Sunday, July 24, 2011

Public Love Affair

I have another topic to post about but lets keep that to a later date as this is as hot as a story can be.

Mr. Sports Geek aka Ikhwanul Naim became my lil birdie which is not often. Repeat, NOT often. :D

A little public figure which if I mentioned his name, literally everyone would know him. So, turns out he's having problem with his love life which had gone public ever since he became famous. No, i would not mention his name or even mention what is the problem with his love life.

What triggers me to blog about it is how messy a public love life could be. This guy are literally being harassed as his career are kind of slow now. So, I was wondering why was that and turns out my guess is close to correct. Personal Problems with Love Life. It would do justice to say that both him and his girl are both public figures. The leak of the problems they're facing are from a family member. *not-cool-man*

I used to wonder how does it feel to have your love life known by almost everyone. I used to think that maybe if our love life is public, maybe just MAYBE that it would be forever lasting and no one would actually dares to like rampas your partner from you. but i was proved wrong by so many celebrities stories !

So maybe personal life should be kept personal. In every other way possible. Although both sides are public figures, that doesn't mean all that whatever happens between u need to go out to the public. Unless, ofcourse someone else just don't know the existence of the word privacy and courtesy.

The morale of the story is, if ur ready to publicize your personal life then please make sure ur ready to commit to whatever happens after it. Better still, publicize a relationship only if its meant to be.

but come to think again, married people get divorced. so how? ;)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arsenal Asia Tour..

and many more updates on what I have been up too since the last post :D

So, after the last post I was actually busy with Karnival Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia. A group of 10 people from my class volunteers ourselves to work as Sports Physiotherapy for the carnival for 2 whole weeks. Lets just say, I enjoyed my time there. The work is not even close to torture and the medical team from UPM's Health Centre are nothing but fun !

Besides, everywhere i look, like seriously everywhere there's always a hottie around ! *ehem* Hottie as in guys with cute faces, built-up bodies and awesome abdomens ! Well, I am not the kind of girl yang gila cuci mata but how can I not look when I actually have to treat them?? Worry not, darling boyfie are always around so no one is forgotten in the process. :D

Congratulations UPM for being the overall winner ! and ofcourse, UiTM for coming close at 2nd place. *UiTM di Hatiku*

Now moving on, MASUM makes me go all lazyy bum especially after I'm down with a fever for 3 days! since then I haven't been working at all. Until now, yes. So, i am currently un-employed and money-less. :D No worries though, I'm in love of staying in and indulging myself in a good book.

That will bring us to the next update on ME. *it's always about me here* I am now a proud owner of Rafkha Boutique ! So please do support me ! Why an online boutique? I am inspired by all those Hijab Fashionistas, namely the Scarflets. So, why not put my passion for shopping to use instead of driving myself broke, no?

Moving on, its the season of football frenzy this past week. EPL's Asia Tour are driving Malaysian football fanatics nuts ! :D I am so lucky to have experienced the craze myself as I was extremely fascinated by the enthusiasm shown by Malaysian fans during Arsenal's game against Malaysia and also the training session.

Media had been provoking the fans saying they're not being in any way patriotic as MAJORITY was wearing the club's jersey instead of M'sia's jersey. I find this disturbing, as for me it's just logic for the fans to show their support to the club as its not like they're here in Malaysia every year ! Being in the crowd myself, I witness that the fans actually supported both team ! Wearing the club's jersey instead of our national team proves NOTHING ! It just show how excited the fans are that a famous European club are willing to play against Malaysia.

So yes, media should really change their perception. Malaysians are still malaysians and they still supported Malaysia whole-heartedly. I even heard them explaining to the foreigners about Malaysian's players and their skills/ expertise. This shows that they actually do take note on Malaysian's football scene.

However, my sympathy still goes when the crowd "boo-ed" a M'sian player. That I have to agree in-appropriate. Well, what's done is done. But I read that the Liverpool fans didn't do anything like that. So, hey ! Everything is good. :D

Tomorrow, I am going for Chelsea's training session. The game against M'sia would be on Thursday. Can't wait ! I wanna see Torres and watch Drogba ! Since when I'm a football fanatic? Since boyfie been educating me all about it ! LOLS !

I guess Love does do magic, no?