Monday, March 28, 2011

Fabulous Weekend :)

I am loving my weekend !

Saturday was started with Old Blossom Box pre-loved party !
which was absolutely amazing !

To be honest, this is the 1st time i had a chance to attend this kind of event. Well, call me lame/loser/lost. Its just that, i used to rely on 'portable' broadband to go online and the speed kills me. thus, i never thought of stalking or following these scarflets sisters. :) now, that my house are using TM's Unifi i am enjoying going online. *buat assignment pun gembira ;p*

The minute i knew about the event, i set my heart to make time for it. no matter how much work i've had. and Alhamdullilah, i made it to the event and what makes it even better all assignments due Monday was postponed to Wednesday. *loves*

I was too busy choosing cloths and goods that i don't bother with pictures though there are a couple of them that took mine. Please, if u ever tumbled upon my blog, leave a comment so i could visit yours. *macamlah ada orang baca blog neh*

This is grabbed from her FB blog.

owner of Old Blossom Box Boutique. :)

that was Saturday only.


Datteeee. :)

Well, i don't know why but we kept on finding things to eat today. I did told him the day before, that i was craving for A&W. don't even ask me why.

but, instead we went to Midvalley 1st. Obviously, no A&W there. So, we opted for RasaMas. We've been there before, i think more than a year ago. Fortunately, the menus had varied. *thank god* Well, i was starving but my food arrives after Naim almost finished his.

Naim's. :)

I was bored waiting. So...

and yes, he wasn't even bothered to pose.

Later, we went for a movie. Chose Big Mommas. :) and even though we had just had our lunch, we still got ourselves a cup of corn and a set of popcorn.

After the movies, we go stationery shopping. and lots of window shopping. Showed him a couple of things that i'd like to try. 1st, long skirt; tak cantik katanya. =.='. 2nd, jumpsuit; camane pakai pun benda neh?.

Okaayyy. Yes, he is always like that but yet never stop me from pursuing what i like to do or wear in this case. Bored with Mid, we continue our window shopping *yes, both of us are broke* in Sunway Pyramid.

of course i don't miss the chance to dine at A&W. :)

yeayyy !
oh yes, we always share cause i usually could not finish mine.

Before we eat, we watched the final league of Subang Jaya Talent Quest. A coincidence. Guess what? a 4 year old kid won 3000MYR. Yes. I am not kidding. All she did was wear a mermaid costume and comes in a very chic decorated seashell. Then she dance to Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid Movie and Nobody by Wondergirls. Ofc everybody went gaga over her. She was extremelyyy cute !

My personal favorites, who got 1st runner up title was a dance crew dressed up as Zombie. Love em ! :) Okay. Need to sleep now. bye !

Thank u love!


p/s: starting tomorrow, time to start working hard. again. :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thanks to those who read my blog. Although, it is full of random rambling about my un-eventful life. :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Not that many people actually knew who I really am. Unfortunately, for me these few people doesn't stay long in my life, literally.


Thats why I prefer to keep things to myself most of the time. Yes, i do voice it out sometimes. but only about things that i think does not mean a great deal to me. Tonight? things i go through this whole day? I can't tell it to anyone except God. Now, people tell me. He is the best listener and i never doubt that. but i too, am not exactly the person that is blessed with miracles and instant calmness.

As a girlfriend? i am super-jealous. super-bossy. super-needy. super-everything-boys-hate-in-a girl. Deal with it.

Somehow, in someways. I've crossed the line. Right now? i'm wishing for a miracle that things would actually work its way out. a miracle that things would give the best for us. i hope. i wish. :)

right now, i have a boyfriend that actually bears with me for 2 whole years and still counting. Even after all he had been through with me. and yes, not everyday is bright and sunny with us.
even after today, we're still counting.

no point in apologizing here anyway. he don't read my blog, cause he don't actually like the idea of expressing my feelings to public. LOL. Thank god not that many people read mine.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

M.A.C WonderWoman

At last. I may be a late buyer compared to some, but i am happy ~

I didn't even know that it was in Malaysia already. till Kak Zeha rambles about it on twitter. I asked, and voila ! we got the news that it might be sold out all over. Turns out there's still some left. due to stress *i think* she went to Sunway, and tweet that she bought it ! i only found out around 9 pm which mean that its too late to be rushing there. So, i waited patiently until class ends.


Yes yes yes. I do loves makeups. but i am not the kind that actually cares about these collections thing. Example; M.A.C Hello Kitty collection.

But but, wonderwoman is different ! Plus i am loving the packaging. Thanks to Naim for willingly follow me and actually encouraged me to buy it. :)

I was surprised when i told him about this collection, he actually said it's quite cheap anddd if i really wanted too, i should go get it. Usually, when it comes to makeups he'll protest or shows dis-interest. *what word is that anyway?* lols.

So, yes. I am a very happy girl.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011




I don't have the boobs. I don't have the abs. I don't have the booty. I don't have the perfectly flawless face. I don't have the photogenic shots. I don't have the style to pull off the trend. I don't have anything.

If u love me enough, u would see through all this flaw of mine.

What I have is all bones, and skins, and minimal fats. I am not the kind of girl guys look over twice. I am not the kind of girl guys dream of. I don't even have that charming personality that makes guys want to talk to me all day long.

But if u love me enough, u wouldn't try to find all my flaws on someone else as a replacement.

I am emotional all the time. I cringe and cry at everything. I talk nonsense. I talk girls talk. I expect u to hear. I expect u to always be there. I expect u to treat me like a Queen. I expect u to turn to my every needs. I expect everything out of u.

And if u love me enough, u would be prepared to put up with all these feminine's nonsense.

When i frown, i need u to kiss my frowns goodbye. When i'm all tight up, i need u to tickle me to death. When i look and move away, i need u to grab me and pull me in your arms. When i cry, i need u to wipe my tears and make me laugh.

I don't need to explain all this, if only u love me enough.

When i babble, i need u to look at me and hear me out. When i laugh, i need u to laugh along. When i whine, i need u to say it's ok. When i smile, i need u to smile along. All in all, when i'm happy that means u r around.

If u love me enough, u know i love u so. :')


p/s: this post has nothing to do with anyone. Random rambling.