Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka and Ramadhan

First of all..Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians! i hope this 51st independence day make us more thankful that we're Malaysians. and i also hope its a new chapter with "perpaduan" cause it is "teras kemajuan". =p

Then, i'd like to wish all the Muslims..happy Fasting! Jangan ponteng aww! Just like Independence day..i hope that this Ramadhan would be a new chapter for all Muslims to turn over a new leaf. Bear in mind on who we are to Him. That saying goes to me too just as anyone else.

"Begitu ramai umatku yang berpuasa tapi tidak mendapat apa-apa selain lapar dan dahaga"
-Nabi Muhammad S.A.W-


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Missing you.

ain sangat busy sekarang.

p/s: i know u r mad. but i am not u. i see my friends only once in a while. i know that i dont see u as often too. but we talk to each other everyday. but my friends only talk to me once in a while which is when we meet.
just for u to know, i've got an assignment to submit and 2 practical test next week. so i am busy. if u think this is the best for us. than i'll just accept ur decision.

i miss u.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

PHYTAS Gala Nyte 08

the dinner is the most simple dinner i've been to. but we make it fun coz we would only come if we enjoy everything that we do regardless of the venue or standard.
kami sangat stress kerana kerja yang tak sudah sudah.
tapi pada malam ini kami melupakan semua masalah kami.
kami lebih bersemangat selepas itu.

mereka bukan couple.

housemate kUe!~

there is more to this but it's mine to keep!~ haha!
minta maaf sebab gamba bersepah.
ain rabun it. ain nak cepat.
assignment menunggu.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i was talking to dearest Matul about her session with her physiotherapist. she's not happy with it. something about the crutches.

i asked my lecturer about it and he says that the therapist is doing the right thing. base on the body's biomechanics, the right side of the body would stabilize the left side of the body and vice versa. so when he asks you to change your crutches to the right side there's nothing wrong there. and regarding you being worried about your leg, well..he said that normally when the patient could stand on their own two legs there would be nothing to be worried about..

haha! mcm tue la. tp sbb kamu sudah tidak guna crutches and boleh berjalan dengan bahagianya..kamu lupakan saja pasal time cari ain plak ok? haha!

and matul gila handbags! yesh yesh!~
next on the list? tqaH!!~
btw matul, bila pula mahu gila makeup?

p/s: saya dilantik sebagai biro publisiti Phytas. saya semakin sibuk.
p/ss: naz kata page saya tak lawa. jadi saya pun tukar balik. haha! naz busuk!


Sunday, August 24, 2008


great night spent with great peeps! kamu kamu mmg sgt besh!

during our gathers..lots of topic had been discussed. after those discussions and reading a friends blog, i did some thinking.

these issues of races had to be stop. we would never get anywhere what with all this issues. all the races in Malaysia had to cooperate instead of "fighting" for our races right. Malaysia is known for its multi races.

Malaysians are going to be celebrating our independence days soon. think about this.
we'd got our independence because our all the races had work together and not by going against each other.

change our own mentality. then only we could change the world.
think about it.
i did my thinking. it's your turn.
fine by me if you don't agree with me.
cause I'm just giving an opinion.
correct me if I'm wrong.
as we all learn from our mistakes.


Friday, August 22, 2008

"kerna nila setitik. rosak susu sebelanga"

i admire those with hijab and still looks trendy and not "kampung", that is if they still style by the rules.

what is the use of wearing hijab without really understanding the reason YOU wear it? and whether your reason is strong enough? or good enough?

it is sickening to see girls with hijab on, but wearing short skirts? or short sleeves?

i perfectly understand a girl's desire to be "in-trend", i am a girl too.
but we could always do some layering. long skirts is still on sale. so what is the problem actually in dressing appropriately?

i'm not saying that i dress perfectly as a muslim. just a question and reminder for me as well. i'm happy that we are wearing hijab. but, for what if it would just stain the images of others with hijab and perfectly dressed too?



Wednesday, August 20, 2008


my debts are settled!

i had been imagining what to wear for my Physio Gala Nite this coming Wednesday. since the theme is red and black(so un-creative.i know). several images have been popping in my mind but i still haven't decided. my current wardrobe? red tee? BORED! aaa..damn.that's the only red i have. is not really my colour. i'm in a serious need to shop.



Tuesday, August 19, 2008


it's like i don't have enough in my hand. today i've got to deal with rising temperature and runny nose. one day wasted being a potato couch when i have tons of work to be done. how "lucky" am i?
if it was some other day, i could just pop some panadol and pills in my mouth and went to sleep. but it has to be today..the day i had overslept till noon and i'm paying my debt.

i still don't felt good.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

exercises and modalities

it has always been about kinesiology rite? today it's going to something more fun and simple. haha!

these 2 classes is the most relaxed class i had. these pictures tells it all.

this is a machine called CPM. aaa...lpe la name panjang die..haha.. it helps exercise coma patient or patient with very weak muscle. or in short, it is a kind of passive exercises. the pict that features me pulling on something is a kind of strengthening exercises using Thera Band. and it is HARD to pull it cause it has the max resistance. there are thera band with lesser resistance, thus easier to be stretch.

okay...did u all watch "Wanted"? This is the parafin wax healing like the shown in the movie. however, in physiotherapy we only used it for the distal part of the body. so jgn gatal nk rendam bdn dlm wax coz it is DAMN HOT! gle pnye panas! The machine exposed here is used to melt the wax. Advantages? the wax could be recycled!~

Actually, there is lots more! but we're so busy enjoying and exploring the equipments that we just don't have the time to take pictures. =p


Friday, August 8, 2008


Saya tahu....saya tak pernah pergi camping. tapi hari ini saya telah pergi ke satu camping yang sangat sangat sangat unik! saya rasa..ini adalah camping yg paling pendek pernah saya tahu.

tak caya?

saya pergi pada pukul 3 petang. pukul 4 petang saya sudah pulang. masih x caya?
percayalah..kerana itu adalah cerita benar.

tapi anda mungkin x dapat rasa pengalaman macam saya. melainkan admin yang berkaitan sangat sengal.

kerana perkhemahan yang pendek itu cuma terjadi kerana terdapat beberapa pertukaran di saat saat akhir. di hari dan masa kami sepatutnya pergi.

perkhemahan yang sepatutnya diadakan di sungai congkak bertukar lokasi di fakulti sains kesihatan dan bukit gasing. jadi kami telah diberi kelonggaran untuk memilih sama ada kami mahu ikut atau tidak.

saya memilih tidak. kenapa?

saya sudah sedikit teruja untuk pergi ke perkhemahan pertama saya. tetapi apabila di kecewakan sebegini rupa, saya hilang semangat. jadi saya sepakat bersama rakan2 untuk tarik diri.


there goes my "first time".