Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super Girl !

As'salam !

This blog had been literally abandoned by me since the last post ! Well, I have been very busy with work, programs, commitments and more since then. :) I had been involved in a community program at Negeri Sembilan, I opened up a booth for an event in UiTM, then there's all this assignment and aerobic sessions, there was also the elderly program by MBPJ where my whole class was involved, then there's our innovation project. Phewwww~

That is not the end of it however, this weekend I've a Chic Pop date with my girls followed by an aerobic courses on the following day. Well, and the student's life again starts with test ! Not to mentioned, final research are going on now. Not just me, but this applies to my whole class. So far, I haven't seen a single person flopped out yet. :) I don't think I ever will as we survived last semester *one of the most horrible semester ever* therefore I doubt that we would ever give up NOW. No, no way. Not at the very end of the journey to get that scroll of Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours !

Well, as usual I'm rambling and imagining stuffs again. I would love to update about all the programs and events I've been involved but yet I am still busy. Maybe one day. :)


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Update

Well, I do complains sometimes my life are to... un-eventful?

The fact is, I am bundled up with works after 3 weeks of class. The worst thing is that I just have no idea where should I start. After 2 weeks of procrastinating, I started on some of my works tonight. Repeat, SOME. and it's not even that much. =.='

Yes. I am a procrastinator. *Kahwin nak cepat pulak kan?* LOL !
This is always been a bad habit of mine ! Besides not being able to wake up early easily, not knowing how to cook, yadayadayada.. okay fine. I have to admit I have LOTS of flaws. So future husband, please bear with me at all times.

So, assignments.. Normal. I already have a few. Highlight of the semester is our Geriartric Program in collaboration with MBPJ. :) *To those who're confused, geriartrics means older person or "Warga Emas"* I love handling programs, but sometimes it exhausts me. Believe me, handling old people is not as easy as it looks.  I'll talk more about this in another post.

The thing is, my head is spinning and eyes are begging me to close them till next week. Okay, tak lawak. I just wanna make a shout out. This morning we voted for our 3 months clinical placement next March. Ehem ehem...



p/s: Love is going away for the weekend. No, that is an understatement. He is going away for a freaking 4 days ! :'( Over much? Haha! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lelaki Ini.

Boys. Men. Lovers.

I have a friend who had just gone through a -- i wouldn't call it breakup -- situation with a very close guy. He's not exactly her boyfriend, neither is he her best friend. Scandal? I don't know. Best described as someone she's trying to open up her heart to.

The guy claim that he loves her and that he's willing to wait for her. He claims that he's sincere, honest and most importantly, LOYAL. This is all his promise even after she broke his heart, not once but twice. Earlier, she just couldn't open up to him. They're living in two very very different world. He didn't gives up and keep trying to woe her, and at last she manages to open up her heart to him, bit by bit. Slowly, as she realises he is a nice guy and how can she ever find another man like him in this men eat men's world?

But boys would be boys right? They just couldn't settle for only ONE. They need more. NOT all the boys/men are the same. Only some of them. Still, why? Unfortunately, after not seeing each other for several weeks they went on a date. Out of the blue, she questions him about his past. Confidently, he denied. Somehow, her heart think twice. She ask him for his phone and *bam*. He panicked.

Long story short, she found out he is still texting FLIRTATIOUSLY with a girl from the past. Not only that, there were several other girls too. Why? Like seriously why? After what he claims, after what he promises, why? Maybe maybe she hurt him. Okay that is an understatement. She did hurt him, left him broken hearted before, BUT this is no reason to be dishonest!

She left him cause she couldn't hurt him by pretending that everything would turn out fine. She left him so that he could fine another girl that could love him better. She left him cause she care. But she didn't left him entirely, no? She came back, and open up her heart. An action to make up for what she did before.

and he have to LIE to her.

Tell me boys, guys or men out there. Why oh why does this thing happen? Are we to blame?

Please, don't PROMISE. don't GIVE HOPES. NEVER EVER.

As girls and women holds on to words forever. We never forgets. Never.


p/s: that boy still claim he's innocent. Bitchslap please?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Animal Cruelty

I am supposed to be getting ready for an outside dinner with my family later this evening, but I just am gonna take a little time to post about this as it breaks my heart seeing all this cruelty in Malaysia !

Yes, they may not be human but their Allah's creation too ! Haven't it be stated that we must treat Allah's creation with justice and humanity ? Cats or dogs regardless what kind of animal they are they are innocent ! Why do these people have to treat them like a lifeless creatures?

Petknode! This is an evidence of how greedy a human can be ! *sigh* You can look up for updates about this case here. The fact that authorities not taking any actions earlier is heartbreaking too. Malaysians and animal lovers are practically swearing up to their heads !

This ! OMG this is unbelievable ! A beautiful cat, innocent cat was tortured alive until she lost all 4 of her paws ! Gila lah manusia manusia ni!  Cuba kau bayang kan kau kudung semuanya sampai terpaksa "direhatkan" selamanya?? I found about this cat named Momo through a re-tweet by my friend which directed me to this blog. You can read the full stories there.

Seriously all those animal abusers,what are you? I'm pretty sure you're not human.


p/s: My cat family will soon be bigger. :)



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Semester Start

I am having mixed feelings about starting class again.

I am loving the fact that I can relax and don't have to think about assignments and class. Ofcourse ! The fact that I could wake up at any time of the day is to be love love love ! Sometimes you just have to have that option once in a while. *wink* Okay yes, I am just plain lazy. :D

But, being a girl that just could not sit tight for too long... I hate hate hate the long holiday period ! Over 4 months, I've worked 3 kind of jobs. Amongst the 3, well lets just say I prefer being a student more. So, going back to class is a joy, at least in one way I'll always have something to do. Oh! Not to mention that atleast I feel like life is going somewhere and I want that somewhere to be a graduation! ;)

So, to everyone who is feeling sad about leaving the comfort of your own home for the sake of studies put a positive thought inside you. At least you can now finish what you started and then went back home, for good !

