Thursday, February 25, 2010

Post B-Day Post. ;)

It was nice. ;)

I got TON of wishes via all sorts of communication ways available. *terimakasihfacebook* :))
Laughs,Smiles. Frown here and there. Haha. And oh, everyone is calling me TUA. ciss.
Until today, i am still getting belated wishes. :)

A class in the morning. Then i spend times in my room. Facebooking. Sleeping. Texting. Resting. Then, at what around 4pm? Naim pick me up, and went for rojak & cendol @Puncak Alam. ngee~ :D

Next stop: Sunway Pyramid. Wasting our time camwhoring. :))

The last stop of the day, is the best part of the day.
Happy Day, Taipan.

My family had planned for a dinner there, where my mum specifically ask me to invite Naim along. :D and oh my, i can feel myself bloating at the end of my meal. Even Nazmi can't eat already. *surprisedbythat!* All night, Naim is joking aroung with Abah. humm. ;)

Then, somehow, somewhat a small cheesecake suddenly was sent to the table with the cutest candle on it. *gosh!* well, apparently the cake came along with the crew. the next thing i know was that i was standing on the chair, in the middle of a restaurant! *blush*

i remember saying, i love everyone at the table *wink* and my brothers keep saying that my bday wish was to have a fiance, fast! ;p Then, they sang me a Bday song. *yipee!* Naim was smiling sarcastically tho. ngel~ I know ur laughing at me being treated like a child. ;p

*sigh* i wish the night was longer. :)

Thanks again each & everyone of u for the wishes. :)


p/s: i still didnt get a baloon tho. :(

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pre- Bday Post.

One week to my Bday.

excited? hopeful? dreaammy?
ALL checked!

yet, i just know nothing special is going to happen. *sigh*

No, not expecting anything from boyfie. *sangattidakromantik* <3
No, not expecting anything from family. *since i'm going to be in Puncak* <3
No, not expecting anything from classmates or collegemates. *practicals & tests* <3
No, not expecting anything from fellow YCs. *classes, colleges & jauhness?* <3

But, oh. Childish as it seems, i've been longing to have a HUGE helium-filled balloon that says Happy Bday Princess in pink! This is a bday wish i had since i'm in high school. ;)

Why u might ask?
It reminds me of my 5 y/o Bday party where i get the same thing. I had also given out helium-filled balloon as one of the door gifts. *muchsmallerthanminethatis* Sadly, my BIG pretty balloon pops before i even get the chance to shows it off. :(
Since then, i never get the same thing or a Bday party as grand as it used to. Thanks oh so much to 'aging'. ;(

Other "matured" bday wish?
Since i am materialistic, i'd love everything from new shoes to new make-ups! :D Materialistic much? i know. don't get me wrong tho, YCs would know that i love cute stuffs meant for children under the age of 7. :))

Oh. i hope for myself to turn to the better. and i hope <3 also have a turn to the better. hum. tough luck? i know but better than being hopeless. something just crossed my mind, but it went running away at full speed. now i have no idea what to continue blogging about. :(

okay. i'll stop now. :D


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Once, i might get excited on "connecting" via facebook.
Now, when "dreams come true", no. seriously, not a bit of excitement was felt. *sigh*
It becomes a burden. A heartache. Soon, no. IT had already become a source to bicker about. who am i lying to? it's not bickering, more to fight. BIG fight.

seriously, thanks FB for becoming a pain in the ass. Lols.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Majlis Perasmian Puncak Alam Fasa 1.

i have to be honest, it was a much dreaded program. But then, the crowd made it lively & fun. Physio rock! *all of a sudden excited*

We waited for almost 2 hours for PM's arrival & was told that he was at another event before coming to Puncak Alam, the reason that he may not be able to be there on time. VIPs, they are always fashionably late. * i think that includes me* :D

compared to other courses whom sits behind or just a few here and there, physio stays together full with excitement preparing for the PM by the red carpet. we fought our place there from the masscom students tho. They are like sooo annoying. Just because the PM requested that they be there to celeb his arrival doesn't mean they have the rights to act snobbish. It's our campus, but they're acting like "hello~ PM requested for us, even sponsored our buses, thus we must have ONE straight line by the red carpet.Physio student whom PNC requests, should make a double line.Gives us space" So, fine, take all the space u want. But, we'll still be there by the red carpet, doubled or not. :D At the end, we managed to stays in a single line, while the mass comm students stays before the red carpet. whatever la kan.

Oh! It was on news! Haha.Physio was cheering our trademark at the moment. :)

Pictures on Facebook people! :D


Monday, February 8, 2010

of Aerobics & FSK Family Day.

this week is all about hectic & chaos!
i've been squeezing aerobic practices & netball practices in my time table. Not much fun u would say? Quite the opposite. Instead of complaining, i am thankful that we get to spent more time together. Besides, i managed to squeeze in dentist's appointment and date together in one day. *thanksteman*

On Friday, i was helping out two of my seniors with their research. Then, done with both research, i help Phytas's crew loads a HUGE cabinet, seriously huge & heavy before i went for Aerobic's rehearsal. I thought that night i could rest & sleep. HAHA. let's LOL together cause Netball's game is tonite! Fortunately, one of my seniors which is UiTM's netball player changed her mind & decided to join our team. *so i reserve! yeay!* and we made it to the semi's!

Saturday, it's the big day! OMG! i was shocked by the amount of students that came supporting the program. *nevermind the fact that they came for the coupon* But, things turn a bit chaos when the head-mic is not available. which then force me to use a hand held mic to conduct the session. First time conducting a big crowd with the PNC, i've got to act professional, thus trying to look comfortable using a hand-held mic. The mic going on and off is seriously NOT helping! Well, as i thought, there were complaints & critics but still i know that i did my BEST! but i also know that i could have done better. Sorry guys!

Sunday, Big game against the most dreaded & competitive opponents! the nursings. :) We had been complaining that referee had been biased towards physio's team. but still, we play fair. AND win fair & sQuare! Not only did we win the semi's but we also win the final's! first place for physio's netball team!

All through this 3 days was fun fun fun! :D


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ign0ring stalkers.

so what if u wanted to stalk? This is my blog. Mine. Thus, i have every right to write anything, ab0ut anyone or whatever. Stalkers ? Ign0ring them totally.

Its been two weeks of crazy hectic life. Assignments. Programs. Tests. Love life. Sigh. I am admitting i've been at the b0ttom of life these past days. Need i say more?

Oh. I am actually in class n its abt to start. Will babble m0re when i have the time.

Love u all.