Thursday, January 28, 2010

Face drop.

laptop si boyf yang menjadi hak milik sementara. ;)
thanks sayang~

My laptop crashed. Thank you very much. Sigh. I am at verge of losing myself completely. PMS much? Pathetic!

I don't feel like myself these days. I put on a happy face, i went to class, i smiled i laughed. but at the end of the day, i was exhausted pretending and i just couldn't pretend anymore. Maybe one day, i'll just disappear. Get myself back, my hopes my spirits & my determination. I lost it somewhere along this rocky road of mine.

I have no idea whether this is the hormones talking or what.


Monday, January 25, 2010


Laughing on the outside, raging in the inside.
I actually hate this feeling, a problem i find hard to conquer.
Seems like i'm cool, but God knows how i feel.
But he has something, that makes me goes from rage to smile & laughter.
Something, unusual.

i couldn't seem to appreciate.
how much he wanted me to know.
The sincerity & honesty he has for me.

Rage is always there to accompany me.
At times,
i could control.
But certain times like now,
i goes out of control.
ruin everything.
then regret my own action.

My mind would then go into chaos.
random thoughts that i'd never dare voice out would play around.
i never managed to find the stop button,
replay is the only button there.

i wanted to tell this to someone.
but i can never bring myself to do it.
egoistic much?

p/s: Rezuin, sorry bbe. i'll talk to u when i'm ready k syg? Love ya!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rumah Seri Kenangan, Seremban.

Actually, this is a program organised by our very senior working in RSK itself. Its a combination between a health program & a research. We were there to help the seniors in their final year research. ;)

At first we're supposed to be on the road by 5, tapi biase la. at last, 5.20am baru gerak. Unfortunately, baru jalan sket tak sempat panas kereta Karim tayar pancit plak. Da jd aksi mengangkat kancil manually sbb jek lembab, n masing2 perasan macam dlm f1. Fakta: klau itu f1 confirm korang kalah. HAHA. Lastly, around 6 baru jalan balik, stop tol Shah Alam solat subuh. tolak tambah dalam 6.30 jugakla baru betol2 berjalan lancar.

7.00am sampai R&R Seremban. Meet up w Pn. Maria, breakfast. Then baru sambung perjalanan.
8.00 am sampai la RSK. I thought Puncak Alam is in the middle of nowhere, tp RSK lagila in the middle of no where.

Basically, orang2 tua kat situ physically quite okay. Still boley jln sendiri eventho gait ta btol. Still boley diri lame, naik turun tangga. Tapi, biasa la nama pun warga emas, yg ta boley bercakap ada, yang ta berapa nak dengar ada, yg ta pdai menulis membaca pn ade. Kita yg bagi instruction pun kena ulang banyak2 kali & suara pun kena kuat. ada yang degil pun ada, tapi pandai2 la pujuk en. Bukan apa orang tua ni, kadang kadang dorang nie takut. Sedih juga bila baca sebab2 dorang masuk situ. *sigh*

Tapi memang kering la air liur aritu. I was in charge of Berg Balance Scale assesment. Assess balance la kan. ade 14 items kne buat, so nak terang2 kat dorg ni kne suara kuat. kene demonstrate. tapi nada suara kne lembut, kang merajuk plak. hehe.

Then, petang sikit, pegy ward untuk treat patient bed-ridden. or simply, patient yang fragile and most of the time was spent on the bed. Part nieh touching sket bila patient mengadu sakit, mengadu itu & ini. cam nampak la jugak dorg ni rase terabai, bila ktorg dtg bwt treatment, riuh2 kan meriah2 kan suasana, dorang suka la. terhibur sket.

Pakcik2 kat situ berkenan btol dengan Naim. HAHA. cet, bajet penyayang la tueh? ;)

anyway, lepas abes program bukan terus balik pun. Singgah dulu kg.baru makan nasi lemak. Haha. Sampai puncak alam nak dekat kul 10. Then, terus anta Naim & balik rumah. Balik tue mmg tdo ta igt punya. :)

nak lagi program macam nie. seronok walaupun penat. :)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Mood to blog,

with nothing to say.

