Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Climbing back that social ladder.

I thought that i'd hold on to my throne of being a super spoilt diva for too long. Maybe, a step down would do me good. well, guess what? i was wrong. You could never suppressed who u really are for too long, no?

Instead of letting go of that throne, i'm going to get it back. So, yes. do expect the old me. Super bossy super spoilt super selfish. :)

You may ask why? for those with twitter. u'd know why. i am not going to let myself be treated this way again. it may seems like a small issue, but to a diva every issues are major issues!

I may be slow. I am not perfect. But i am not someone that could be step on like this. what? just because u carry an innocent girl next door images, ur always right? well, think again my dear. i've put on with all this crap attitude far too long.

From today, i'm taking the lead. like it or not, the Diva is back.

and it's not going to be the same game anymore. ;)


Friday, March 26, 2010

Socialite or Plain Jane?

Check out my addictions. Instead of going from hundreds of thousands to nil. it goes exactly the other way round. which i kind of love, yet it is holding me back. from what u may ask? socializing back in USJ duh!

i am missing yC. a whole lot more than i realised actually. Not just them, but i miss my mum. it's been ages since i went shopping with her condemning my every choice! *sigh*

is it the hormones or am i seriously losing my mind? or maybe too much gossip girl? u know, u shouldn't left drama queen with a tv series FULL of life drama alone. u'll a get a megadrama Queen in a blink of an eye. =.='

and, whats weird is, my social calendar is in the sacred Puncak Alam itself. Lame. i know. but what does an over-achiever (as if!) supposed to do? i am needed everywhere.

i'm a masseur this saturday. Then on Sunday, i rotated 360 degrees into an aerobic instructor. The next 2 weeks will be projects & tests weeks. then it's the final. wowee. thats sound excruciatingly FUN!

then 2 days after my final paper or final station (whichever comes last)i'll be heading to Seberang Jaya for my clinicals! additional FUN!

and the news from my so called beloved brother, (u know who u are) are playing round in my heads like a stuck radio. it's like it comes out straight from GG! UES much? or should i say, USJ much?

seriously, broke or not i am getting that spa in Penang! don't ask me how, where or what. Let me dream first!

oh shit. i am supposed to be studying! I've got a test and i can't play around with my grades anymore! i've scored my best for the previous tests. I can't let the charts drop! i've to stay consistent!

believe me.
From now on, i'm gonna be a Diva and top notch student.
never a nerd.


Monday, March 22, 2010

busy as hell? Not!

been a while since i ramble on and on b0ut endless topic. Haha. I'm not that bz, but yet i just d0nt have the reason to blog. Yes, things happen. Here and there. But i guess n0thing really special nor exciting happens. Oh. yC are kinda quiet lately. Twitter is mving slower than usual. So, yeah. Where are u guys?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Uptown Girl with her Backstreet Guy. =)

cute kan?


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love of my life~


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Botoxx & Alice in wonderland

Ooohh~ Today, i officially called it a public holidaayy~! yeay!
After a hectic semester with classes all the time, today all the class was canceled!
So, the Botox (will be introduce later on) , me & ika decided to go on a girls day out! well, not quite la, actually ask naim to tag along but he refused, so yeah,it's a girls day out! *rinduGDOwYC!*

Main plan: Alice in Wonderland 3D *completed*
side plan: shopping! *WELLdone*


The Botoxx~!

From the left : K. Farah, K.Jaz, K.Raby & K. Zeha. ;)

Ainul Syafikha

Oh oh! i was planning on shopping, but as usual i'll be too fussy to pick up anything. at least thats what i thought, but today was different. i bought *ohihopemamadoesntreadthis* 2 pairs of shoes! Almost bought 3 though. was attracted to a wedges but thought better than. ;)

I've got myself a pair of studded glads flats from Nichii! ;)
yes, flats not skyscraper high heels!

(sorry! malas nak rotate!~)


A pumps with oh so cutee blings on it from Vincci! =D
oh my gaga! it was on 50% sale! who could resist?

Besides that, we cruise in a japanese shop with all the items cost only RM5. Bought my self a skinny belt and a cute pink measuring tape! lols~

Spotted also a studded clutch in Vincci accesories! Gonna get it the next time! =D


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Exercise Physiology & Pharmacology.

2 different tests. 2 very different subjects. same day. half & hour gap.
takes the breath of our whole class and make us go blah blah blah.

i slept at 4am last minute revising my exercise physiology. the more interesting subject.

and slept the whole morning today, even skip my neurology class. ;p ignoring pharmacology. seriously, it's a bore. i thought i was gonna spend my morning revising the latter. i read 2 pages, and was fast asleep. :))

Arrived at the exam hall, prepared & ready to answer EP.


