
My sisters.

Oh. This is even more fun. Ice skating with Sayang & classmates before is fun but it is even more entertaining watching Sayang be the babysitter. =D C'sha still can't get the hang of ice skating, keep on tumbling on her boyfie. ;) My sisters as usual, demanding. Leteyh!


Saturday, December 26, 2009


i am bored & exhausted.
almost the whole day spend with Sayang. :)
i'm out of idea what to do to fill my times.
i'd been poking around certain people's FB profiles.
read something i dont think i ever want to know.
Doubts is again wrapping me up in a way that left me suffocating for air of truth.

i mean,
if it's not me, then why bother all this while?


Friday, December 25, 2009


Year End Open House.

Thanks to all who came. loveuallloads.

*runaway hamsters*
screaming laughing rolling jumping
all in one scene.
*short course : aerobics & massages*
how to loose weight on specific parts pf body?
hurm. wonder much?

*test drive*
Satria Neo CPS
drove by Proton's professional testing driver.

smiling all along.
Thanks for all who came.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cardigans, Sweaters & Outerwears. ;)

i have no idea why. everytime i enters a boutique i am always looking for a new cardigan or sweaters. no, not that i have none or not that i'm obsessed with it. i just finds it easier to shop for, then i'll complain of having nothing to wear. ridiculous? i know.

currently, i have
1 Zara's long cardigan.
1 Zara's knitted sweaters.
1 Voir's long cardigan
1 Dorothy Perkin's long cardigan.
1 Elle's sweater.
1 Padini's sweater.
1 unlabeled blue sweater.

that total ups to 7 outerwears!

still not enough for, unfortunately. :))

in my list?
leather jacket!
sporty-like sweater! *have my eyes on Adidas or Puma*

besides that,
i also am aiming for vincci's studded ballet & black wedges.
am looking for an studded oversized clutch.
oh. n Miley's kind of tank top. ;)

i also NEED a new purse!

i think i need to marry a billionnaire.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Halimatul Saadiah

Happy Birthday

u r officially 20 years old!

i'll still love u no matter how old u are. ;)



Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long Awaited Open House.

Friends & Family~
Yeehaa Crews.
Fellow Physiotherapist.

This Thursday make a blank spot on ur diary for my open house!
Most probably it'll be at dinner time.
Make yourself available okay!!


Main Course:
Nasi Kerabu
Roast Chicken

Appetizers & Deserts:
not planned yet. but i think of course there will be my cheesecake & my mum's caramel pudding.

See u all on Thursdays okay? ;)


Saturday, December 19, 2009


i got lost on my way to Sayang's. don't ask me how. i realised i am lost when i saw Avon's blue building. Sayang is going ballistic already. i am an hour late so what do u expect? but anyway, things turn out okay. no scratch that! things turn out great! lols.

err. details is for me to keep. since stalkers are everywhere. :) oh, i wonder, which of my friend lives in KT? *wonderwonder*

YC, kenapa senyap jew?


Friday, December 18, 2009


Rezuin is gay. *and yes, u did turn me into a gay*
Halimatul is it-chiee~
Heading to seriousity. *yes, no such word*

*Inside Joke*
"i'm a footballer's gf"

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Annoyingly Attached

as usual, i woke up around 10. but didnt get out of bed till noon. and today amazingly, mandi awal sikit. thanks to annoyed boyfie cause i am becoming a lazy ass. *not like i am the kind of "rajin melampau"* then, spent sometime attending to my cafe world & facebook comments. Level of boredom are coming to an annoyingly rapid increase. Thus, the decision to turnover my room that looks like a dump. this, i have to gave a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to my sisters. the plush toys alone covers almost all of the damn floor. so, yeah. it's better not to imagine. luckily, when i ask my mum for some fresh clean bedsheets, she decided she wanted to help. which make my work much more easier & efficient. :D *thanks mama!* we decided to move around some of the furnitures. and throw away LOTS of JUNKS that apparently, my sis decided to kept all this while. *sentimental konon* done with throwing. we started rummaging all the "accesories wardrobe" belonging to me. and what do u expect, all my gazillions earrings collection is gone! whats left is some that even i, wears very few times only. again, thanks to my sis for using it and NOT putting it back to where it belongs. positively, i finds some other accesories tuck away all other things idk what. *sigh* guess, i don't actually need to shop for LOADS of accesories as i thot i shud have cause i'm out of accesories. u see, i had actually plan to change the bedsheet, re-organize certain small things and sweep the floor. :P after i swept the floor, my mum came in with the mops. oh. she even help to clean the fans! * ily mum!* oh. did i mention that my mum also forced my sis to help out, no? yes, she did. i think tomorrow, if i still got some "rajin-ness" left in me, i'll sort out my wardrobes. throw away what is un-wearable or out of size.

night time. i was annoyingly sleepy at early hours. fell asleep peacefully alone in my room at 12. until, my sisters shows up around 2. kononnya nak tidur. instead, they annoyed me by continuing goofing around and wake me up. *screamingoutloudalreadyatthispoint* ask them to shut up, but alas! i could not go back to sleep. *barulah berangan nak tidur awal & bangun awal esok utk me-normalkan time zone hidup sendiri* i stomp out of my room, and went online. oh. good. seems like tonight everyone decided to sleep early. now i'm left all alone. i'll be lucky if the boyfie wakes up for football in around 10 minutes more. atleast someone to entertain me. if not, i guess i'll go cook something up, make some hot drinks to and try to sleep. yet, again.

sisters are annoyingly attached to us. though i love them. they can be a bit,eh tak, tipu. they can be INCREDIBLINGLY annoying. since i am still working on trying to chillax around annoying people, they are NOT helping me. oh. shut up sis & go to bed! :D


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i have no idea what to blog but i want to blog. cause, sian stalker i nnt tade ape nak bace. *ahh, mcm ade stalker* whatever. anyway, this holiday had been very unproductive. except that i had manage to meet up with lots of lost friends. intentionally or unintetionally. *wujud ke that word?*
whatever. somehow, this holiday i found myself back. some news make me re-think about myself. i hate hypocrites. so, why be one? haha. oh. i don't intend in changing anything. something to do with my soul. *omg. i am so crapping* oh. madonna's vc are showing on tv and i'm thinking why is she dancing like that? mmg in-trend ke? haha.

i am broke right now. yeah. everyone is happily shopping for YES. i'm crapping around w/o cash. i hate it. haha. luckily, i haven't found anything that i really really want. oh. i am starting a birthday wish list. haha. wish list. i wish i could have it. but even if i don't, hey, wish doesn't always come true rite? oh. i rarely drive. but once i drive, alone. i don't want to stop. especially when i don't know what to think. *serabut* that is why, i reaalllyy wants a car to drag to college. nevermind the fact i can't drive it to class. i just wants it to be there so i can drive whenever i want. to run away when i wanted to. haha. it is so frustating having to rely on people at college. see, this is why i hate colleges. there is no privacy. haha. maybe i'll find a private spot for a run-away time. just like i use to in alamanda.

oh. in-security. yeah. i can be insecure. some people do know how to take advantage on that. thank god they've stop. i don't need u to try mess things up. i can do it perfectly on my own. haha. not that i wanted to, but sometimes i feel myself annoying. haha. what a confession! i mean, when i worry bout things i don't want to worry about. i'll get annoyed at myself. my ego had also annoys me loads of time. so, yeah. i do feel annoy with myself.

oh. i da tatau nak crap ape. haha. mwahxes!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Siti Nur Atiqah

Happy Birthday Dear!