Oh! Not to mention it is our FINAL YEAR ! *woohoo*
Here I am, wishing all of you in my class and also any readers of mine Good Luck and I hope that we all achieve what we'd wanted in the 1st place after enrolling in the university !

HS224/07, maybe we can do this together next year?


p/s: My class timetable is getting shorter and less packed each semester. LOL !

Monday, September 5, 2011

Raya Lookbook

This is a site for you to look through all these Raya Fashions !

So nice of the owner to set up things like this ! Easy reference I might say? ;)


For those of you looking for fashion inspiration I'd suggest Lookbook or Tumblr, whichever you prefer.


p/s: Check out my Raya Fashion post as I will be updating it with pictures !


Walaupun tajuk post kali ini adalah "english" tetapi saya akan berbahasa melayu sepanjang entry ini. *okay, tak mungkin*

Kenapa dengan english? Begini ceritanya, selalu saja saya terbaca di laman sesawang Facebook status rakan rakan yang menggunakan english. Ini termasuklah diri ini. Tapi, perlu diingatkan di sini entry ini BUKAN untuk mengutuk menghina mencaci mengherdik mereka mereka ini dan mungkin diri saya sendiri juga. TAPI hanyalah sekadar NASIHAT & PERINGATAN. Jadi, janganlah ada yang sentap lepas baca. :)

Selalu sangat saya terbaca di Facebook status english yang maksudnya sepatutnya sangat mendalam. Tapi malang, kerana penggunaan English yang salah, struktur ayat yang salah ataupun direct translation dari bahasa melayu ke english menyebabkan status status yang bagus ini kadang kadang kurang difahami.

Apa? Ain berlagak? Tak ! Bukan nak meninggi diri. Ain bukan cikgu english dan ain tak hebat pun. Cuma dari pembacaan dan pembelajaran selama hidup 21 tahun ini *tua rasa* dapatlah kesan kesalahan kesalahan ini. Sedikit sebanyak, dalam entry ini dapatlah kita belajar sama sama kan? :) Sejujurnya, di sekolah dulu Ain sangatlah lemah dan tak yakin langsung nak bertutur dengan bahasa inggeris. Risau takut Ain tak dapat bersaing untuk dapatkan kerja dan bergaul di masa hadapan, abah hantar ain private tuition untuk english semata-mata. Cikgu Ain itu lah yang banyak membantu Ain sampai sekarang English tak menjadi masalah buat Ain.

Errr.... okay tiba tiba rasa letih type baku baku ni, pendek kata kalau nak buat status English di FB biarlah yang betul structure ayatnya and JANGAN guna direct translation. Ain nak tegur dalam FB nanti segan pulak and orang ingat Ain ni berlagak gila. Tapi seriously, bukan la nak membanggakan bahasa penjajah ni *dah tau confirm ada orang bangkitkan isu ni*. Cuma fikirlah, kalau Malaysian berfikiran sesempit ini, mmg takkan maju ! Menguasai bahasa penjajah bukan bermaksud kita masih dijajah ! Sebaliknya, untuk meletakkan kita sebaris dengan penjajah penjajah ni sume.

Think of it this way, would it be possible that they could manipulate us just by using words because they know how incapable of us to communicate with them clearly?

Bukan di peringkat negara je, tapi diperingkat office2 class and such.

Dalam entry ni jugak, ain akan feature a few examples of FB statuses yg ... pendek kata sukar difahami and maybe re-translate it. Siapa terasa status die jangan marah ye? :)

X: What so means?
Okay I really think this is supposed to be : What does it means?

X: ppl who are believe only wat they are see
Okay I really think this is supposed to be : People believe only what they see

Okay, ni je. HAHA. Gaya macam banyak eh? Malam ni ta ramai buat status, ramai upload gambar raya je. Mood raya lah katakan. :D

How to improve?


READ a lot of books in english ! Be it a fantasy novel, love novel or even educational book. BUT don't just read, take note on how the author structure their sentence and jot down every word that you don't understand and search through the dictionary for the meaning.

DON'T look through English-Malay dictionary. Instead, find an English-English dictionary. It helps to build your vocabulary.

CONFIDENCE ! okay fine, this is a cliché. This applies more to speaking not writing. How to learn speaking in correct English? Movies! Typical malays (I don't know how chinese & indians work this out) would rely on the subtitles. Change from reading to listening. Try to watch movies w/o the translation then try  imitating them. I find that children (my sisters mostly) learn through this way. I do too !

Now, I think i've ramble a lot! Sorry, I am SAD to see bad english especially when you are already in your 20's .

Don't let people underestimate you just because you can't communicate with an understandable english. :)


p/s: Bahasa baku mula mula bajet nak tunjuk semangat ke-Malaysia-an tapi habit dah tulis bahasa rojak ni. Balik balik kesitu jugaklah. Kepada pencinta Bahasa boleh lah beri tunjuk ajar kepada saya camana nak buang habit guna bahasa rojak nih !

p/s/s: I blog in English all the time is also one way to improve my English which is not perfect. Go through my old posts, you WILL find errors. :) If you do find errors in this posts do let me know okay?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya Fashion

Typical topic ain't it? LOL! 

But then, its one of the excitement of after-raya. Everyone, like every single person on FB will be uploading their Raya pictures, either family pictures, vain self pictures (or is it just me?) or food pictures. I love browsing through all of this especially ones that have people wearing all kinds of fashion in it. 

So, this Raya one thing that caught my eyes is leopard prints ! Something different from the original flowery pattern like mine. 

A friend of mine, her family (the girls ofc) all don on a simple plain baju kurung with leopard prints hijabs! Cute !

See how even her mum is wearing a leopard printed pashmina :D

My classmate on the other hand opted for a green leopard printed baju kurung paired with a green satin hijab! 
See how her cousins are also using leopard printed hijabs? Fashionista family! *woot*

Another one is my neighbour, donning on a kaftan kurung where the kaftan is a plain purple while the sarong is leopard printed ! Gorgeous I have to say! 