Might as well say something on what i've been up to currently.

Starts with assignments, two duedates in one week is not fun. Though, we managed to get it on time. succesfully. hope the marks would be one to be proud of.

Aerobics program. Quite smooth compared to other events managed in the past. :) I will be conducting on 6th of February. Datang tau YC! ;) Oh, it's going to be a 45 min to 1 hour session. Yeaahh~ Let's Sweat~

RSK, Seremban. Rumah Seri Kenangan btw. It's going to be a geriartric program. or simply, program rumah orang tua. haha. Tomorrow, 4.30 am from puncak alam. Have to be there by 7 am. huaaaa!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

The mood to blog is here. with nothing to blog about.

Friday, January 15, 2010


A quick recap on my life currently.

From the 1st week of lecture we had been burden with assignments which needs to be done in 2 weeks. Well, it's a MAJOR killer subject's assignment. Thus, full commitment must be given! I don't know whether i could score the theory, so why risk it right? Then come another interesting subject's assignment, Ergonomics. This is where we've got to find a workplace to analyze, present & viva. A project i would say. Then, being a degree student and all, assignments are all based on journals with the minimum of 15. Only 5 references from books are allowed. -__-' What with the location of the campus, and the slow net, finding a journal is hard work! A good journal would then need a sleepless night to find. UiTM di hatiku. :)

Also, our class is given the responsibility of organizing the Aerobics program for a year! OMGaga, i know. I was appointed as the secretary. A much dreaded position i must say. I can do the work, but i tend to be disorganize & very much forgetful. ;( Challenges, must be fight though. Not only that, i am also the weekly aerobic instructor. My colleagues, decided to gives us a class to train us to instruct. Brush up the skill, that is. Since, this weekly programme are open even to outsiders, YC! come join! I'll update the deets later when it's confirmed okayh?

Oh. I am actually revising my exercise physiology. mwhaxes!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Endocrine System.

Ignore the title. It's just another name for hormone secretion program in our body. Still don't get it? Then ignore it totally. :)

Seriously, my face looks like crap. :( Everything about my body that relates to the endocrine system is on haywire! like omGaga! Major HELP!!

There's also things i can't tell in here. Don't even know how too. -__-'

Emotions? Don't get me started!
I get mad at the very slightest things,
then i'll break down & cry for no apparent reason.
Then, i'll stood up strong & says idc, even if i don't mean it.
Then, i stress out and drive like mad.
Then, i'm all better & starts apologizing like mad.
Yeahhh...i know..
wtf? rite?

Endocrine system, please be good to me? :)


Sunday, January 10, 2010


When the semester starts,
so does the hormonal imbalances.
regardless with the menses or not.

maybe i should just stay at home?
as if. -_-'



Something a boy would tend to say to me. If, they do know me well.
Yes, i am.




Tuesday, January 5, 2010


1st day is average. 2nd day is the same.

As usual,
when class commences, so does the problem.
i chose to entertain these issues lightly.
cause it's the same problem all over again. ;)

Though this sem things looks like it's better,
it's not for some important people of mine. :(

Special Tributes.

Rezuin Nurulsadia
Stay strong dear.
one more sem and ur out from there!
Text me if u have any probs or even if u feel just like it. :)

Mira Kartika
ur the one who's always telling me to stay strong.
For the sakes of ur future & me of course, don't make any hasty decision yet?
give one more sem a shot.
Cause, obvie, i know ur stronger than this!
u don't want to gives up & present ur weakness to ur enemies don't u?
Plus, it's not that far away from the ending point right?

Halimatul Saadiah
OMGucci! Marriage course?
Gatal much? HAHA. u go girl!
Jangan lupa jemput YC!
oh, and do post bout the course. *macammenarik!* ;)

The rest of you.
Please keep ur spirits high!

ily all!