This song seriously reminds me of you~
miss you much~


Sunday, December 13, 2009

remember hot & cold?

it's me.
i'm hot & i'm cold.
ur yes & my no.
i'm in & i'm out.
i'm up & i'm down.
i'm wrong & ur right.
it's black & ur white.
we fight, u play games.
we kiss, but don't make up.

ignore me coz i'm just rambling to fill in times.

today, the 13th.
21 days left.

let's list the new year's resolution.
though i know,
most of the years,
i don't even remember.

it never hurts to try rite?

this time,
it includes finding myself.
cause i've lost it
in a love maze
created by ME!
yeay ME!
a part of it
trying to fit in
my own academic program

now, lets have fun.
before the work starts.


Friday, December 11, 2009

This time of the year last year,

i was busy with SUA.

my love life is a mess.

my result is not satisfying enough.

This year,

i am not busy with anything.

my love life is okay.

my result almost satisfy me though not my parents.

i have to attend a kenduri.
all the family going to be there.
my result would be question of the year.
i am soo gonna despise tomorow.

what r u doing?


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sem 03.

okay. okay only.


i have a feeling.
she will not be happy for my result.
as always..


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tari Tirana

i wanted more than i can achieved.
that has always been me since forever.
i wanted to be on the top of the list.
i taught that i have everything.

but as lifes goes on,
i realised i never did have everything.
i have nothing.

right now, after 19 years of life.
i felt empty as empty as can be.

i could not rationalize my actions.
i couldn't think straight.
my emotions are guiding me.
my hormonal imbalance are misleading me.
my insecurity is driving me nuts.

atleast it's an achievement when i realised i am getting crazy.

the title has nothing to do with the blogging.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

YC Gath.

chaos weyhh!

Have YC ever manage to be perfectly quiet & "lady-likey" ever?
don't do that.
i wud go ballistic!

stop complaining that YCs are always planning a 5star gath. :))
cause we proved that we fit anywhere as long as we're together. :))
*humming HSM we're all in this together*
although, we can never say no to starbux~ :D

i love u YC!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Jom Sihat, Cergas & Aktif!~


Who knows that elderly could make our day soo tiring.


seriously, they were cute.

my sentences were like this all morning,

"makcik, pagi tadi da makan ubat? sarapan pagi da makan?"

"pukul berapa makan pagi td?"

"skang ni, makcik rehat dulu, sbb darah makcik tggi skang nieh, taley buat lagi test nieh"

sekali ade uncle/atok nie sound ain.

"u people don't know anything about blood pressure i tell u"

adoyy. suke2 je uncle nieh.
ta psl2 kne sound. tros pas kes tue kat naim seblom ain ilang sabar. haha.
dala Queue pjg, uncle nie byk songeh plak.

last2, mse ceramah diabetes, ktorg sume da tetdo di sebalik meja2 dan mne sje tmpt tsorok. :))

bgn2 join tai chi & wai dangong.
seyesly, taley trime exs nie. slow gle. haha.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

boredoms. :)

You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesnt get your humour like I do

I'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesnt like
And she'll never know your story like I do

But I wears short skirts, She wear t-shirts
I'm cheer captain and She's on the bleachers
I'm Cheering for the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't She see?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Walkin the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I cant help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on the park bench thinkin to myself
Hey isnt this easy?

And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you down
You say you find I know you better than that
Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that?

I wears high heels, She wear sneakers
I'm cheer captain and She's on the bleachers
I'm Cheering for the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't She see?
You belong with me

Standin by, waiting at your back door
All this time how could She not know that?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me.

Can't you see that I'm the one who understand you?
Been here all along so why can't She see?
You belong with me

Standing by or waiting at your back door
All this time how could She not know that
You belong with me
You belong with me

Have They ever thought just maybe
You belong with me
You belong with me


Saturday, November 28, 2009

no. i'm not busy. not at all. i've been out & about but yet i just don't have the urge to blog. i'll click on new post, within few minutes i'd close it back again. my mind would just go blank looking at the empty box.


i hate leaving my blog unattended for too long. i hate not being able to update. i guess i am just addicted to blogging since the moment i start. but how the hell am i going to blog, if i have nothing?

this is the reason why i craps around in my blog. as long as i get to blog. whatever thats on my mind would be transformed into words. ignore the grammar & language though. :))

n oh my coach!
td i jumpa my junior dkat OU. she's shopping at pull & bear! i mean, (haha. jahat ain.) she doesn't look like one tht cares bout stuffs like this, but then their batch is a freakish lot. (sorry juniors!) maybe i'll change my mind once i get to know u guys better. :)

what else am i going to crap? focus ain. focus.

oh. hanging out with ween, matul, sue & muiz.
new moon? since i'm not a big fan. it was okay. (taley komen byk2 nnt kne rejam dgn batu. haha.)
seoul garden? haha. kenyang weh. taya diner da. :P


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy busy woman. (kononnya)

what a day~

LATE start.
oh. don't get me wrong,
i woke up earlyyyy but don't have the urge to get up.
so i spend half my day on bed texting.

then starts my everyday routine. :D
Fb? checked.
MyS? checked.
Blog? blah~
Twitter? nothing.

oh. Hair cut!
would love to share it here but..naah~
nothing diff.
i love keeping it the way it is.

laughters! wind! oh. n naughty disrespectful little boys! >:(
yes. the Diva actually went amok~ :))

oooh~ i think i'll keep the last part of the day to myself.
too many stalkers nowadays. :D


New Hair.

okay. matul~ soo looking foward to your new hair. :D

i was at the salon when ween text me "ain, nk join badminton x?" (okay, sumtink like that~)
naturally, i agreed.

i cut my hair after months.
as usual, i ta tuka style. tade nak buat bob ke ke ape jadah sume yg konon "intrend".
sebab ta seswai oke. sian i. but i love my hair. :P

oke. nak siap. nnt ween mara die dtg i ta siap lagi.


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Holidays are refreshing in the sense that we don't have to worry much on assignments, classes & catching on studies.

pluss, we could watch tv as long as we want, go out whenever we want & do whatever we like w/o time restrictions or stuffs.


it turn into a bore when the holidays is too long~
it become even more of a bore when you're out of money!

the therapy would be facebooks games. *sigh*
i am addicted in trying to level up in everything. :))

oh. pleasee. someone help me~



p/s: when is the zara warehouse sale again? *wink*

Thursday, November 19, 2009


okay. igt Sue & Matul je leyh summarizes?

today, buat movie marathon (kinda) w Naim.

1st one. Pisau Cukur~
sangat panas!~ i likee~

2nd. 2012.
boleh dapat pressure sore tgk cte tue okay!
not good not good.
even Naim yg tgk movie jarang ubah position pun asyik tuka2 position tadi. LOL~
i am not n never will be a fan of these kind of movie.
it does make me think what will happen when the world really come to an end.
sket la. :P

oh. list of people i saw/met today.

