Saturday, April 30, 2011

Of Imperfections & Corrections

I've meet lots of people through out my life. Each and everyone with different personalities and principles. I, personally never have a problem being told off or corrected.

However, to correct one person, please people. Please.
Correct yourself first. No one can be absolutely perfect, of course.
But when it comes to Halal & Haram, it cant be decided by us. Unless ur freaking sure ur not commiting anything Haram urself, and u have the evidence, then only its acceptable for u to correct others.

Yes, we're Khalifah of the Earth. We need to spread good deeds always as time never waits for no men, and we'll never know when Kiamat is coming. But i had always believe, that in order to correct others, we have to set the benchmark and be the role model instead of correcting others 1st.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W , is a perfect role model. But some friends of mine are also my source of knowledge and even, look up to especially when i have questions regarding Islam as a way of life. Thus, i share with u, one of them. Her writings are simple, and easy to understand. Visit her here, or here. :)


p/s: No, i am not perfect at all. Not even close. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Exam Fever

No, i am not that busy but i just don't have anything to post about. :) I am actually in the midst of study week, thus blogging are a way to chillax and spill my stress out. One of the way that is.

I am actually stressed, cause i am close to studying nothing! I don't know what happen to me, but i just slack off the whole sem ! yes, i am not exaggerating. Anyway, i'm hoping my matriculation-nerdness to possess me stat !

*sigh* i have high hopes with little determination. :(

Wish me luck readers. I'll be having my papers on the 23rd of April and 25th of April.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mid Life Crisis

Yes. I have a midlife crisis. 21 with a midlife crisis. whatever logic that exists in that statement.

This is not something i would like to share publicly. yet i still need to blurt it out in someways.

I had run away too far into all the wrong directions. Now, i am too tired to run back to the correct path. Yes, there are no other path we should take. Supposedly.

I know, i could still walk to correct myself. but the small little steps i'm taking, would never help to to reach my destination.

Wondering what am i babbling about? :)

As i said, midlife crisis. A junction, where u realised u had lost ur way for far too long.


Friday, April 1, 2011

 something we do, whenever we're bored, stressed and like to do together.

This time, with more people around ! I mean, friends. :) well, i think i'll just feed u guys with extremely gorgeous photos of us enjoying ourselves. or should i say, them? *wink*

and this is a vain pose.

this is after 2 and a half hour of karaoke-ing.