Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super Girl !

As'salam !

This blog had been literally abandoned by me since the last post ! Well, I have been very busy with work, programs, commitments and more since then. :) I had been involved in a community program at Negeri Sembilan, I opened up a booth for an event in UiTM, then there's all this assignment and aerobic sessions, there was also the elderly program by MBPJ where my whole class was involved, then there's our innovation project. Phewwww~

That is not the end of it however, this weekend I've a Chic Pop date with my girls followed by an aerobic courses on the following day. Well, and the student's life again starts with test ! Not to mentioned, final research are going on now. Not just me, but this applies to my whole class. So far, I haven't seen a single person flopped out yet. :) I don't think I ever will as we survived last semester *one of the most horrible semester ever* therefore I doubt that we would ever give up NOW. No, no way. Not at the very end of the journey to get that scroll of Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours !

Well, as usual I'm rambling and imagining stuffs again. I would love to update about all the programs and events I've been involved but yet I am still busy. Maybe one day. :)