*Shanaa Nabiha
*Shanaa Fatihah

apparently i didnt come across YC. tade jodoh ar arini korg. :D


Bake Bake Bake.


i am gonna try & bake these things.

*strawberry cupcakes
*banana cupcakes
*cream cheese cupcake

lepas busy busy busy.
cuti nie da tade bende plak nk blog.

sape ade full season GG?



Monday, November 16, 2009


i am wondering...

where is my sayang?

kate nk blk dr over-the-sea da...

tapi ta dgr cerita pun...



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sem Break.

at last!~

Set the dates darlinks~

16 Nov : Ice Skate w classmates & Sayang~
18 Nov : Class. :P
1 & 2 Dec : Program Sihat sumting2 Warga Emas MBPJ or is it MPPJ? wtv. :P

the rest?
still planning? or waiting to be ask out?

to YCs.
brunch jom! & starbuxx mesti!
Karaoke mebe?

that will be a spontaneous decision. :)

cat fight?
not in my list. u can fight on ur own~

the rest of my girls.
call me!
u know what i love & what i don't. :)

okay. my post sounds like i'm such a diva. :))

i know u love me.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cat Fight

Wooaaah YC~

who does she think she is?
a friggin' angel from heaven who is trying to make peace & be happy ?
the hell she is.
more to a lifeless hypocrite~

hey u! yes, u~
if u think ur good enough, then tell me why are u still "starring" in this high schooL drama?


this Diva is never going to bow down.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last paper to go in 1 day.
can't wait!

oh. next sem gonna start on 4th Jan!
yesh. cuty pwas2. :)

oh. Matul, the next paper have something to do w ur history. :))


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yeehaa Crew.

dulu futsal.
konon gol & gincu.

always, FOOD.
must have activity.

then starbuxx for refreshments.
oh. McD juga for icecream.
kopitiam for brunch.

since taley b'gol & gincu da.

always juga, GG.
full of it.

mungkin lepas nie b'cruising pulak?
b'pisau cukur pulak?
what do u say?
Boys, taya ikot. :))

oh. one more always.
photography! camwhoring!

agreed? no?

i know u love me.



college's result is out.
Alhamdullilah, i got in. (haha. mcm ape je.)

actually, sangat malas duk kolej. seriously.
ingatkan ta dapat.
tbe2 dapat plak.
rezeki ade lagi. :)

tapi tataw la, the other sem nnt, ade intake baru.
mungkin rezeki tade da kot?

orang lain mengharap dapat kolej.
ain terbalik lak.
ergH~ bosan!~
nak b'foya2 dgn YC pun ta dpt.
ta dapat laa kete cmnie!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Practical Exams 2.

it's OVER!~

please people, LOL~

the Diva has yet to overcome her clumsiness in treating patients tho' her confidence is getting better.

8 stations.

4 exercise stations. messed up with atleast one of it. thanks joint mob.
2 neuro stations. out of time for one of it. failed to rationalized with the other. ngeng.
2 orthopedic stations. speechless.

sebab i tataw nak cakap ape.

Q's & A's?
i je nak tanye.
nape lah asl praktikal exam je mesti gelabah nak mampus eventho da tau jenis soalan?
tau jawapan. da practice nk mmpus2.
tapi bile depan examiner?
haha. tade da ikot urutan or sequence or wtv not.
ain tau korg ta paham.
tape bace je luahan hati.
kecewa nieh.
okay. da.

Sorry lecturers!
Models, thanks for helping~ :D


H.E.L.P 2





now, where do i get that in the blink of an eye???


Monday, November 9, 2009

Practical Exams.

8 stations.
3 courses.
1 candidate.
0 knowledge.

haha. guess i better get started or i'll end up repeating more than one paper.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

ween macam tau2 je i akan stalk blog die. haha. :D
ye cik rezuin. saya study la nieh. :P

oh. esok paper neuro.
wish me luck.
kish2 mwaahxes2. (bukan bnde same?)


oh. tQah, u telah buat i sangattt ta sabaar nk shopping. gle bosan dgn wardrobe skang.

Friday, November 6, 2009


ya Allah.
mmg mood exam ain lesap terus since balik rumah utk 2 hari setengah.
ish ish ish.
da dekat kolej pun liat sgt2 nak study.

ta sedar diri tol.
macam la pandai sgt neuro.

cane nak ade semangat study nie eh.
YC! tolong!!~


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Malas 2

okay. masih rase malas & ta semangat.
but then perlu pakse diri.
wajib pakse diri!

gile ape ta start study lg!
banyak weh nk cover.

faktor2 malas?
haha. yang utama dan penyumbang terbesar adalah keselesaan berada di rumah sendiri. :P
kedua, masih b'kaitan dengan rumah. rumah tade meja study. (okay, ni mmg seyes alasan. padahal sebelum nie ta penah pun gune study table)
ketiga, err...mmg ade penyakit malas yang kronik tahap 3.

so, mari la ramai2 doakan ain berjaya cover banyak2 hari nie. :P


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


ergh. kemalasan melanda diri. bahaha.
neuro susah kott!

igt tak dlu blaja neuron?
axon axon.

skang blaja psl stroke plak.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


aaa. banyak soalan repeat dari test n past year.

tapi tetap susah!~
i told u to be good to me kan neuroscience?
degil. :P


Sunday, November 1, 2009

standard protocol.


kepada HS224/03, sila bawak banyak2 bersabar. kepada yang berjaya, tahniah!

tadi paper exercise, soalan wajib.

standard protocol for isokinetic testing. 25 marks.

baca..sumpah ain baca! tapi bila sampai masa nak jawab...
protocol2 yang ade bape2 belas tue angkat kain tinggi-tinggi then lari jauh2.

selamat tinggal 25 markah. :D
kenapa ain ta sedey?
sebab rase sangat pasrah.
tetap terima kaseh kepada en.bahman sbb soalan2 lain sume boley jwab.
ye, saya tau. kalau ktorg bising2 pun mesti encik jwb camnie...
"saya lecturer, kamu student" -_-'

pasrah ktorg. :))


Friday, October 30, 2009

Yeehaa Crew.

i miss u!!
bile boley jumpa?

rezuin si student "overseas". ceit. konon.
halimatul dan babi hutan nye. :P ade lagi x?
suriati dan kisah2 nye. sape yang baru? kejam ta bagi i view blog u.
nana yang sangat the "menteri-ness". susah tol nak jumpe.
ifah. jangan banyak sgt submission nnt!
liesa si artist. kan? ta eh?
farahin. ni lagi sorg. bawak2 la balik time cuti.
zafa. haha. satu-satunye YC yang paham bile bcerita tentang studies.
the boys. yang bersepah i tataw korg kat mane da. :P

tQah the hotelier mmg tataw la ble boley jumpe. sape suh g blaja jauh2?

macam sikit list nieh. sape lagi? cukup kan?


already gone.

has it always been like this?
are we meant for destruction?
why do the past needs to reconcile?

when i'd actually open up.
things would never go my way.
or am i in the wrong direction even from the very start?