Wait, I think i see more of leopard but I can't recall. LOLS! Those mentions are the one that really caught my eyes as animal prints trends had been going on for a while and to be honest I really am not a big fan of it. Nice to have some stuffs with the trend though. :D 

Will try to update with pictures the next time! 

I wonder, what is the favourite look for Raya? 


Friday, September 2, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011

Assalamualaikum !

This is a mighty LATE post but holding on to the principles of better late than never, I wish you all...                         


Now I know I'm not the good girl like most of you out there, so here goes my apology speech. :D

I am deeply SORRY for every wrongdoing of mine, that includes my mulut puaka, any bad thoughts, any bad wish, and if ada tersalah pukul cubit jeling. Yes. I know I am capable of ALL this bad behaviours. *sigh* I am also sorry if u ever feel annoyed with my habit of non stop talking and bragging. Sometimes, I really didn't meant any harm. Pressure do gets to me.

Pendek kata, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN ! 

Most Importantly, may all our good deeds in the month of Ramadhan Al-Kareem diredhai Allah S.W.T.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Malaysia vs Singapore

I did say I was going to post something about the game itself, no? :)

Well, I am no expert I warn you.

But hey don't I hate Singapore during the game !

I don't want to say anything about their skills, ball handling or those stuffs cause I really don't know much about it. But through out the game, I am annoyed with Singapore players wasting time. Orang lain yang kena orang lain yang injured. Tak ke weirdddd?

Tactics you say?

Well, to me if you are really that good, that why bother with these lame tactics?
Half way through the game I am already bored. What with Singapore injuring themselves all the time and Malaysia still couldn't get a goal.
I pity Singapore's physiotherapist though. Haha. Keep running into the pitch carrying all those bags. Are Singapore players really that weak that they keep on injuring themselves? Or is it the pitch?
Yela kan, Singapore's pitch kan artificial. ;)

All through out the week/days to the game, loads of things are being said about Singaporean. I never been to Singapore, never experienced their infamous courtesy before therefore I won't comment about it.

What I am trying to say is that Singapore player should get theirselves check and train harder so that they won't get injured so much anymore. If, I say IF they are pretending, than they also should get their head check. No one wants to get injured except them. Kalau tiba tiba injured betul betul? tak padan muka ? and IF lets say they are pretending, than I am not sad that Malaysia lose. We lose with dignity. :)

Howeverrrr, Malaysian supporters throwing a shower of bottles/cans etc? NOT COOL ! It just shows how low our mentalities are. I am sad by this event. :( I know I know, sangat geram kan?
But still, aren't Malaysians known for our courtesy too? In a positive way ofcourse.

I plea,


Sempena Bulan Ogos yang mulia ini marilah berubah. :D



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Naza World Supports Harimau Malaya

The title speaks for itself. :)

Naza World are now pledging to support sports as the way of life. Or something like that. Sorry, I don't re-call the exact pledge and just too lazy to re-trace it. I do remember they tweeted about it.

So, they sponsored Chelsea's Asia Tour and become the Official Transport. They gave outs free tix and meet & greet pass and even chauffeured the winners to the games. Yes, these winners got police escorts to the games and could forget the hassle of traffics and parkings and best seats.

No, I didn't get these VIP treatments when I went to the Chelsea game.

Again, Naza World gave out free tix via twitter for the Msia vs Singapore game. I was one of the lucky one to get the tix. What made me even excited for the game is because Mr. Sportsgeek was SUPER EXCITED to go to the game. At first he was not really in the mood to go as we were in the middle of 'the' mood. Once I announced that I've got free tix, his mood just rise up in a speed of light. Sumpah die gila excited.

Sadly, we didn't get our VIP treatment as much as we hoped for. Though we're not complaining. Apparently, there's some misunderstanding that made us left behind by the Vespa convoy and the police escorts. To make matters worst, our seats are full. Yes. Full. Somehow, there was no one guarding the entrance thus supporters takes advantage. I am also guessing 'ulat tiket' bersepah. Cause seriously, the number of supporters was more than the seats capacity. Crazy atmosphere ! Lucky we manage to get seats although not the best seats but but it was exactly besides the main entrance for the players. So yes, Malaysian players upclose. I don't even bother looking at Singapore's.

However, Naza World did make it up to us by inviting us to an Iftar Session with Dato Wira SM Faisal and his wife. unfortunately, I can't make it. Saaddd :(

Anyway, click here and here for pictures of both events ! I didn't get any pictures of my own. We did bring camera but it's full of my pictures. *LOL*

I'll make a post about the game itself soon.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late Late Post

Yes yes I know ! Football is over ~ Although BPL will starts again in the next few days, here I am talking about pre-season. Ketinggalan zaman maybe. But I just didn't find the time to post about it. :)

Sooo, there I was at Chelsea's Asia Tour. I literally melts whenever I sight Torres. and No, I didn't scream a fan girls scream. Chant, half-way yeah. but mostly I just laze my eyes on him and go *sighhh*. HAHAHAHA.

A little reminder of the controversional score.

Chelsea FC 1 - Harimau Malaya 0

There are like LOTS of pictures but since I am too lazy to choose. U can head on here.

So, during the training our views are severely obstructed by the medias =.=' It annoys us but we still had some shots of the players. Plus earlier before the training, players was kicking balls to us viewers. Lucky Hasmin got one from Bosingwa ! *excited-gila-la-masa-dapat*

Even before the players or anyone was out, there was some commotions in the stadium when 2 guys wears MU jersey. I don't know whether its on purpose or not but I don't understand why? The same commotion also happens during Liverpool's training session. I'm guessing only the fanatics would understands why. Any MU supporters care to explain?

