Friday, May 28, 2010

Subang Jaya.

i oh so love it. its what i call home. ;)
no matter where i have to be, it'll always be in my heart.
even when i'm married and needs to live somewhere else w my hubby. ;)

3 weeks in Penang.
Love blooming like it could never end.
i seriously wish it wouldn't.
it's like we're back in honeymoon period.
nothing can hurt us, i hope.

So, yeah.
i gained i.5kg in 3 weeks.
another hope.
hope i'd keep on gaining weight.
ngee~ the last day in penang before coming back, they said i look more chubby than before.
thats, a compliment. :D

Work have been a blast.
I think i could live as a physiotherapist.
but, the same routine every single day?
im having 2nd thoughts bout that.
but hey, ive got 3 more clinicals to go.
no worries.
oh, i dont want to split groups.
prob is, eventually ppl would start talking.
why do they have to do that?
live us alone.


Saturday, May 22, 2010


im gonna get fat.
unlike what zieq predicted, i am not buncet-ing.
2 weeks and i'm having a tummy again.
2 months?

loving penang for its delicacies!


Friday, May 14, 2010

1st week

i wasn't gonna make this blog one to talk about cases and works. since i cant remember or bother bout tumblr, i just decided to just use this blog. so readers, prepared to get bored and clueless.

1st week. only 2 cases. ;P no, not because there is no cases. but too many till i just dont get the time to grab one patient and assess them. whats with the small gym and overcrowded patient. funny thing is, they all came at the same time, and gets out at the same time too. on certain days, we'll be relaxing by 11 am! and break is at 1. lols. too many time to prepare to get hungry! *grin*

1st case, frozen shoulder. ;) 2nd case, ACL tear. ;)

The physios there are very nice! and they dont just shut u out when u asked something. Tho we could always find their fault, as told by many lecturers in class. still, sometimes they know better what with all the experience. no?


p/s: i think i'm loving my job.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Penang, at last.

1st day here, not so bad. except for the weather. and i thought Subang was very hot.
I'm not good in summarizing the day. Too much work. lols~
oh wth, we arrived around 11, 12? somewhere there. Now only i am thankful to have Puncak Alam. *seriously* The building is old, nevermind that but not the fact that it is very filthy! Trashes are everywhere, and the office is behind the building. and i really mean behind. we have like to 'tawaf' the building baru jumpa office. ngel~

oh, lunch was awesome! Mee Udang Sg. Dua? terbaiikk~ :D Thanks mummy daddy~

first daayy?
cooooll~ besides us, we have 4 more diploma students from acms, kepala batas. They're cool. ;) We didnt do much today, will start getting cases tomorrow. Anyway, i have a feeling i'm gonna love being here. *grin*


p/s: i'm eating alot. sweating alot. drinking alot. working alot. and eating alot some more. do u think i could gain weight? *wink*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

6 hours.

in about 6 hours, I'll be on my way to Penang. believe it or not, I'm going to work. serious work. where i cant mess up, or I'll screw my reputations. somehow, it's different than working as anything as long as i get the money. This time, I'm working for my grades. 8 credit hours. screw up, and I'm dead. :(

Most of my friends won't believe this. i am actually going to treat patients. who would have thought. Lil diva-ish Ain turns out to be a physiotherapist? RoFL~ To H, i oh so adore the post! thanks for missing me already. i know u miss making me scream! :))

Omg. i hate holidays w/o u guys. if possible, do try to come and kidnap me on either Friday or Saturday since I'm working on Sunday. ;)
I'll miss u girls and guys, a LOT!

for the moment, i think I'd finish packing except for the small thing like toiletries, make ups etc. which would have to wait for tomorrow. and i think i break my record, i am only bringing one luggage bag, one box full w stationary, books etc, one bag for my laptop and one handbag.

oh well, i guess that's because i exclude my Roxy bag which i stuff in my comforter and 3 to 4 pairs of my shoes which is going straight into the car w/o boxes or begs, not to forget my laundry-washed and ironed clinical uniforms. :))

Why is it hard to lessen things? i guess the need to bring everything along despite all the tips learned in magazines is much more comforting. even when I'm typing this I'm trying to remember what else did i left behind.

Nevermind, I'll blame Naim if i left anything behind. he kept on saying, only the clothes matter. everything else could be bought there.

i guess i better head to sleep now. Nites dearest. Wish me luck.
please know i love u all.
and i know u love me. :)


Saturday, May 8, 2010


Why am i excited yet reluctant to go there?
Seriously, one thing about traveling that i hate most, packing! I could never pack right! Make a list as long as i could, but somehow there would always be something left behind. hope this time, it doesn't happen that way. lols.

okay2! i'm going packing now!


Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm relieved that we don't chose specifically who we stayed with. Now, our problems are solved. We don't have to cramp inside a house. Instead, we have enough space for each and everyone w/o messing our heads where to stash our belongings and at the same time fit ourselves in a house.

Choosing the right housemates, right friends are crucial. i can't deny that one bit. but not to the extend of burdening our own self, time and money. Alhamdullilah, our housemates seems fine. I don't think there would be much problem. Our landlord are nice. Very nice. They left almost all the things in their house for us except for beds. Which made our work seriously so much easier! They even promised to re-paint the house, repair what needs to be repair and clean the house for our convenience. Basically, we only need to enter and place our stuffs w/o worrying bout furnitures etc etc.

though i'll have to say. renting is hard work. now i've got to think like my mum and dad. Bills, cleaning, cooking etc. Double major trouble~ *dasarpemalas!* lols~ Next sem would be a pain in terms of cash. The other sem i hope would be better! ;) I need to find a part time job, i guess?

for the record, i can't wait to get hold of the Persona~ which would make my life so much easier. ;) come and go as i wish. Be patient Ain. The time would come.