Wednesday, October 28, 2009


manusia ta penah puas.
sentiasa ada keinginan.
wpun kadang2 kita ta pham ape yang kite nak sebenarnya.

currently listening to "Sedang Ingin Bercinta". :D
memories floating in the air.
ain rindu sekolah. :(


Monday, October 26, 2009

here comes the end. :D

well. the test are done. assignments submitted. classes covered.

that only left us with one more things to settled before we get our brain rusted again.


Good Luck everyone~ :D


Saturday, October 24, 2009

act of random.

rase macam mau blogging. eventho keje banyak. :D

relationship status in facebook.
from "in a relationship" to "it's complicated".
banyak mendatangkan pertanyaah eh?
no. i don't have any explaination, thus the ignorance for the comments posted on FB.

funny thing.
matol came by my house tonight. (thanks for coming by when i'm "decent")
she gave me door gifts of her bro's engagement.
i didn't realised it until my brother shout out loud..
"ain! ko tunang ke??"

then i realised her bro's fiance goes by the name ain jugak.
ngel nye adik.
takkan la sis sendiri tunang tak tau.
kate sayang?? :))


Friday, October 23, 2009

hospital visit~

wad rounds.
fun. horror. makes me want to go into practice fast!

okay. yang last tu penipuan besar. haha~
besstt pegi wad rounds.
meeting all kinds of people and looking at various cases.
patient degil patient peramah. paling penting patient handsome (bukan ade pun tadi :P)
mostly tadi ada elderly patients. yang re-admission. yang multiple fractures. yang re-fracture.
gangrene. diabetic foot. cellulitis. semua laa.

okay. several things need to be developed before my clinicals.

  • the art of communication~
  • cheerfullness yet with empathy~
  • the ability to understand what patient is saying. (kes ta phm ape org yang da tua ckp laa nie. adoii..)
  • oh. and knowledge! duhh~
haha. bengong ain. dgn budak 14 tahun pun boleh kelu lidah nk bwt subjective assesment. adoiii~

cane nk kuar clinical nieh??


Thursday, October 22, 2009

get out of my head!


pray for me my dears. i need all those wishes.

i am currently supposed to be studying for neurology test tomorrow but as usual. i got bored and sleepy. so, blogging is kind of a therapy. lagipun, da lama tak blog kan. haha~

neurology is fun. seriously. knowledge is fun right? no matter what it is.
then, why do we get bored? or fed up with it?
for neurology, it will be the fact that i have to memorised precisely what bloody blood vessels are affected and what are the symptoms caused by the injury. oh, not forgetting which part of the brain it affects. lalala~

mesti korg ta paham kan? haha!

stroke is also known as cerebral vascular accident (CVA). it is defined as the sudden onset of neurological symptoms more than 24 hours, usually acute and results in impaired or loss of functions.

saje nak bg korg pandai sekali. :P
ok. get to get back to understanding stroke patients. :D


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ikot hati, tak kemane. ikot hati, mati.
akal fikiran, buntu?
so macam mane?

jom kite b'soal jawab.

YC! 24th Oct ok tak? :D
ask around kayh.


Friday, October 9, 2009

busy busy bee~

saya sgt sibuk. recap of the week? are u serious?

monday: due date of orthopaedic asgmt which i finished at ard 9 in the morning the same day. btw, i slept at 5 the night before. or shud i say morning? what ever.

tuesday: due date of pathology asgmt. finish that one at 3 in the morning. haha. last minute gile. and ade aerobic session in the evening and first aid test at 8 pm. sigh~ balik test igt nk bwt asgmt exs yg da tgguh gile punye lame. tapi tertido after kemas2 bilik yg..sgt sgt sgt bsepah!
oh. and today dpt 3 asgmt neuro. handwritten to be hand in next friday.

wednesday: aerobic class! i conducted an aerobic session. yes i did. :D:D:D caye x? thanks for all who joined in. clinical cndition night class. a replacement. balik igt nk buat asgmt exs yg semlm ta jd buat. tp alas, ttdo again. that shows how exhausted i am. n calf muscle sgt sgt skt.

thursday: td ptg during exs class, buat aerobic n yoga. bdn mkn sakit. rite now i am taking a break fm pregnancy asgmt yg da ttgguh dua hari sebelum nie. and after that nk kne buat asgmt clinical condition. due tomorrow!

friday: pagi ade seminar women's health smp tgh hari. ptg ade clas practical orthopaedic.

saturday: practical test first aid. :((

sunday: alas, rest time. and then back to work. asgmt to be hand in byk lg!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hectic. Scared. Lost.

my life is hectic as it is. i haven't been getting enough sleep yet i can't seem to be focused on my work. (eg. right this moment) due dates of assignments seems to be everyday of the week. tests is practically fighting its way to be on my calendar. aerobics programme is still going on. with addition of the senior's programme. examination is just around the corner with no study weeks!

and omg i am just freaking scared of it! i have a bad feeling. that i'm gonna screw up. sigh. hope not. heart problem doesn't seems to be interfering though sometimes it distracted me. no, i don't think theres a problem. just this friggin' doubt won't leave me in peace. i can't be bothered if it's forever or not right now. what matter most is my double friggin' exams!

despite all that, i think i am lost. i need an answer. but no, no one's gonna get it for me. it's for me to finds out on my own. wish me luck.


Monday, September 28, 2009

diva gets the mood. :P

okay. seems like at last everyone updates their blog after "beraya sepenuh hati". =P
haha. i do want to updates bout my raya. it's fab! at least to me it is. some would say i'm a total bore, but only i know what i meant. :P for those in FB, pics have been uploaded ages ago! myspace too (not forgotten for a reason apparently. :P)

i malas nk cte day to day like rezuin n matul. gle weyh! aku ade test laa esok! :))

i'm freaking outt rite now. & friggin' mad.
yeah.. what else would be the reason i'm blogging?

limelight of the month?
"tons of work with a fever. perfect!"


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri!~

Salam Aidilfitri!~
Maaf Zahir Batin~

i'm not saying much more.
i meant what i said.

Semoga Ramadhan yang berlalu diberkati..
Syawal yang mendatang lebih bermakne~


Monday, September 14, 2009


there seems nothing to be blog about.

yet this week i stumbled upon two death news.

Abbil & Naim's aunt.
Al-Fatihah. Moga mereka ditempatkan di kalangan orang beriman.

This lil girl when asked,
"mama da ta ade. tuhan syg mama"
a few days later,
"nape mama gy jumpa tuhan kat langit tak turun2?"
"rindu nak jumpa mama."

when i recall this story to my roomate which happens to be a religious person.
she told me,
"janji Allah, klau anak yatim menangis, tangisan die akan m'gegarkan arasy Allah."


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hush Hush.

this song is stuck in my head. oh. idky.



Saturday, September 5, 2009

am i dreaming?

She's really gone. far away. but for a good cause. :)

Good Luck there dear. :)
macam x caye u btol2 da pegy.

meanwhile, i'm in Subang at the moment. Why is it so hard for me to do my work at home?
i have class tomorrow. 4 hours of first aid class. i don't think i'm going to attend.

right now, i'm going to sleep. wake up early in the morning. and get started on my assignments. i hope i'm determined enough.

i feel emptiness in my heart. i know what i need to do to fill this emptiness. yet, it's not easy. not at all.