The game ! the game itself was filled with me enjoying the view ! Okay, on a more serious level. I actually met and get to know roughly 2 guys who had been supporting Chelsea since forever ! *clapclapclap* They're also following Chelsea around for their Asia Tour. Now, that's what I call a fanatic ! Anyway, the controversional goal. Hum, I don't know, from my point of view, who cares? Its a friendly game and the goal is from a free-kick/penalty. Can't remember. My brother who sat behind the goal post during the kick said it is a goal as the ball did past through the line. Plus, Malaysia was good. I must say, I am in denial when Chelsea can't seem to get through Malaysian's defence. Good for them !

All in all, I had great times with great companions ! =D


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Month of Love

Yes. Its the month of Love and its not February. :)

Alhamdullilah, I've been given the age to again, meet Ramadhan Al Kareem.

I felt like I have a lot to share, and I really do. Somehow, the words are not there. This year's Ramadhan have quite a special effect on me. There's a feeling that I just can't explain in words. Only that, I know its a good positive feeling.

So to all readers who found me, or found this blog by accident. :)

I seek forgiveness if I had ever wronged any of you in any way possible. I know sometimes, I can be harsh and insensitive. May Allah S.W.T bless you for the forgiveness you gave to everyone who hurts you.

May this Ramadhan be fill with good deeds and kindness. May this Ramadhan be a turning point in us. May it be a month full of blessings. May it be a month that we really proves our Love to Allah S.W.T.

Honestly, I am hoping for the best in me. Please, pray that Allah S.W.T would show me the way. I'll pray for you too, my sisters & brothers of Muslim.

Sincerely, Nur Ain Ahmad Fadzil.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Public Love Affair

I have another topic to post about but lets keep that to a later date as this is as hot as a story can be.

Mr. Sports Geek aka Ikhwanul Naim became my lil birdie which is not often. Repeat, NOT often. :D

A little public figure which if I mentioned his name, literally everyone would know him. So, turns out he's having problem with his love life which had gone public ever since he became famous. No, i would not mention his name or even mention what is the problem with his love life.

What triggers me to blog about it is how messy a public love life could be. This guy are literally being harassed as his career are kind of slow now. So, I was wondering why was that and turns out my guess is close to correct. Personal Problems with Love Life. It would do justice to say that both him and his girl are both public figures. The leak of the problems they're facing are from a family member. *not-cool-man*

I used to wonder how does it feel to have your love life known by almost everyone. I used to think that maybe if our love life is public, maybe just MAYBE that it would be forever lasting and no one would actually dares to like rampas your partner from you. but i was proved wrong by so many celebrities stories !

So maybe personal life should be kept personal. In every other way possible. Although both sides are public figures, that doesn't mean all that whatever happens between u need to go out to the public. Unless, ofcourse someone else just don't know the existence of the word privacy and courtesy.

The morale of the story is, if ur ready to publicize your personal life then please make sure ur ready to commit to whatever happens after it. Better still, publicize a relationship only if its meant to be.

but come to think again, married people get divorced. so how? ;)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arsenal Asia Tour..

and many more updates on what I have been up too since the last post :D

So, after the last post I was actually busy with Karnival Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia. A group of 10 people from my class volunteers ourselves to work as Sports Physiotherapy for the carnival for 2 whole weeks. Lets just say, I enjoyed my time there. The work is not even close to torture and the medical team from UPM's Health Centre are nothing but fun !

Besides, everywhere i look, like seriously everywhere there's always a hottie around ! *ehem* Hottie as in guys with cute faces, built-up bodies and awesome abdomens ! Well, I am not the kind of girl yang gila cuci mata but how can I not look when I actually have to treat them?? Worry not, darling boyfie are always around so no one is forgotten in the process. :D

Congratulations UPM for being the overall winner ! and ofcourse, UiTM for coming close at 2nd place. *UiTM di Hatiku*

Now moving on, MASUM makes me go all lazyy bum especially after I'm down with a fever for 3 days! since then I haven't been working at all. Until now, yes. So, i am currently un-employed and money-less. :D No worries though, I'm in love of staying in and indulging myself in a good book.

That will bring us to the next update on ME. *it's always about me here* I am now a proud owner of Rafkha Boutique ! So please do support me ! Why an online boutique? I am inspired by all those Hijab Fashionistas, namely the Scarflets. So, why not put my passion for shopping to use instead of driving myself broke, no?

Moving on, its the season of football frenzy this past week. EPL's Asia Tour are driving Malaysian football fanatics nuts ! :D I am so lucky to have experienced the craze myself as I was extremely fascinated by the enthusiasm shown by Malaysian fans during Arsenal's game against Malaysia and also the training session.

Media had been provoking the fans saying they're not being in any way patriotic as MAJORITY was wearing the club's jersey instead of M'sia's jersey. I find this disturbing, as for me it's just logic for the fans to show their support to the club as its not like they're here in Malaysia every year ! Being in the crowd myself, I witness that the fans actually supported both team ! Wearing the club's jersey instead of our national team proves NOTHING ! It just show how excited the fans are that a famous European club are willing to play against Malaysia.

So yes, media should really change their perception. Malaysians are still malaysians and they still supported Malaysia whole-heartedly. I even heard them explaining to the foreigners about Malaysian's players and their skills/ expertise. This shows that they actually do take note on Malaysian's football scene.

However, my sympathy still goes when the crowd "boo-ed" a M'sian player. That I have to agree in-appropriate. Well, what's done is done. But I read that the Liverpool fans didn't do anything like that. So, hey ! Everything is good. :D

Tomorrow, I am going for Chelsea's training session. The game against M'sia would be on Thursday. Can't wait ! I wanna see Torres and watch Drogba ! Since when I'm a football fanatic? Since boyfie been educating me all about it ! LOLS !

I guess Love does do magic, no?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tidy Up.

Assalamualaikum !

It's been a while since the last post and I don't really want my blog to be dead just yet. So, today inspired by me myself, I'm gonna talk about rooms and girls ! Okay, it's actually veryy normal for a girl to have more stuffs, cloths, accessories and all other misc items than the space they have. Well, at least this happens to me. So todayy, I did a bit of a spring cleaning of my stuffs. My hijabs and my bags.

