Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3.

For the sake of 3D, we waited for 5 hours. the 1st hour was spent at rope walk. Love's fav places to explore. Tho he found out nothing much was great there. Now, let's see what happens the next 4 hours. oh yeah. 2nd hour was spent in the food court at Sunway. Then 3rd hour was spent window shopping. *we'rebroke!* *grin* *blush*

Then i lost track of time. *lols~* The boys went into SenQ or something exploring all kind of those big big tv which all look the same to me. So, we *thegirls* sat comfortably on a sofa provided watching wonder girl's nobody while Naim was like "gelinya" . Then their next song, then suddenly Girls Generation come out. I am not a fan of Korean everything, but somehow i recognized GG *iknowHwudlovethispart* because of Yuri. At least i think its her? *chuckles*

I guess u did it. U made her known. well, to me at least. :)


p/s: the boys finally get to watch a 3D movie. ;)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Short Term Goal

For the whole semester, i've been criticized by every other peoples. that includes hypocrites, people who thought they knew me well enough. Think again 'dearest', u r way out of line. :)
Thus, i promised myself that somehow, am gonna prove them wrong.

Results for the semesters are out, and i'm blessed! told ya I'm gonna prove myself. Though, i'm certain i could have done better if i started from the 1st semester. oh well, time does not turn around, no? i'm gonna stay positive on this one. I have all other advantages that they may not haves. The languages, the brain, the boyfie and the fun. ;)

Clinicals. I'm done with my lecturer evaluation. Though, i'm confident that i could have done much much better. Such a simple case, just lots of early precautions. Yet, panic attack! Thanks to the lecturer tho for giving chances as a first timer. :) Appreciated it, very much! Am gonna improve and try my best to be perfect in every other aspect left eg. clinical folders.

New semesters. Trying to find ways to not get involved in their misery. As in criticizing others to make them feel good bout themselves? *grin* Lame, i know. I guess this is the downside of being in an all Malay society? where mentality is still between the line of immaturity and actually matured. Oh, u'll only be offended if ur one of these people i'm talking about. :)


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

True Love

who could imagine that greatest love of all do exist in this mean world. ;)
and not to mention, in a hospital. where everything looks sad and dull.

*notes to self*
True love would always be there no matter what ur condition is.

1st case.
Wife suffers from Parkinson. Husband is always there smiling at her while she's in treatment. She doesn't trust others to hold her except him.

2nd Case
young couple. Husband survived stroke. Always exchanges jokes, giggling while hubby on treatment. Never fails to bring him water, take off and put on his shoes. Help him up, push him in wheelchair. ;)

3rd Case.
very young couple. An 19 y/o girl involved in MVA, suffers traumatic brain injury. Undergoes cranioctemy. unable to speak, or mobilize. very low confident and very little tolerance to pain. during treatment, boyfie was there to encourage her and help her. yes, her BOYFIE not husband. ;)

4th case.
Young mother with two children suffering muscular dystrophy. Never fails to smile and entertain her children while exercising. Never fails to support them. Always, smiling, laughing and kissing them.

and lots of other similar cases. these are the ones that caught my eyes.

True love would always be there when ur in ur worst condition.