*jahilnye ain.hurm*


Friday, September 4, 2009

Siti Nur Atiqah.

i am very busy at the moment. but i spend some time to read blogs. :D
and tears starts building up when i came across Matul's latest post. She made me forget all my works for a moment. coincidentally, the song "seasons in the sun" plays while i'm reading the post.
then i go on to ween's blog. short but means everything. well rezuin, i am wishing the exact same thing. but things couldn't stay the same forever, no? even our everday gath kalau tak cukup orang mesti rase kurang kan?
YCs, i don't even know what to say anymore. Please, pray that this friendship would stay strong forever & always. :)

tQah dear,
take care of yourself over there okay? seriously, take really good care.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Again. In Puncak Alam.

i'm back here again. sigh. lalala~

this friday i am supposed to meet tQah for the last time before she flies to Swiss. :((
unfortunately, there will be a BIG chance that i couldn't make it.
especially when Matul decides to bring us along during her exam and go straight to KLIA after her exam.
I could skip class, BUT i have my presentation on that day! :((
if i'm not able to make it, i'll make sure i call ok tQah?

En.Bahman gave us another assignment today.
Aerobics for Obese. -_-'

Follow my heart i was told.
but my heart tells me a lot of things.
sometimes, things i shouldn't even felt.

okay. quit babbling.

why does Uitm make a campus in the middle of no where?

okay. stop babbling.

esok ade listening test mandarin. huaaa~ tak phm...

argh. stop it. ok. bye.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

butterfly fly away~

thanks YC for the night out last nite. however, i am not quite myself last nite. sorry.
certain things are on my mind and happening rite in front of my eyes. just can't hide the uncomfortable feelings inside me.

i miss high school.
i miss rezuin.
and i am sure gonna miss tQah.
i miss nana.
and to those yg ada semlm, i am starting to miss u guys already.

oh. Love Life?
i am happy.
i can't say i am perfectly happy.
but enough to stop me from complaining.

college life.
okay. hectic. coping.
turning over a new leaf?

caterpillar in a tree.
how u wonder who u'd be.
can't go far but u can always dream.

wish u may & wish u might.
don't u worry hold on tight.
i promise u that there wud come a day.
butterfly fly away~


Thursday, August 27, 2009


i can't explain this feeling.
i hate what i'm feeling.
it feels like insecurity.

what is insecurity?
it's a disastrous feeling that could lead us astray.
and it's ur own fault if u feel that way.

serve me right for having this feeling.
yet i can't seem to get rid of it.

it looks promising.
yet, it is so fragile that u won't do anything to it in case it might break.
when i started to blog in this manner again, it could mean a lot.
but right now i am suffering from a heart disease.
i'm afraid i might suffers from OCD.
which is not good.

repeat, not good!

we're not fragile.

I am.

not understanding what i'm saying?
ignore me then. :)


Monday, August 24, 2009

random rambling.

naz balik subang tak btau!! merajuk. huh. dengan ini kamu diwajibkan balik untuk yc buka puasa minggu depan tau! tak kira..cuti merdeka kan? so kne balik jgk!~ :D

meanwhile, i am like soo looking forward to be with Yc! and if azrai ade suh die shut up bout puncak alam. i am hating it. :))

oh oh. ain makin buruk skrg. sangat x diva ok. haha. apela ain merepek. actually petang nnt ade test, tp tp..rse malas sgt nk jwb. tp what to do, jawab jela nnt kan walaupun study x ckp. :)) exercise test lak tueh. this sem mcm byk blaja neuro je. dlm exs pn terselit neuro. lalala~

ym ain gile taley login. malas da nk cube. ain di fb ye. lalala~ oh oh. carikan ain tauhu bakar!! mengidam... :( pregnant. :P haha. ok merepek. xde kene mengena. oh, maw sotong kangkung juge. (i mam sotong je, kangkung tu korg mam la. :D)

selamat berbuka bile masuk maghrib nnt!~


Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorry. :)


i am truly sorry. for every mistakes I've done. purposely or not. i know, some of you mightfelt uneasy being around me. thus, i take this opportunity in seeking forgiveness. i know, once we're hurt, it's hard to give forgiveness. but, please do try.

for once, i wanted to TRY to actually understand this month. the meaning & the reason ALLAH blessed us with this month. i need ur help, forgive me so that i could go through the month with ease.

i promise myself, i will try to change. i will try to forget the hurt i've felt. :)

Happy Fasting dearest!~


Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Dahla CACAT, MALAS plak tueh"

That's the sentence that my beloved lecturer, Hj. Bahman shouted to us every time the OM students pass by our class practicing the wheelchair at the corridors of the faculty building. or specifically dekat "Restoran Jejantas". :D

jatuh dengan bahagianye~

okay. so, this week my class would practice doing a wheelie with the wheelchair. haha. susah kot! dahla badan ringan, penakut lak tue. haha. takpe, usaha tangga kejayaan. or as En.Bahman put it,

"Wahai orang-orang cacat sekalian, berusahalah sampai berjaya!"

and and...budak-budak yang lalu semua tengok pelik je. haha. betul-betul rase mcm OKU da. :P
lagi-lagi, bile budak OM lalu je, En.Bahman saje panggil ktorg cacat kuat2. haha.

Sgt kagum dengan OKU yang guna manual wheelchair & boleyh buat wheelie dgn senangnye. Malu klau orang yang normal macam Ain taley buat jgak. cet..

haha. penat oh mendaki guna wheelchair.


Monday, August 17, 2009

smile :)

i had been complaining. lol.

once a friend said, "baguslah gaduh, gaduh yang buat korg rapat."
macam pelik je statement tu kan? somehow, it is much or less the truth. okay. i do not want to elaborate on this.

instead, i am preparing myself. to confront the start of extra super duper hectic-ness. wujud ke that word? wtv. the assignments had start. presentation tests etc etc. haha. lambat kan? orang lain da lame start.

what i mean is that, i baru nk start giving attention to all this crap. eh eh tak. bukan crap. *important aspects* :D

i am crapping again, am i? lalala~
i just don't feel like blogging structurely like emkay does. to go through my day like ween? haha. nnt korg cakap sumpah bosan. klas klas mkn tdo klas. what do u expect? puncak alam kott. bukan KL cam dulu, boleyla lunch mcd, dinner kenny rogers etc etc. shopping in between classes. DULU je boleh. skarang? troskan la bermimpi. sile sile.

i think i have a disorder. tak boleh tgk purse ade duit. mesti nk cr jln untuk belanjakan n habeskan. :)) serious. tbe2 rase nk lengkapkan peralatan-peralatan digital yang ain x pernah phm kenapa perlu ade sebelom nie. tbe2 nak beli printer..(okay this one mmg kne ade since sume org malas nk bwt service printer sbb ink yg susa nak dpt da n HIM da bising sbb asyik nak print stuffs tp tcr2 printer). n rase mcm nk beli pendrive lagi sbb asl cuti sem mesti ilang. haha. ngek ain membazir. mungkin ptt beli external hard disk. portable n besar. x senang ilang. :))

tlg la kawan2 ku. bunuh laa ain. x dpt shopping heels & handbag & clothes, gy shopping bende lain plak. oh, i did by a new bag. a nike bagpack. hahahaha. kan ain da kate. i wud buy just about anything nowadays. tp begpack to ade guna ok. utk swimming klas yg sgt x mwat nk bwk beg roxy gedik ain tueh. n syg nak bwk my choo's utk swimming. (poyo la ain!). so, untuk elakkan duet habes lebey banyak, ain nak mintak abah clark's untuk elakkan sakit kaki pkai sliper vincci yang mura n keras.