I have lots of hijabs yet I keep on buying more ! Shopahalic's instict i guess? LOL ! While bags, a few I have to say yet I tend to use the same bag everywhere ! Its just that I LOVE buying new bags but I hate the hassle to move my things and stuffs around as I tend to missed out something. This happens, most of the time. Sigh. Careless me.

Anywhooo, the point of this post is actually about on how to become a neat freak when you are a lazy bum like me ! Haha!

Well, its basically easy. As a start, clean up the room all by yourself ! Make sure it looks clean, feels clean , and sedaaap mata memandang andd really really neat like all u see on those interior magazines .

Then comes the hard part, actually maintaining the cleanliness. This need what we Muslim call 'Istiqamah' or detemined. heeee, well the 1st step is actually one way of changing the way u think. Once u saw how clean and nice ur room can be, and how comfy and relaxing it is to have a beautiful clean and neat room, You would want to keep it that way forever ! So, starts from there, make a mental note to put back everything to its original place whenever you see it out of place.

Once you can do this 2 steps, it'll become easier and easier to become a neat freak ! Believe me. ;)


p/s: Thinking of doing a Pre-love sale! Anyone interested? ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Conceited Brat.

Yes i am. That's why I talk only about me on this blog. Well, it is my blog right? :)

Its semester break but I'm working my ass off. or so I think. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm working at my uncle's bakery shop happily having fun and had also picked up some bakery tips and tricks. No, don't take me wrong. I'm not hinting that he's dishonest, I meant it from a positive side. Such as how to make the recipe's better tasting and such. At the same time I am also still working on my FYP proposal and am now working on the last stage before submitting it for ethical approval meeting. Supposedly I would have had the time to focus on it as I take the day off on Thursday and my weekly day off is on Friday and Saturday. 3 freaking whole days to do just that. But as the saying goes, we plan but God decides. :)

So, on Thursday morning I was offered a 5 days job by *ehem*. Interested for experience I accepted thus ask for another 5 days leave from an Understanding uncle andd *Green Light* ! Another factor would be *ka-ching~* Haha! Okay, so yes. Today is actually the second day I'm working as a medical cover for MBPJ-Milo Tennis Open bla bla bla ~ Exhausted? not really. But yes, it is mentally tiring. I have absolutely noo idea about tennis. The fact that it could take up to an hour or even more for one game makes me go blerghhh~

Well, MASUM is next on the list. Next month. I just couldn't stay at home and do nothing. Once in a while, yes that will be lovely ! But not 5 months straight ! 2 weeks top! LOL. After this week, I guess I would be back to bakery. :) Nicee ~


p/s: gotta get back to ethics proposal ~

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I wish i could tell you the truth. I wish i could tell you what i felt. I wish i could open up that easily.

But, I just can't.

I listen, but never talk.


Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, i'd started my holiday since 25th of April but have nothing to blog about as i was doing nothing, except shop, date and finishing my still unfinished research proposal. :)

Today however, i had officially start as a part time worker at La Rosmar Bakery Shop. Well, basically its my uncle's shop. I am sooo lucky to be working there as i don't have to go searching for jobs and i don't have to endure un-flexible working hours which comes in a package if i chose some fancy boutiques or shops in a mall. Don't worry, i am not taking advantages. I'll be working like i work at any other places.

In the mean time, I will still be working on my proposal. By hook or by crook, i want to start collecting data before my sem starts. Since i start work at 12 in the afternoon, i could easily spend my morning for my research. Yes, i am a lazy girl but once i get in the mood of a working woman, i'll be so the rajinnn.

I had also got an offer to be a physiotherapist for MASUM end of next month. *woot* So, yeap. I'm gonna go. I don't really like to be a sports physio but why not? The experiences that count. Same goes to my part-time work. It may not be as glamorous as some people's job but atleast i'm learning new things.

Am also trying to get the aerobic instructor license but still haven't had the chance to talk to my senior about it. Maybe later. But i am determined to get one no matter when it is that i can get it. Haha. Ambitious lil me.

Well, a Diva would always Dream Big !


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frenemies. Friends. Enemies.

What is it with all these haters? or frenemies? They are friends yet they are enemies.

When it comes to frenemies, these dialogs are commonly heard.

"hoomagaaddd! i hate her soo much!"

"what? who? naaahh, i dont want to know anything about her anymore."

andddd, when it comes to bitching.

"she is such a fakee!"

"i thought she was MY friend."

"how could she betrayy me like this?"

"if she is a REAL friend, she would have understand what I AM going through!"

"She's not a real friend, a real friend would stick up to ME no matter what happen"

Well, how do i know all this? Believe me, I've been through all this frenemies phase throughout my WHOLE life ! Not exaggerating as i used too, but its seriously true. I don't know, maybe its me. Theres always something similar happening to me.

Well, technically everyone, every best friends would go through this phase at least once. :)

It depends really, if u feel that the friendship means a lot to u then I suggest drop down the ego, hatred, hence making up. Apologize. For me, thats the easiest way to survive this phase.

Anyway, there would always be a chance that he/she would still not forgives u as easy as u do. Big chance also that she will accuse u all the way back. Well, for me. Easy. U should have known her long and well enough. U should be able to judge, is this relationship worth the effort? Worth the ego that u let go? :)

Sometimes, not everything is about u. Sometimes, not everything is about He/She.

When these happens, both sides are at fault. No matter what it is. Both sides would have their faults.

Think about it. Have u ever go through this phase?


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Of Imperfections & Corrections

I've meet lots of people through out my life. Each and everyone with different personalities and principles. I, personally never have a problem being told off or corrected.

However, to correct one person, please people. Please.
Correct yourself first. No one can be absolutely perfect, of course.
But when it comes to Halal & Haram, it cant be decided by us. Unless ur freaking sure ur not commiting anything Haram urself, and u have the evidence, then only its acceptable for u to correct others.

