Thursday, January 29, 2009

to Mohd Nazmi Saadon.
sangat rasa bersalah dengan kamu. sebab itu diam dari kamu. banyak cerita mahu cerita.
takot mahu cerita sama kamu. "."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i have friends.

They are important to me.


You've help me survive. HERE .


Wild child moment~

Ikhwanul Naim.


Mira Kartika~ Zur'ain~ Aliya~ Mai~

Mohd Faiz B. Alias!~

most importantly, my dearest..

Mohd Nazmi B. Saadon~


Monday, January 19, 2009

it's been quite a while is it? no? lol~
been busy and out of topics.
thats not true.
i could write a whole book about my current situation now.

but out of respect,
i decided not to blurt out all these mixed feelings
like i usually do before.
i realised.
it's not my heart alone that is involves in this mess.
i realised i'd ignored people in this battle of feelings.
i don't mean to ignore anyone.
but i am just trying for once.
to fight my own battle alone.
i don't know.
but i believe.
things would get better.
p/s: check out PHYTAS blog. =)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Things always happen for a reasons.

Don't they?

if you feel lonely
if you are in trouble
if you just don't feel right

Just take a deep breath
recite your Doa.

if it happens that you need
a shoulder to cry on
a friend to laugh with
or just a big hug

I will make sure
that i will always be there
being a friend
you could always count on.

i have to warn
i am also a human
i too have my own things
and even if i can't be by your side
that i'd never forget you
and i'll always wish you the best.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

ppl please, STOP!
(like Emkay would put it)

STOP messing with my life.
STOP messing up my relationships with my friends.

I cant bear losing a friend.

I'm actually begging u.

Just STOP!


it had been a while since i came across this feeling.
shall i fight it or just go with the flow?

paranoia hits me!
who are we?

No. that's not it.
It should be,

Who am I?
to u?

all these events,
lost of friends,
lost of love,

made me an Ice Queen I never am.

n if this Ice queen starts melting again,
somebody should call Al-Gore.

did i put myself into these?

what am i thinking these days?

that i can be perfectly happy?
running away from all these problems?

the friends i could still count on.
ask me to relax.
cause everything happens for a reason.

I don't ask for more.
I'm just asking for an honest frindship.
cause in my 18 years of life.
i realised.
Friends is the supplement i needed
to make me strong.

For those who had always been there.
i couldn't thank you enough!


Friday, January 9, 2009

attitude please girls!
start entering into the 21st century
and starts a massive hoo-hah!

don't forgets to choose your friends as it is crucial!
those who don't make the cut,
cut them out of ya list.

if u have problems with someone.
no random bitching.
structure ur point.

coz FYI,
it's a newer, trashier version.

A threat?
So what?
Big deal~
IDc IDk.

But for the moment,
lets just pretend it had the desired effects,
shall we?

oh and,
Stop being all brick!
All this negotiation is like a night club.
Not something i tend to enter.

Diva Dict.
This is actually a guide to a Grade One a-hole with a severe attitudinal problem.
Learn it by heart and put the attitude in Life!~


Saturday, January 3, 2009

a Dull Friday =(

current situation: sitting alone in the hall of my home in college.

arrive in college at 9.45 for a class at 10.00 just to find out that the class had been moved to another day.
what a bummer!
instead of heading back home, i decided to stay in college and suffers boredom throughout the day.

serves me right? i guess??


Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year everyone!

here is the story of my 2008.

I started it with a new love. I cant even imagine my time in Matrics if it wasn't for him. Somehow, in someway, he changed me. I wouldn't be who i am now if i didn't get to know him. so, through out the earliest part of the year, my life is full with me n him. =)

Anyway, i would never forget my girls, my YCs!
sayang sama kamu!~
the Apartment, the Shah Alam Crazy nite(as matul call it) was unforgettable. Not missing out the Borneo rainforest dinner and all the small gathering throughout the year. every minute was worth it.

Started my new sem in Bachelor of Physiotherapy in UiTM end of June. Takes time for me to adapt to me new housemates. They are so not like Deqna!(miss her oh!). then all my crisis started. one small matter turns into a damn big problem which still remains a problem now.
at first, i was fighting with my emotion cause i really couldnt accept the differences between me n my classmates.

that's when i get to know Mr. Ikhwanul Naim. thanks to him i survived my emotional breakdown. =)
during this time also, i started getting busy with Sinar Ramadhan bersama Phytas. most of my time was fill with making sure this project went smoothly. needless to say, i kind of neglected my study.

serves me right, i went into another emotional breakdown during study week where i'd have to struggle to cover everything. haha! ever heard of study group through SMS? i kind of did that. =P ends up i sit for every paper unprepared. and the results?
suits how i had been studying. Alhamdullilah, no failure.

the sem comes to an end, and i started getting involve with Asean University Games. This gets me close with Rain, Emkay, Azu, Che'Ali, Che'Ema, Asri, Ben, Sara and all the Arkatistik Management, the FACT students and all the volunteers as well. It's been an amazing experience i would never forget. Thanx for the memories and the lessons and also the friendships during a month we're together making sure the opening and closing ceremony a success.

yes, i may sound happy with all this stories. well, actually i've been having problem with my new love that had been mentioned earlier. we cant seem to settle the problems. the blame goes to me. too busy with everything. sorry. guess we're better off friends. i had to admit that i did get confused with my on feelings. and i have to say, getting seperated is a way for me to unravel this confusion. u could threaten me all u want, but i'm staying put. i've had enough of the status "in a relationship". after a few years of being in a relationship, for once i wanted to stay single and really enjoy it. my girls n my YCs are really helping. OH yes! my boys too. =) u noe who u are.

the last day of my 2008. 31st December 2008.
went to Sunway with Mira n K.Intan(Tiqah). Our actual plan was shopping and movies. but turns out, we're late. we arrived there around 9.45. ran to the movies, manage to get seats for Bedtime Stories which is SO WORTH IT. Love Bugsy! *moochmooch*on our way out from Sunway, Topshop was still open. we went in, grab some expensive dress that we cant really afford, tried it on went crazy in the fitting room n be the last customer out from the shop. crazy eh? then spend the night walking through the celebrating crowd which was..entertaining? haha! =D

i'm starting the 2009 with a smile. and may the smile last all year long.