oh oh. a statement from someone. "ain skang pkai barang nike, adidas, reebok etc etc."
hahaha. kelakar laa statement tueh. korg percaya tak?? :D

okay. supposedly skang ain study neurosciences yang sgt byk lg x bace sbb esok MUNGKIN ada test. tapi... :P

okay okay. nk study la nie! bye!~


Saturday, August 15, 2009


i'm home!~

sigh. i arrived home around 7 on sat evening. kejap gile dpt duk rumah. esok pagi ade swimming class. then out cari barang2 keperluan & before night time da kene balik puncak kejayaan. (heh?)
why am i complaining again?

mungkin jiwa yang sgt x tenang nie puncanya. sigh. since masuk kampus baru. terlalu banyak benda berubah. n for the first time ever, i rase sgt susah nak adapt with all these new things & situations.

a person once said, i'm lucky to have *him* by my side once we move to puncak alam. i am lucky to have him. but certain things had also changed between us. it's not alamanda. it's not shah alam. it's not subang either. nothing would stay the same forever. to adapt to this atmosphere is very time consuming. sigh.

sometimes i wonder, have i ever learnt how to adapt? no? i guess. instead, i acted like i'm adapting. like i could do this. i could survive here no prob alrite. that's actually easier to do then actually adapting myself. but once i'm alone, when the need to pretend is not there, i just couldnt restrain myself from thinking negatively of everything. academically & socially.

overseas. sigh. tqah is going away soon enuf. everytime i thot about it, i feel, empty. like i'm losing a friend. she will be back maybe one day. but still, emptiness feels my heart. oh yeah, tqah if u read this, haha. kelakar en?

fortunately, it's not all bad news this time. i'm having a good feeling academically. not theoritically tho. but i have to admit, my confidence level grew. (sket je pun, and not at all times) but still, it's an achievement kan? haha. ngek ain da gile.

oh. and i have this funny feelong inside of me. a feeling that is quite ridiculous for the moment. seriously, i think i'm losing my mind due to too many fresh air up there. *LOL* seriously mengarut.

oh, do ignore my rambling nowadays. i have no intention in blogging structurely.
kalau exam mmg da lama fail. :D


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ain Malas.

oh fakta yang sangat x dpt disangkal. cubalah. xkn berjaya. ok ain merepek. haha.
sekarang tepat pukul 3 pagi. sangat bahagia online time nie sbb internet mcm laju je. haha. tapi ya allah, pemalasnya. patutnya mase2 nie la nk cr journal-journal menarik berkaitan femoral head #. tapi ain pilih utk blog. kenapa? sbb sgt xde mood nak buat assignmts eventho x ngantuk.

kepala lebih serabut memikirkan masalah yang x kemana. even if ain ignore pun, xde kesan pape pun kat hidup actually. tapi sgt ade kesan kat perasaan. i'm human ok? lol.
tapi buntu, x tau camane nk selesai masalah tue. x tau laa nk ckp. mslah mcm kecik. tp camane boley jdk besar pun ain x sedar.

salah ain ke? hurm. i do have the tendency to exagerate things. but i guess this problem has always been there. silently. and when the time comes (right about this time), it just explodes without warning. sigh. i'm crapping. i know.

actually ain xde point pun nak blog. tapi nk prepare presentation pn xde idea. so type jela dlm blog kan? ade orang kate ain minah bunga. lol. i know. mungkin laa kott.. haha. suke mengeluarkan ayat2 ala ala novel melayu & skema. (ewwh) tuela result tekanan perasaan actually. haha.

oh, 2 of my friends said they would try to find the book i suggested in my previous post. haha. mwahxes!~ ain takutla dgn response korg utk buku tue. tapi xpe..let time decides. argh. ain merepek lagi.

oh. ain ade bad habit. sangat sangat bad habit. ain sekarang tengah marathon. :D ade lagi 3 hari. huaa..cepatlaa habis. sian ain. naik turun tangga pn xde tenaga da. dala tggi nak mampus2 tangga tueh. suke2 je tau archi nie design tgga tggi2. sorry zieq & ifah. :D no offence k?

ade lagi satu bad habit. suka sgt pukul orang x tentu psal. okay, itu tindakan luar kawalan. disebabkan kegedikan yang melampau. fine. x gedik da. x pukul orang da. :D mesti org2 yg slalu kne pukul dgn ain bahagia bace post nie. :))

ade org tego, ain da besar. x sesuai nk gedik2 n manje2 nie. emm..tergamam gak laa ain mase die ckp tue. mcm x matang je ain ni kn? da 2nd year degree pun x matang2 lagi. lari patient nnt. haha. perasan. ntah dpt ntah x jd physio nieh. mcm x sesuai je kan ngan ain? insyaallah, boleh je.
cuma ain je malas sgt. emm.

nk buat penutup tp no idea. wtv.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Femoral Head Fractures

Thank god Matul u did not get this type of fracture.

Major pain in the ass! Currently doing my assignment on this particular topic. Even that is already a major pain. :P why am i being such a complainer lately? sigh. Anyway, there's a rumor going around. What makes it even annoying is that it have everything to do with the H1N1 epidemic.
this epidemic is scary and annoying. how convenient. ngel~

if this rumor ever comes true. i am speechless as it is now. wtv.

rezuin, thanks sbb on9 kejup. i miss u!~ especially when u da remove ur blog. :P


Terlanjur Cinta. :)

"Pemilik Cintaku"
By, Fatimah Syarha Mohd Noordin

i highly recommend this book to all my friends. especially my dearest YC.

why? read it & u'll get what i mean.

to tell the truth, i am totally not a suitable candidate to suggest this book to anyone at all.
but this book makes me realized things i haven't before.
this book actually awakens me from thinking short termed.

i am not making any drastic changes after reading it.
i am just too damn stubborn or simply,
lost in my own world.

but i don't want my friends to follow my steps.
it's never too late. i know.
but changes needs time.

God willing, we'll be a better person day by day. :)

Please, do try to find it and read it.

p/s: Sue, bacalah. Seriously.


Saturday, August 8, 2009


"All the programs for this semester had been canceled due to H1N1."

sengal x statement tueh? Okay, my faculty n the pengarah campus had decided on this. and again, jr's induction had been canceled. this time, no more replacement. damn. we lost money coz the hamper had been bought, the food had been ordered and the stuffs had also been bought. what more can i say? honestly, to me it's unreasonable to canceled all programs due to these epidemic. the classes are still going on, co-curiculum is still on. so, whats the diff? we're still in contact withlots of people. and the students are still going out, means that they're still in contact with outsiders. thus, the possibility for the virus to get spread are still high.