Yes, we're Khalifah of the Earth. We need to spread good deeds always as time never waits for no men, and we'll never know when Kiamat is coming. But i had always believe, that in order to correct others, we have to set the benchmark and be the role model instead of correcting others 1st.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W , is a perfect role model. But some friends of mine are also my source of knowledge and even, look up to especially when i have questions regarding Islam as a way of life. Thus, i share with u, one of them. Her writings are simple, and easy to understand. Visit her here, or here. :)


p/s: No, i am not perfect at all. Not even close. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Exam Fever

No, i am not that busy but i just don't have anything to post about. :) I am actually in the midst of study week, thus blogging are a way to chillax and spill my stress out. One of the way that is.

I am actually stressed, cause i am close to studying nothing! I don't know what happen to me, but i just slack off the whole sem ! yes, i am not exaggerating. Anyway, i'm hoping my matriculation-nerdness to possess me stat !

*sigh* i have high hopes with little determination. :(

Wish me luck readers. I'll be having my papers on the 23rd of April and 25th of April.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mid Life Crisis

Yes. I have a midlife crisis. 21 with a midlife crisis. whatever logic that exists in that statement.

This is not something i would like to share publicly. yet i still need to blurt it out in someways.

I had run away too far into all the wrong directions. Now, i am too tired to run back to the correct path. Yes, there are no other path we should take. Supposedly.

I know, i could still walk to correct myself. but the small little steps i'm taking, would never help to to reach my destination.

Wondering what am i babbling about? :)

As i said, midlife crisis. A junction, where u realised u had lost ur way for far too long.


Friday, April 1, 2011


...is something we do, whenever we're bored, stressed and like to do together.

This time, with more people around ! I mean, friends. :) well, i think i'll just feed u guys with extremely gorgeous photos of us enjoying ourselves. or should i say, them? *wink*

and this is a vain pose.

this is after 2 and a half hour of karaoke-ing.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Fabulous Weekend :)

I am loving my weekend !

Saturday was started with Old Blossom Box pre-loved party !
which was absolutely amazing !

To be honest, this is the 1st time i had a chance to attend this kind of event. Well, call me lame/loser/lost. Its just that, i used to rely on 'portable' broadband to go online and the speed kills me. thus, i never thought of stalking or following these scarflets sisters. :) now, that my house are using TM's Unifi i am enjoying going online. *buat assignment pun gembira ;p*

The minute i knew about the event, i set my heart to make time for it. no matter how much work i've had. and Alhamdullilah, i made it to the event and what makes it even better all assignments due Monday was postponed to Wednesday. *loves*

I was too busy choosing cloths and goods that i don't bother with pictures though there are a couple of them that took mine. Please, if u ever tumbled upon my blog, leave a comment so i could visit yours. *macamlah ada orang baca blog neh*

This is grabbed from her FB blog.

owner of Old Blossom Box Boutique. :)

that was Saturday only.


Datteeee. :)

Well, i don't know why but we kept on finding things to eat today. I did told him the day before, that i was craving for A&W. don't even ask me why.

but, instead we went to Midvalley 1st. Obviously, no A&W there. So, we opted for RasaMas. We've been there before, i think more than a year ago. Fortunately, the menus had varied. *thank god* Well, i was starving but my food arrives after Naim almost finished his.

Naim's. :)

I was bored waiting. So...

and yes, he wasn't even bothered to pose.

Later, we went for a movie. Chose Big Mommas. :) and even though we had just had our lunch, we still got ourselves a cup of corn and a set of popcorn.

After the movies, we go stationery shopping. and lots of window shopping. Showed him a couple of things that i'd like to try. 1st, long skirt; tak cantik katanya. =.='. 2nd, jumpsuit; camane pakai pun benda neh?.

Okaayyy. Yes, he is always like that but yet never stop me from pursuing what i like to do or wear in this case. Bored with Mid, we continue our window shopping *yes, both of us are broke* in Sunway Pyramid.

of course i don't miss the chance to dine at A&W. :)

yeayyy !
oh yes, we always share cause i usually could not finish mine.

Before we eat, we watched the final league of Subang Jaya Talent Quest. A coincidence. Guess what? a 4 year old kid won 3000MYR. Yes. I am not kidding. All she did was wear a mermaid costume and comes in a very chic decorated seashell. Then she dance to Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid Movie and Nobody by Wondergirls. Ofc everybody went gaga over her. She was extremelyyy cute !

My personal favorites, who got 1st runner up title was a dance crew dressed up as Zombie. Love em ! :) Okay. Need to sleep now. bye !

Thank u love!


p/s: starting tomorrow, time to start working hard. again. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thanks to those who read my blog. Although, it is full of random rambling about my un-eventful life. :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Not that many people actually knew who I really am. Unfortunately, for me these few people doesn't stay long in my life, literally.


Thats why I prefer to keep things to myself most of the time. Yes, i do voice it out sometimes. but only about things that i think does not mean a great deal to me. Tonight? things i go through this whole day? I can't tell it to anyone except God. Now, people tell me. He is the best listener and i never doubt that. but i too, am not exactly the person that is blessed with miracles and instant calmness.

As a girlfriend? i am super-jealous. super-bossy. super-needy. super-everything-boys-hate-in-a girl. Deal with it.

Somehow, in someways. I've crossed the line. Right now? i'm wishing for a miracle that things would actually work its way out. a miracle that things would give the best for us. i hope. i wish. :)

right now, i have a boyfriend that actually bears with me for 2 whole years and still counting. Even after all he had been through with me. and yes, not everyday is bright and sunny with us.
even after today, we're still counting.

no point in apologizing here anyway. he don't read my blog, cause he don't actually like the idea of expressing my feelings to public. LOL. Thank god not that many people read mine.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

M.A.C WonderWoman

At last. I may be a late buyer compared to some, but i am happy ~

I didn't even know that it was in Malaysia already. till Kak Zeha rambles about it on twitter. I asked, and voila ! we got the news that it might be sold out all over. Turns out there's still some left. due to stress *i think* she went to Sunway, and tweet that she bought it ! i only found out around 9 pm which mean that its too late to be rushing there. So, i waited patiently until class ends.


