Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Surprise

I am totally blessed ! Ever since i was a lil girl, my parents had showered me with birthday parties. U can say, i throw a birthday parties like almost every year. The last one was in Form 5 or 4? i can't really recall. Lols. Since the last one, i'd never throw one again. But with friends like this, official invited birthday parties sounds so boring. Unless my parents have money that will never end. :)
Form 4, my neighboring friends who are also good good friends surprised me with cakes and home-cooked meal. :) It was simple, yet being the kind of girl who loves surprises presents and attentions ofc i'd enjoy every minute of it. :)

Then during my 1st year in Physiotherapy, my housemates surprised me with a cake. Also a simple one, but memorable.

And today, nevermind its a day late. It was awesome with some of my birthday wishlist granted ! The balloons ! Brownies ! carbonara ! and most important Awesome friends and lovable boyf ! The fact that yC planned it with Naim, makes it more awesome ! I am loving the surprise ! LOve Love Love ! I couldn't say more. I can't describe it. Haha. Gedik much?
I am blessed. Enough said.


p/s: Masih berkecil hati seorang itu tak ada. :(

nota lagi: pictures have to wait for them. If there is any pics at all. They said i just couldn't sit still. Well, i am too excited. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So, truth is after several weeks of overloaded happiness in Love life we are headed to disaster this week. Fights after fights commenced. He said its my fault, and I said it's his. Well, don't all fights goes that way?

Its true. We are as different as Venus and Mars. Its hard to find similarities between us. That what brought us together and even apart.

We are too different apart.

We addressed that fact since we decided we love each other. Okay, that sounds cheesy. Haha. or weird? whatever.

the point is, it really doesn't matter whether u share the same passion or not. Most people thought that its better to have the exact same passion to actually make the relationship works.

its really is about our own attitudes. try to not just 'take', but remember to 'gift'.

For girls (as i am one), learn how to fit in their life by understanding, learning and actually taking an interest in what they're doing. Then, this could actually be the tool for u to prompt him to take notice on what u want. :)

I have no idea, as i see other couples are perfectly in love. But I know, some men are hard to get through. They just don't know how. And i repeat, SOME men only. while the others, easily gets a girls smitten by their way. and they easily noticed and understands what a girl actually likes.

I have no idea what i am babbling about. Its just that, sometimes in relationship we fights over the silliest thing when its easier to talk calmly about it. Passion is not the factor to survive Love, its actually maturity, attitude and of course Mr. LOVE itself. :)


p/s: we make peace. He assured me, we could never be better. *lovesmuch*

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

De-stress High Tea

Okay. My class is really stressed out with the overloaded assignments given to us this semester. It's like a never ending nightmare. The first few weeks i was quite dedicated, turning down offers to go out or meet up from friends. This week, i decided to do the exact opposite. I just couldn't care less anymore. I'm just so stressed out, and when i do no matter how long i stare at the laptop, i just couldn't get anything done as i would tweet, blog-walk or just watch the tv which is a lot more interesting than the assignments. :)

Tomorrow,there's an assignment due before 4pm. i have a class at 8.30am. and a research proposal meeting at 12.30pm which i hadn't done a thing yet. So that gives me till tonight to actually get the assignments done which is only 40% done i would say? yea, i know. crazy me. It's just the way i work when my life's schedule is all over the place.

The problem with scheduling my life? I just hates schedule. I prefer to be impulsive. lol. I love to sleep, so whenever i feel like sleeping i would just sleep. Even if i tried not to sleep and try to focus on work, i'd still sleep in the end. This practically happens everytime i tried to do work early. *konon pelajar cemerlang and tak last minute* So, u probably got my point now.

Around 4pm, Sis Raby called me inviting me to join them for brownies. I don't regret accepting the invites. The brownies is awesome ! Try it out at the Upstair's Cafe near SDMC, Subang Jaya. The pastas is not bad too. :) I don't have pics to share, if any of the botox girls uploaded it, i'll try to share if i'm in the mood for updates. If not, go try and tangkap gambar sendiri. haha.

Gotta go shower then struggle to survive degree. XD


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Friends keep literally harassing me with the questions of "am i not bored of literally being together 24/7?" .

Yes. We are the typical annoying couple. We text all the time. We are in the same class. We go out all the time. Simply said, we are literally together all the time.

No. We are never bored. When friends harassed me with these questions, i re-harassed him back with the same questions. Aren't u bored already with me? The answers stays the same, No. Answers from the heart or merely trying to protect my heart, only he and God knows.

Recently, friends found out the way we texts. Well, enough said they make a good laugh out of it. Dang ~ I couldn't explained it. But we enjoyed each other company, that i believe. Why i believe that? Never ask. Neither of us could answer that.

Then came out another Q. Aren't u afraid u will be bored in long term? Well, i certainly am not afraid. He used too, though he's not showing any signs of it now.

These Qs comes from the single friends.

Once ur in the same kind of relationship, u might get what i feel. or maybe not.

it really depends on each individual's personality.

I am not bragging, cause friends know we're not the perfect couple. :)

I just felt like sharing. Although my blog is unknown except to close friends. :)



Wednesday, February 2, 2011


How is it one person is dominant to the other person on a relationship?
Some may claims that such things don't exists. Some may claims that that means the relationship is not true?

In genetic biology, we have a dominant chromosome and non-dominant. In musculoskeletal biology, we have agonist and antagonist muscles. In an organization, we have a leader and follower or followers.

so, why can't these happens in a relationship? To me, it is perfectly normal for one between the two to be dominant in some or all ways. it is either, one of u are dominant in certain things while the other are dominant in other things. or one of u are dominant and another is a total follower.

somehow, i feel like my last paragraphs doesn't make any sense. oh, whatever. the point is, dominant or non-dominant is not the problem. it's how u handle the relationship.

I am sleepy so i'll cut it short instead of rambling. An example would be a friend of mine. Yes, she's the dominant type and yes, she's single;currently. As friends, we diagnosed her problem as boys-afraid-to-approach-because-u-r-dominant syndrome.

recently, we told her if this guy she's had her eyes on couldn't deal with her than move on *sort-of-like-that*. One day, there will be a guy who would make she feels insecure and that is the time, she'll know that guy could be the one who could handle her.

however, i gave it a second thought. If a guy truly loves u, he doesn't have to make u feel insecure, and he too, doesn't have to feel insecure. The right guy does not have to be more powerful, instead he would know just the way to deal with u without crashing down ur ego. :)


p/s: even if the guy is more powerful and u like him, go for it girl ! *loves*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Wish List !