Tuesday, September 28, 2010


All these talks about cars and phones, really got me thinking.

How blessed i am to be given this family.
No, i don't have a sport car, i don't have a room of my own, i don't own the latest smart phone, i don't even have anything luxurious. No, we're not rich. not even close. We're a normal average family. and i am your normal average girl.

but still, i've got nothing to complaint. my parents never restricted what i do. they trust me to make my own decisions, and experienced things in life. I may seem spoilt and could never survive being independent, but i could live on my own. Prove it to y'all when i'm in Muar okayh?

currently, my dad are paying around 500 excluding the maintenance for u-can-call-it-rental car, just for the sakes of my convenience. He knows how important it is for me to be able to get here and there w/o having to rely on people. so, while he's trying to actually buy one, he "rent" one for me when he could have easily ask me to use the public transport. he knows my time of using those, are over. :)

i bought my own phone using the scholars i got last year. but then now it's in the "clinic". it is just so logical for me to pay for the repair myself, yet he offered to pay it for me. this, and all those stuffs i bought and shop for. all my cloths, heels, bags and those thousands of accessories. no, i am not exaggerating.

20 years, i've been through it all. the time when i'm the only child and i get whatever whenever i wanted it. the time when i have to compromise of having a baby brother, but still i have advantages of being the only girl. then come the times of hardship when i've the baby sisters, and yes financially. then, currently my family are doing great.

you see, life is a circle. i've been all around it. so, how could i ever complaint?

and i know they too, are proud of me. despite the lack of compliments :) if not, they wouldnt easily brag to their friends about my future profession? but they did leaves out my pointer out of the conversation. lols.

he's been planning to buy certain stuffs for me lately. ouh well. we'll see how that plan goes.


p/s: the fact that they're cool i'm dating now, is just an extra bonus point! :) reasons seems to be that they never really approved of it before.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inspiration *LOLS*

Sumpah Tak Larat

nak jaga hati orang.

nak happykan orang je.

nak fikir kebajikan orang lain.

sumpah tak larat!


kamu nak maki saya.
kamu nak caci saya.
carutla banyak2.

saya tak larat nak peduli.


kamu nak ignore saya.
kamu nak sisih saya.
kamu nak buang saya.

saya tak larat nak terasa.


kamu nak panggil saya apa.
kamu nak gelar saya apa.
kamu nak cerca saya apa.

saya tak larat nak ingatkan siapa saya.

yes. i'm serious.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is how i spend my Raya. :)


Venue : Curve, Damansara & Sunway Pyramid, PJ
Activities: Movies

er. can't remember but i was out somewhere. i think?

Venue : OU, Damansara
Activities: Movie and Seoul Gardening and camwhore

Venue: Saujana Utama & Tesco Setia Alam
Activities: Naim's friend open house and tagged along w Naim's mum shopping.

Venue: All around Subang, Pyramid, Meru, Shah Alam & USJ 11
Activities: Searching for "kelapa parut", looking for marshmallow and accompanying kak shana, picking ween, naim and sue, and BBQ party for Ifah.

Venue : again, Curve Damansara and Lily's house
Activities: Bowling and BBQ party

Venue : Farahin's open house and Naim's house
Activities: MAKAN! :D

Aren't Raya supposed to be filled with open house and be-raya-ing to everyone's house?
Where is all that on the list? gosh.

Matul, i guess this is why this Raya seems so weird. Oh Matul gile!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Pouring it all out.

i feel like pouring it all out here.
i can't.
what happened, who're involved, how i feel.
can't be explained by any words.
God knows.

i want to cry.
but it will be for no reasons.
i want to cry for something worthy of my tears.
but nothing is worthy right now.

faking it.
thats what i do best.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Once u marry a guy, means ur marrying his family too.

This advice of the older, scares me a bit. Just today, i went to pick him up and his aunt was there standing at the door grinning to the ears. It seems like she's sending him of, siap lambai lagi. Okaayy, his mum never done that.

oh, it feels so impossible to get married. Mum is repeating that she wants me to finish study first then only get marry. okaayyy, girls! if i becomes an "andartu", please don't ask why! u know the answers. there might also be a possibility of ending up in some psycho department d/t all work and no play. *terbaiklah!*

back to the family thingy, no. i'm not the major super friendly kind of people or girl. example? i was silent, like reaaally silent whenever his mum is around. segan weyyh! even i'm intimidated by his 19 y/o sister. don't even ask me about his older sister. membisu seribu bahasa la aku =.='

the other day i met his aunt , uncle and grandma. they seems really nice and friendly. but ta sempat beramah mesra, he was already back in the car. thanks to extreme sleepiness. lols.

oh yeah. i just realised something, i do sound like gatal nak kawen! ;p

oh well.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kecoh Betul


Raya in KL have never been fun, but then melaram tetap melaram en? :)
Raya tetap raya. :)
but by today, 3rd day of raya i am already bored to death. hence, the blogging.
some people prefer to blog when they have something to tell.
i on the other hand blog when i'm bored, then only the stories will flow out.
crapping in blog is something i do best. ;p

somehow, i could not crap just about anything tonight. blank weh! :)



Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak

OMG OMG! It's Raya already! Seems time flies at high speed during Ramadhan this year. :) I miss Ramadhan already. I feel like i've wasted it too much to have right to celebrate Eid Mubarak. *sigh*

Sincerely, i don't think i tried hard enough. Reading a friends blog confirmed it. I should be ashamed. I hope by the next Ramadhan, i'll be a much better person.


Happy Eid Mubarak!

I know i know,
saya gedik celupar garang nakal jahat etc etc
Thats why, from the bottom of my deepest heart, i am SORRY for every single mistakes. Every teeny tiny one to the oh so unforgivable wrongdoings of mine. Please forgive me. Please know i didnt mean any harm. :)

Maaf Zahir Batin.


Monday, September 6, 2010

thanks zieQ.

love it. found it on zieq's blog. :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Love of god is the greatest love of all.

yet why do we still craves for human's love?

that includes myself.

To really fight for the greatest love, we had to have the greatest guts. to end it off with the person we thought we love, to really change, to stop thinking about love and lust, to really put an end to everything.

To really fight for the greatest love, we had to be prepare to fight the greatest fight. To struggle the calls the temptations, to fix our heart for the one and only, to not "cheat" on Him, to willingly follow His ways. His true ways.


It's hard. but let's try. one step at a time. :)



Hadith - Sahih Muslim, Narrated by Abu Hurayrah r.a

Allah's Apostle said:
There are two types, amongst the denizens of Hell, I have yet not seen them. One possessing whips like the tail of an ox and they flog people with them. (The second one) the women who would be naked in spite of their being dressed, who are seduced (to wrong paths) and seduce others with their hair high like humps. These women would not get into Jannah and they would not perceive the odour of Paradise, although its fragrance can be perceived from such and such distance (from great distance).

Thursday, September 2, 2010


My blog is dead. Greeeaaattt! :D

Lepaking with YC never dissapoints me. :)
All kind of stories keluar.
from past till future!
dari belajar sampai kawen!

Oh yeah.
Mereka kata saya gatal. :D
Gatal nak kawen.