Yes yes yes. I do loves makeups. but i am not the kind that actually cares about these collections thing. Example; M.A.C Hello Kitty collection.

But but, wonderwoman is different ! Plus i am loving the packaging. Thanks to Naim for willingly follow me and actually encouraged me to buy it. :)

I was surprised when i told him about this collection, he actually said it's quite cheap anddd if i really wanted too, i should go get it. Usually, when it comes to makeups he'll protest or shows dis-interest. *what word is that anyway?* lols.

So, yes. I am a very happy girl.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011




I don't have the boobs. I don't have the abs. I don't have the booty. I don't have the perfectly flawless face. I don't have the photogenic shots. I don't have the style to pull off the trend. I don't have anything.

If u love me enough, u would see through all this flaw of mine.

What I have is all bones, and skins, and minimal fats. I am not the kind of girl guys look over twice. I am not the kind of girl guys dream of. I don't even have that charming personality that makes guys want to talk to me all day long.

But if u love me enough, u wouldn't try to find all my flaws on someone else as a replacement.

I am emotional all the time. I cringe and cry at everything. I talk nonsense. I talk girls talk. I expect u to hear. I expect u to always be there. I expect u to treat me like a Queen. I expect u to turn to my every needs. I expect everything out of u.

And if u love me enough, u would be prepared to put up with all these feminine's nonsense.

When i frown, i need u to kiss my frowns goodbye. When i'm all tight up, i need u to tickle me to death. When i look and move away, i need u to grab me and pull me in your arms. When i cry, i need u to wipe my tears and make me laugh.

I don't need to explain all this, if only u love me enough.

When i babble, i need u to look at me and hear me out. When i laugh, i need u to laugh along. When i whine, i need u to say it's ok. When i smile, i need u to smile along. All in all, when i'm happy that means u r around.

If u love me enough, u know i love u so. :')


p/s: this post has nothing to do with anyone. Random rambling.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Surprise

I am totally blessed ! Ever since i was a lil girl, my parents had showered me with birthday parties. U can say, i throw a birthday parties like almost every year. The last one was in Form 5 or 4? i can't really recall. Lols. Since the last one, i'd never throw one again. But with friends like this, official invited birthday parties sounds so boring. Unless my parents have money that will never end. :)
Form 4, my neighboring friends who are also good good friends surprised me with cakes and home-cooked meal. :) It was simple, yet being the kind of girl who loves surprises presents and attentions ofc i'd enjoy every minute of it. :)

Then during my 1st year in Physiotherapy, my housemates surprised me with a cake. Also a simple one, but memorable.

And today, nevermind its a day late. It was awesome with some of my birthday wishlist granted ! The balloons ! Brownies ! carbonara ! and most important Awesome friends and lovable boyf ! The fact that yC planned it with Naim, makes it more awesome ! I am loving the surprise ! LOve Love Love ! I couldn't say more. I can't describe it. Haha. Gedik much?
I am blessed. Enough said.


p/s: Masih berkecil hati seorang itu tak ada. :(

nota lagi: pictures have to wait for them. If there is any pics at all. They said i just couldn't sit still. Well, i am too excited. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, truth is after several weeks of overloaded happiness in Love life we are headed to disaster this week. Fights after fights commenced. He said its my fault, and I said it's his. Well, don't all fights goes that way?

Its true. We are as different as Venus and Mars. Its hard to find similarities between us. That what brought us together and even apart.

We are too different apart.

We addressed that fact since we decided we love each other. Okay, that sounds cheesy. Haha. or weird? whatever.

the point is, it really doesn't matter whether u share the same passion or not. Most people thought that its better to have the exact same passion to actually make the relationship works.

its really is about our own attitudes. try to not just 'take', but remember to 'gift'.

For girls (as i am one), learn how to fit in their life by understanding, learning and actually taking an interest in what they're doing. Then, this could actually be the tool for u to prompt him to take notice on what u want. :)

I have no idea, as i see other couples are perfectly in love. But I know, some men are hard to get through. They just don't know how. And i repeat, SOME men only. while the others, easily gets a girls smitten by their way. and they easily noticed and understands what a girl actually likes.

I have no idea what i am babbling about. Its just that, sometimes in relationship we fights over the silliest thing when its easier to talk calmly about it. Passion is not the factor to survive Love, its actually maturity, attitude and of course Mr. LOVE itself. :)


p/s: we make peace. He assured me, we could never be better. *lovesmuch*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

De-stress High Tea

Okay. My class is really stressed out with the overloaded assignments given to us this semester. It's like a never ending nightmare. The first few weeks i was quite dedicated, turning down offers to go out or meet up from friends. This week, i decided to do the exact opposite. I just couldn't care less anymore. I'm just so stressed out, and when i do no matter how long i stare at the laptop, i just couldn't get anything done as i would tweet, blog-walk or just watch the tv which is a lot more interesting than the assignments. :)

Tomorrow,there's an assignment due before 4pm. i have a class at 8.30am. and a research proposal meeting at 12.30pm which i hadn't done a thing yet. So that gives me till tonight to actually get the assignments done which is only 40% done i would say? yea, i know. crazy me. It's just the way i work when my life's schedule is all over the place.

The problem with scheduling my life? I just hates schedule. I prefer to be impulsive. lol. I love to sleep, so whenever i feel like sleeping i would just sleep. Even if i tried not to sleep and try to focus on work, i'd still sleep in the end. This practically happens everytime i tried to do work early. *konon pelajar cemerlang and tak last minute* So, u probably got my point now.

