Friday, January 21, 2011

Love from Starbucks.

It had been almost a month since I'm back in Subang, KL or beloved Selangor basically. I am everywhere most of the time. I haven't updated before as I don't really have anything to share besides the fact that I am overloaded with assignments and works. This includes, this week.

On Monday, clinical resources folder are due. That, and sports presentation regarding injury prevention, sports 2nd 'take-home' quiz. As for today, we had just found out that we've got another assignments of EBP, also due on Monday. Haven't I told you yet? Physiotherapist, regardless of their status (students or qualified) are all superwomen and supermen !

I know i know, being in a calm environment, people tend to blog everything romantic fun or reminisces something worthwhile. Why am I blogging on these things then? One thing at a time okay? :)

First, physiotherapist though works during offices hours only, we treats quite close to a hundred patients a day, with one patient taking approximately one hour each. additionally, our job uses a lot of physical strength. we don't just talk and look as our assessment. we talk, look, touches and moves the patient's using our strength to diagnose, em. no, make that to make an impression in order to determine treatment. Diagnose, is a doctor's job. :)

Recently, no. Yesterday, a friend of mine brought up the issues of physiotherapists being underpaid despite what we gave and had compared to a medical doctor. I don't blame anyone on this, but i do agree with his point. i guess, maybe one day someone would actually voice this out for what its worth then? :)

Love. okay. i don't have anything to say anymore. Preserved everything for a next time perhaps?


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Love from Muar, Last ed.

New Year Post and Toasts.

2010 has been good to me most of the times. *loves*

Studies, at last my grades are up! tho not as good as i hope. Thankful! I aim to at least graduate with a 3 pointer. can't really get that 1st class degree, no? :) Its okay. I'm the one to blame, fully. At least i'm trying. LOLS. *alasansangat*

Friendships, well lets just put it this way, I read, that we should always protect our relationship with everyone for the sake of God, and seriously if we can go pujuk our bf and all, even forgave them asap, why not that goes the same with our gfs? Just saying. :)

I'm lucky i have yC and geng Jahat Patio ~ they are the types where Forever and Always is always possible! :)

Life, is also good! lols. My class organized the weekly aerobic session for our campus and the annual dinner for our course. All in all, its good. This semester kind of have been a time for me to actually bond with classmates. We're even going on a trip next sem. :) Social life is good too. I am practically out all the times. Eventho with the same person. ngee~ *gedix!*

Clinical Postings. LOLS. the 1st one was play and fun all the time in the sun! and Love everydayyy~ haha. Second one? well, i actually went back once every fortnight. except for these final 3 weeks. and the idea of Love going crazy of not able to meet up, *hemissessme!* which i thought would never happen really really warms my heart. :)

Love. Nothing i could complaint more of. We're not perfect, we have our fights, but for the moment no fights could break us apart. :)

Mum and dad have been supportive as ever. Got me a car for my own. :) No, not the ridiculously priced imported sports car. Just an average Proton Pesona. love em! for everything everything they did for me! *tears*

What else can i say? 2010 is gooodd~

hope 2011 would be better!

Happy New Year everyone!