Wednesday, August 5, 2009


one night of hell.

one used to say that i am too emotional.
and yes, i dont deny it.

but in attempt to control it. i didnt realise, i kept hurting myself on the way.
in my everyday life, not once am i not touched by something said to me or done to me.
thus, i made an approach not to blurt it out, instead i kept it to myself.
i tried healing myself, tho failed most of the times.

i tried positive thinking.
what they said is true. based on my own self. my own personality. my own characteristics.
but then, each time i came back home, i caught myself thinking.
am i really that natural?
or am i a plastic?

i acted like i dont care. i smiled i laughed along.
when all i'm thinking is that, when will all this stops?
maybe i'm destined to live this life.
but till when?

i have my limits. tho my limits had been crossed several times. several uncountable times.
i still kept it to myself. coz i dont see the point in me making a fuss out of it.
but the thing is, when u kept something to yourself long enuf, u will find yourself thinking bout it constantly.

these things that they said about me, its the truth.
i couldnt deny it one bit.
but couldnt i at least get some peace?
things dont change over in one night.
my conditions are not helping.

even when i'm typing, i'm recalling every names, every silly mistakes, every truths that hurts.
even when i'm typing, i'm thinking what will they say about this post.
even when i'm typing, i'm guessing what will you made fun of me this time.

for being there when i need u the most.
my apologies.
if i'd ever hurt u in every way possible.

tonight, is just one night of hell.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Mira Kartika Bt. Zainal

Happy Birthday Emkay!~
Sweet 19th~

i know u've had ur ups & downs.
but do remember that u always have ME?

and Kamal of course. :P

bbe, who loves yea? :D



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cicak & Ridsect.

I am proud of the house lizards thats been crawling around my house. They have gotten so "close" to us, that they're free to roam around the house whenever and wherever they want. However, recently, my mum bought a lizard repellent. Yes, she's been meaning to spray them whenever they annoy her. (Ex. Running across the kitchen floor when she's cooking). Unfortunately for her, she didn't get the chance to try it yet. 'Coz amazingly, since she bought the repellent, they are no where to be seen.

come out come out wherever you are~


i am officially in a chaos rite now!

i thot i could spend the break by revising. ( i am soo lost!)
i was not aware that my mum was in progress of remodelling all the bedrooms!
so, the house is practically a store. (so not a place to study.)
and i've got to help around.

'coz, u see..
we're going to have new tiles this Wednesday.
so, by hook or by crook, the painting must be finished by tomorrow!
fortunately, my rooms is 70% done.
unlike my mum's n bro's.
and oh yeah.
this diva helps w the paintings. :D

then, new furnitures are next!

back to my chaotic life. i also need to email my assignments by Wednesday. but alas, i've nothing yet! typical me. :(
there is also all those programs for PHYTAS.

in addition to my already too chaotic life,
is that i've got to go on a family gath this weekend.
it's not that i hate it.
i love fam gath!
it's just that's the timing is a bit off.
if not for the sem break, i might not be able to make it.

apart all this mess,
i am loving my life.
i have all these friends.
all these peoples around me.
my family!~
and not to forget, Love. :)

i know. i know.
he's not perfect.
but i've said it once (or maybe twice or more) but i'll say it again.

"Ini cerita kami. Hanya kami yang tahu. :)"


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bukit + Jalan yg Lurus = Roller coaster~

view from my room in Puncak Alam.
saya belajar menghadap pemandangan yang damai.

Lewat petang.
itula fakulti saya!~
Fakulti Sains Kesihatan~
(gile x mcm bangga ke?)

(cet! poyo je. padahal baru blk klas je~)
:)) :)) :))

There's around 4 flight of this stairs.
killer x?
maybe around 300 staircases?
(jgn salahkan ain x le gemok!~)

tu mukadimah je.

UiTM moves our mid sem break to this upcoming week.
as u all could imagine, yes.
H1N1 flu outbreak is the reasons.
tau tak betapa gile nye uitm nie.

unfortunately for us,
we have to yet, again postponed our orietation day for the juniors.
which is such a nuisance.
a waste of time i must say.

oh. i was in shah alam yesterday.
for my 1st ever swimming lessons.
it was...
fun? more to cold i guess.
macam mandi ais.
i did okay.
bubble? breathing? fail. :))
float? passed~
breaststroke? more rooms for improvement.
back stroke? otw to perfect.
free style? did not try.
butterfly? cuma mampu melihat. :))

till next time, mwahxes!~


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

betapa tuhan je tahu maranye ain pd diri seniri.

kenapa la ain jd sgt sgt pelupa nie!

ya allah.
benda depan mata pun boleyh lupe amek!
bangangnye rase...

benda tue xde la mati klau x jumpa balik.
tue la benda plg bodoh yg boley dilupekan.
dala depan mata, besar lak tue bukan kecik.
tertinggal jgk??

rase nak hentak2 je kpale nie.
pelupa sgt..!

teruk sgt da memori..

mara sgt kat diri sdr..
bunuh kan ain plz??


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wo hen hao. :)

ADIK kamu baik2 saje~

Minggu ke 3 selepas semester bermula. emm.
Saya rasa makin sesak.
Nak catch up semua pelajaran dari pelbagai jenis dan ragam lecturer?
sesak sangat rasa.
saya rase seperti di semester 1.
blank. confuse. clueless.

Terima Kasih Cinta. Terima kasih Clasmates/ roomates/ housemates.

U saya sengal.
Benarkan pelajar bwk kereta. tapi tak boley bwk pegy klas.
2 pilihan utk semua pelajar yang ada kereta atau tak ada.
1. Naik bas shuttle utk ke fakulti atau pulang ke kolej.
2. Mendaki tangga yang mungkin da pecahkan record batu caves untuk pergi ke kelas atau pulang dari kelas.

Pelajar yang bwk moto?
mereka selamat dari kedua-dua pilihan di atas.

Ye, saya x suka shuttle bas yang macam sardin.
Jadi saya pilih utk naik & turun tangga.
Hebatkan saya? :))
Si dia pun tak dpt nk bantu saya.
The last time he tried, ends up with him climbing up & down the frigging staircases as well. :D
sorry dear. tak tau pn ade jpj nak buat roadblock kat bwh tu.

Inilah realiti hidup Uitm.
jangan salah paham.
saya seronok belajar di sini.
saya tak taula program lain mcm mane kan.
tapi buat masa ni, saya masih boleh survive. :D
agak2 klau rase lutut nk tcabut panjat tangga tueh, sy bwtla proposal utk uitm sediakan escalator.

okay. ain merepek.
btw, percaya x saya ade hamstring limitation?
dalam keadaan berbaring (supine lying), saya tak mampu utk tegakkn kaki saya ke atas.
x sampai 90 deg. mungkin hanya 60 deg saja.
adoii! betapa ke-flexibility-an saya dah x ade.
secara sukacita, saya mengumumkan saya akan menjadi subjek dlm research senior sy.

oh. to suriati.
Kat puncak alam FB n myspace are not banned.
takkan kat induk kne ban?

till next time, muahxes~


Saturday, July 18, 2009


hari nie saya nak b'bahasa melayu.
senang saya nk merapu.