"Pn. Maria lambat sket. kul 3 nnt baru mula."


"Pn.Maria kata die da anta org suh jaga kite test"


"Pn.Maria bg choice, buat test malam ni or pg esok"



"Sape yg mara & kutuk sy petang td? tlg phm. sy pnat baru blk outstation n td meeting etc etc"

Tonight, we'll only sit for Pharmacology test.


"Puan, EP dulu la puan. budak OT ta dtg lg. Puan kate pkul 9.30"

"Np, i told ferdaus malam nie Pharmacology sj. Sy bwk test Pharmacology shj. Siape NR, drive carefully, jln Meru tu gelap"


seriously, i lost my momentum.
i don't have the heart to sit for these tests anymore.

feel sorry for the post diploma who came down or stayed back, but in vain. i am not blaming anyone though. Sabar je la en? ngee~

so, exercise physiology test is postponed to this Monday. Damn. Pharmacology was done & marked. *widesmile* Thanks Pn.Maria for the true & false Q's. All the statements was right from the book which is very convenient. Eventhough the test is 5% only, hopefully it'll help later on. ngee~

Gaahh~ So much work yet so lil time. What with clinical at the end of the sem, my life wont be the same anymore.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


suddenly, i felt home sick. I wanted to be at home this very instance. yet, i know i can't. :(

i guess, i am very much spoilt. *_*'

Ma, i don't wanna go to Seberang Jaya. :(


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Clinical Posting.

My day, i'd have to say starts at 5.30am. today. I was startled from sleep d/t god knows what. There's a feeling inside of me. Dark, scared, ashamed. I thought it was the end. I can't make up why am i awake. I can't bring myself up. Troubled spoilt bratz in the mist of morning rise. :)

Then i realised, Sayang is calling to wake me up. twice. Rather slowly, i bring myself up and get ready for class. By that time, i feel bouncy again. lols. i know.

I smile, i laugh. Then the lecturer came in. Our Head of Program, Madam Kamariah. or Madam K for short. She came in, stands in front of the class. Usually, she'll come in, puts her bag down and straight away ask us to start presenting, fast. not today. she look around,and says..

"excluding the post-diploma, the original sem4 OBE students will be going for clinical posting end of this semester."

That moment, the whole class went astray. All such Q's asked. except for one person, he is the only one enjoying the news. That is, Mr. Ikhwanul Naim Ismail. *boyfiesapelanie* ;)

Madam K explained the reason to us. calmly. i do think the way she smile to us is somehow, sarcastic.

Later during the day, the posting area was announce. As i suspected, there will be arguements on 1st, how to divide the places. 2nd, trying to get the place nearest possible to home.

My group? "jom kita merantau."
Results, we end up in Seberang Jaya. ;) The place where no one seems to want to go. Instead of letting ourselves involve in the drama, we chose to keep calm and except anywhere available. Come on, we have like 4 more clinical posting to go to. Buat ape gado-gado? To me, i'll save the best place for last. final year, the most crucial clinical posting. ;)

Anyway, at the moment i got the news that there may be another draw tomorrow.
Kinda annoyed with it, can't we just lives with our decision? Co-operate la. Next sem, next year ade chance lagi kan? chillax je~

Back to me, i am EXCITED! yet un-prepared. my mindset was next semester! Plus plus, we also got the news that our final papers will have only one day gap between each paper. and we'll be the first batch to undergo final practical examination (OSPE/OSCE). Then, straight to clinical.

wish me luck dearies!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Hye. ;)

i realised my blog is quite abandoned these past weeks, though i tried to post up something every now & then. Not that i don't have the time. technically, that is quite true. but the main reason would be that i'm out of words. lols.

where do i even starts? a summary is easier, no?

February, starts of lots of works, tests, submission, programs.

1st test, i slumped. I didn't revise, at all! ouh, being a copy cat t/o test is NOT fun. seriously.

2nd test, which is today. i was determined. by hook or by crook, i've got to finish revising! turns out, i went dizzy the whole night. *damn* change of plan, instead of staying up. i woke up super early! 5am. studied the 3/4 remaining of what i needed to study. Test? turns out, okay. ;) i managed to answer most of the Q's. why only most? cause one of it is drawing and explaining. anatomy of upper respiratory tract. *pass!* LOLS.

Now, i am proceeding with the lots and lots of assignments waiting in line. :)

Next week, a booked weekend by my c'sha. ;)
the other week, Junior's induction. *evil*
the next week, Physiotherapy Carnival. *datangla!*

and more to come. ;)