Around 4pm, Sis Raby called me inviting me to join them for brownies. I don't regret accepting the invites. The brownies is awesome ! Try it out at the Upstair's Cafe near SDMC, Subang Jaya. The pastas is not bad too. :) I don't have pics to share, if any of the botox girls uploaded it, i'll try to share if i'm in the mood for updates. If not, go try and tangkap gambar sendiri. haha.

Gotta go shower then struggle to survive degree. XD


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Friends keep literally harassing me with the questions of "am i not bored of literally being together 24/7?" .

Yes. We are the typical annoying couple. We text all the time. We are in the same class. We go out all the time. Simply said, we are literally together all the time.

No. We are never bored. When friends harassed me with these questions, i re-harassed him back with the same questions. Aren't u bored already with me? The answers stays the same, No. Answers from the heart or merely trying to protect my heart, only he and God knows.

Recently, friends found out the way we texts. Well, enough said they make a good laugh out of it. Dang ~ I couldn't explained it. But we enjoyed each other company, that i believe. Why i believe that? Never ask. Neither of us could answer that.

Then came out another Q. Aren't u afraid u will be bored in long term? Well, i certainly am not afraid. He used too, though he's not showing any signs of it now.

These Qs comes from the single friends.

Once ur in the same kind of relationship, u might get what i feel. or maybe not.

it really depends on each individual's personality.

I am not bragging, cause friends know we're not the perfect couple. :)

I just felt like sharing. Although my blog is unknown except to close friends. :)



Wednesday, February 2, 2011


How is it one person is dominant to the other person on a relationship?
Some may claims that such things don't exists. Some may claims that that means the relationship is not true?

In genetic biology, we have a dominant chromosome and non-dominant. In musculoskeletal biology, we have agonist and antagonist muscles. In an organization, we have a leader and follower or followers.

so, why can't these happens in a relationship? To me, it is perfectly normal for one between the two to be dominant in some or all ways. it is either, one of u are dominant in certain things while the other are dominant in other things. or one of u are dominant and another is a total follower.

somehow, i feel like my last paragraphs doesn't make any sense. oh, whatever. the point is, dominant or non-dominant is not the problem. it's how u handle the relationship.

I am sleepy so i'll cut it short instead of rambling. An example would be a friend of mine. Yes, she's the dominant type and yes, she's single;currently. As friends, we diagnosed her problem as boys-afraid-to-approach-because-u-r-dominant syndrome.

recently, we told her if this guy she's had her eyes on couldn't deal with her than move on *sort-of-like-that*. One day, there will be a guy who would make she feels insecure and that is the time, she'll know that guy could be the one who could handle her.

however, i gave it a second thought. If a guy truly loves u, he doesn't have to make u feel insecure, and he too, doesn't have to feel insecure. The right guy does not have to be more powerful, instead he would know just the way to deal with u without crashing down ur ego. :)


p/s: even if the guy is more powerful and u like him, go for it girl ! *loves*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Wish List !


Friday, January 21, 2011

Love from Starbucks.

It had been almost a month since I'm back in Subang, KL or beloved Selangor basically. I am everywhere most of the time. I haven't updated before as I don't really have anything to share besides the fact that I am overloaded with assignments and works. This includes, this week.

On Monday, clinical resources folder are due. That, and sports presentation regarding injury prevention, sports 2nd 'take-home' quiz. As for today, we had just found out that we've got another assignments of EBP, also due on Monday. Haven't I told you yet? Physiotherapist, regardless of their status (students or qualified) are all superwomen and supermen !

I know i know, being in a calm environment, people tend to blog everything romantic fun or reminisces something worthwhile. Why am I blogging on these things then? One thing at a time okay? :)

First, physiotherapist though works during offices hours only, we treats quite close to a hundred patients a day, with one patient taking approximately one hour each. additionally, our job uses a lot of physical strength. we don't just talk and look as our assessment. we talk, look, touches and moves the patient's using our strength to diagnose, em. no, make that to make an impression in order to determine treatment. Diagnose, is a doctor's job. :)

Recently, no. Yesterday, a friend of mine brought up the issues of physiotherapists being underpaid despite what we gave and had compared to a medical doctor. I don't blame anyone on this, but i do agree with his point. i guess, maybe one day someone would actually voice this out for what its worth then? :)

Love. okay. i don't have anything to say anymore. Preserved everything for a next time perhaps?


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love from Muar, Last ed.

New Year Post and Toasts.

2010 has been good to me most of the times. *loves*

Studies, at last my grades are up! tho not as good as i hope. Thankful! I aim to at least graduate with a 3 pointer. can't really get that 1st class degree, no? :) Its okay. I'm the one to blame, fully. At least i'm trying. LOLS. *alasansangat*

Friendships, well lets just put it this way, I read, that we should always protect our relationship with everyone for the sake of God, and seriously if we can go pujuk our bf and all, even forgave them asap, why not that goes the same with our gfs? Just saying. :)

I'm lucky i have yC and geng Jahat Patio ~ they are the types where Forever and Always is always possible! :)

Life, is also good! lols. My class organized the weekly aerobic session for our campus and the annual dinner for our course. All in all, its good. This semester kind of have been a time for me to actually bond with classmates. We're even going on a trip next sem. :) Social life is good too. I am practically out all the times. Eventho with the same person. ngee~ *gedix!*

Clinical Postings. LOLS. the 1st one was play and fun all the time in the sun! and Love everydayyy~ haha. Second one? well, i actually went back once every fortnight. except for these final 3 weeks. and the idea of Love going crazy of not able to meet up, *hemissessme!* which i thought would never happen really really warms my heart. :)

Love. Nothing i could complaint more of. We're not perfect, we have our fights, but for the moment no fights could break us apart. :)

Mum and dad have been supportive as ever. Got me a car for my own. :) No, not the ridiculously priced imported sports car. Just an average Proton Pesona. love em! for everything everything they did for me! *tears*

What else can i say? 2010 is gooodd~

hope 2011 would be better!

Happy New Year everyone!