puncak alam?
saya tak tau nape.
kemahiran nak b'camwhore seoerti matul sudah takde.
lame x camwhore.
nak ltak kat blog pn xde gamba.
tangga sgt tinggi. trun penat sket.
penat banyak!
sangat pack.
bukan ape, blik da jaoh, time break lepak je kat fact.
atau dlm surau mcm tin sardin.
tak bukak lg. mcm bangang.
tak pahamla ain.
kampus yg x siap penuh lagi pn da mskkn student.
kafe + masjid. haha.
sengal kn?

tapi saya agak bertuah.
pergi kelas dengan kereta.
dia amek sy. die anta sy.
sayang die.

new sem?
PHYTAS semakin memeningkan.
course2 baru?
susah. application application.
anatomy. physiology.
clinical condition?
lagi laa pening.
keje banyak.
tapi x tau camane nk organize.

masih gembira.
harap berkekalan.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To: Rezuin Nurulsadia



we're fine.
except for the fact that the studies are getting tougher.
oh, i did mention i despise my class schedule rite?
it's packed like ~~
nk date pn susah.

for the moment,
i am very the busy.
tak banyak masa macam matul.
what's with all the assignments & programs.
again, nak date pn susah.

struggling to balance my studies and my social life.
tak sabar nak lepaskan jawatan.

i nak ckp i ok je.
i tau u rindu i gakk~
nnt i update selalu selalu ye?


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Puncak Alam

after a few days here then only i've got the chance to update this blog.

currently i'm in puncak alam.

i'm loving the weather here.

but thats about all that i love.

i'm despising my timetable.

what else?

i dont know.
i'm too speechless.
i dont know what to say.

i'm just hoping that things wouldnt get worst.

especially with YOU!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

i know.
somehow, i'm gambling my luck into this.

my intention has nothing to do with revenge.
or anything to do with your past.

i just thought of her as a friend.

every single things backfired.
an innocent confession turns into a mess.



Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Week.

Last Week of Holiday.

Date <3<3

Menuntut Lappy.
Shopping with Mama. :D

Pack my stuffs.
pindah puncak alam weyy. :(

Cake baking.

bbQ night~

again :D

College Registration


Thursday, June 25, 2009

expectations & relationships.

some prefer to just accompany each other without expecting anything out of each other.
they prefer to live in the moment.
they would just enjoy their time together.
they don't really care when will they meet up next or when will their "companion" call them again.
they don't have any expectations.

but will they be able to stay that way, once feelings are involved?
once they realized that their feelings are mutual?
once they realized that they actually wanted a relationship.
how would they handle it?
would it be too much to actually ask for a relationship?
then, where would the rules "no expectations" stays in this situation?


even after the "relationship" is declared.
the problems & questions wouldn't stop there.
would it last?
would they stay happy?
can they make each other happy?

*double sigh*


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Atiqah & Rezuin.

Siti Nur Atiqah~
for your new baby bro. :D

Rezuin Nurulsadia~
when are u coming back??
the hols are coming to an end tau!~

sleep tight dear.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


the title says it all.

i am indescribable at the moment.


i am happy.


i am not content.


enjoy life as it is. :))


Thursday, June 18, 2009

ceritera kami.
hanya kami yang mengerti.

ini cerita kami.

berhenti lah menghukum kami.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The GFs: Ween, Liesa, Sara, Tiqah, Sue, Ifah & Zafa(which is not in the pic).

Location: Kedai Kopi II

Gossips : Love Confessions :):):)

Photography: of course! :D:D:D


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

if there's is such a way to show love.
it would be to fight to get it. to own it.
regardless what others may say or feel bout it.

we wouldn't know if its worth it or not.

i was out the whole day yesterday.
and when i'm back.
i am left with all these questions.
i have a desire rite now.
i tried to achieve on my own.
obviously, it didnt work.

cause i've had enough of this nonsense.
of people judging me the way they shouldnt.
don't judge unless u've never met me and talk to me
or known me for years.

don't judge if u don't care.

where is this post going anyway?
some way i hope.
cukuplah anda berfantasi. *sigh*


Monday, June 15, 2009


i am bored to death.

maw pegi cuty. tapi dia kata susah.


sian ain.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hoe down throw down!


watch it!

learn it!

to you.

Thankx for the latest post.

i am
i know ur
better than what i've thought.
or what people think bout u.

u've said what u should have said.

i've made a mistake.
i've not been where she had been.
but i dont want to be there.
maybe what she felt was
ego, but not love.
u know who u are.
i wanted to say i'm sorry if u found this blog.

starts w chaos.
i bought 15 tickets for HM the movie.
8.45 pm.
arrival? just in time. :)
just like YCs.
i love HM!
hoe down ppl!~


Friday, June 12, 2009


"put ur heart in what u want, n u can work it out in stilettos."
-kimora lee-

notice how this quote apply to me? :D
i could explain it better.
but i guess its better to leave u readers thinking.
or not?


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

give me space.

to breathe.
to laugh.
to cry.
to smile.
to frown.
to do whatever i want.

let go.

of your past.
of your vengeance.
of your long lost love.


the fact.
the present.
the lost.

the paranoia is over.
but hatred is taking over.
will this drama ever be over?
cause i really don't need it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

perasaan itu sukar ditafsirkan.
baik gembira mahu sedih.

tiada perkataan yang mampu menggambarkan cinta yang dalam.

gembira tidak dapat difahami hanya dengan senyuman dan ungkapan "saya gembira".

sedih? air mata dan kata-kata tidak menggambarkan hati yang lara.

kenapa dengan saya?
tidak. saya tidak ada masalah.
cuma saya x dpt merungkai ape yg sy rase.

saya gembira.
tapi sy x tahu mcm mane nk gambarkn kegembiraan itu.

ada ketika sy sedih.
tp sy x tahu sbb ape.

tapi yg paling penting,
sy gembira sekarang.
hanya sebahagian dr hidup.


Monday, June 8, 2009


on my way back from kelantan.

the radio is on haywire. *figures*
my phone has no coverage. *sigh*
i looked out the window.
and i saw..

the lights from the green house.
shining on the strawberry plants.
in the dark road of cameron?
it's a beauty.

then i looked up to the sky.
and i saw...

full moon.
gorgeous. beautiful.
every single words that describes beauty.
it's romantic.

i wish there was a full moon everyday.
but when i give it another thought.
i dont want a full moon everyday.
it wouldnt be special anymore.

a full moon.
they went through a cycle.
from crescent to full.
and the cycles continues

just like the perfect guy.
they don't come along everyday.
they appear after we've went through a cycle.
a cycle of pain, happiness, laughter and tears.
but when we do find the perfect one.
they would never seems to stay perfect.
the cycle would continue.



Sunday, June 7, 2009


i'm back!~

we'd arrived at my aunt's house at 8p.m.
laze around all night~
9 hours in the car? exhausting!

the next day, i tag my cousin to a wedding.
She loves photography just like most of us do.
so, she decided to make money out of it.
She's taking wedding pictures as a part time job.
SHASHAboii photography. :)

on friday morning, went to the hospital.
(name hospital tu pjg sgt, x igt ;p)
visited my great grandmother . causes of hospitalization?
minor stroke. recovering though.
then after the friday prayers, my family with my aunt's family went to Pantai Perkasa.

Sabtu pulang semula ke Subang.
x puas.
tapi mereka semua bz.