Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Update

Well, I do complains sometimes my life are to... un-eventful?

The fact is, I am bundled up with works after 3 weeks of class. The worst thing is that I just have no idea where should I start. After 2 weeks of procrastinating, I started on some of my works tonight. Repeat, SOME. and it's not even that much. =.='

Yes. I am a procrastinator. *Kahwin nak cepat pulak kan?* LOL !
This is always been a bad habit of mine ! Besides not being able to wake up early easily, not knowing how to cook, yadayadayada.. okay fine. I have to admit I have LOTS of flaws. So future husband, please bear with me at all times.

So, assignments.. Normal. I already have a few. Highlight of the semester is our Geriartric Program in collaboration with MBPJ. :) *To those who're confused, geriartrics means older person or "Warga Emas"* I love handling programs, but sometimes it exhausts me. Believe me, handling old people is not as easy as it looks.  I'll talk more about this in another post.

The thing is, my head is spinning and eyes are begging me to close them till next week. Okay, tak lawak. I just wanna make a shout out. This morning we voted for our 3 months clinical placement next March. Ehem ehem...



p/s: Love is going away for the weekend. No, that is an understatement. He is going away for a freaking 4 days ! :'( Over much? Haha! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lelaki Ini.

Boys. Men. Lovers.

I have a friend who had just gone through a -- i wouldn't call it breakup -- situation with a very close guy. He's not exactly her boyfriend, neither is he her best friend. Scandal? I don't know. Best described as someone she's trying to open up her heart to.

The guy claim that he loves her and that he's willing to wait for her. He claims that he's sincere, honest and most importantly, LOYAL. This is all his promise even after she broke his heart, not once but twice. Earlier, she just couldn't open up to him. They're living in two very very different world. He didn't gives up and keep trying to woe her, and at last she manages to open up her heart to him, bit by bit. Slowly, as she realises he is a nice guy and how can she ever find another man like him in this men eat men's world?

But boys would be boys right? They just couldn't settle for only ONE. They need more. NOT all the boys/men are the same. Only some of them. Still, why? Unfortunately, after not seeing each other for several weeks they went on a date. Out of the blue, she questions him about his past. Confidently, he denied. Somehow, her heart think twice. She ask him for his phone and *bam*. He panicked.

Long story short, she found out he is still texting FLIRTATIOUSLY with a girl from the past. Not only that, there were several other girls too. Why? Like seriously why? After what he claims, after what he promises, why? Maybe maybe she hurt him. Okay that is an understatement. She did hurt him, left him broken hearted before, BUT this is no reason to be dishonest!

She left him cause she couldn't hurt him by pretending that everything would turn out fine. She left him so that he could fine another girl that could love him better. She left him cause she care. But she didn't left him entirely, no? She came back, and open up her heart. An action to make up for what she did before.

and he have to LIE to her.

Tell me boys, guys or men out there. Why oh why does this thing happen? Are we to blame?

Please, don't PROMISE. don't GIVE HOPES. NEVER EVER.

As girls and women holds on to words forever. We never forgets. Never.


p/s: that boy still claim he's innocent. Bitchslap please?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Animal Cruelty

I am supposed to be getting ready for an outside dinner with my family later this evening, but I just am gonna take a little time to post about this as it breaks my heart seeing all this cruelty in Malaysia !

Yes, they may not be human but their Allah's creation too ! Haven't it be stated that we must treat Allah's creation with justice and humanity ? Cats or dogs regardless what kind of animal they are they are innocent ! Why do these people have to treat them like a lifeless creatures?

Petknode! This is an evidence of how greedy a human can be ! *sigh* You can look up for updates about this case here. The fact that authorities not taking any actions earlier is heartbreaking too. Malaysians and animal lovers are practically swearing up to their heads !

This ! OMG this is unbelievable ! A beautiful cat, innocent cat was tortured alive until she lost all 4 of her paws ! Gila lah manusia manusia ni!  Cuba kau bayang kan kau kudung semuanya sampai terpaksa "direhatkan" selamanya?? I found about this cat named Momo through a re-tweet by my friend which directed me to this blog. You can read the full stories there.

Seriously all those animal abusers,what are you? I'm pretty sure you're not human.


p/s: My cat family will soon be bigger. :)



Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Semester Start

I am having mixed feelings about starting class again.

I am loving the fact that I can relax and don't have to think about assignments and class. Ofcourse ! The fact that I could wake up at any time of the day is to be love love love ! Sometimes you just have to have that option once in a while. *wink* Okay yes, I am just plain lazy. :D

But, being a girl that just could not sit tight for too long... I hate hate hate the long holiday period ! Over 4 months, I've worked 3 kind of jobs. Amongst the 3, well lets just say I prefer being a student more. So, going back to class is a joy, at least in one way I'll always have something to do. Oh! Not to mention that atleast I feel like life is going somewhere and I want that somewhere to be a graduation! ;)

So, to everyone who is feeling sad about leaving the comfort of your own home for the sake of studies put a positive thought inside you. At least you can now finish what you started and then went back home, for good !

Oh! Not to mention it is our FINAL YEAR ! *woohoo*
Here I am, wishing all of you in my class and also any readers of mine Good Luck and I hope that we all achieve what we'd wanted in the 1st place after enrolling in the university !

HS224/07, maybe we can do this together next year?


p/s: My class timetable is getting shorter and less packed each semester. LOL !

Monday, September 5, 2011

Raya Lookbook

This is a site for you to look through all these Raya Fashions !

So nice of the owner to set up things like this ! Easy reference I might say? ;)


For those of you looking for fashion inspiration I'd suggest Lookbook or Tumblr, whichever you prefer.


p/s: Check out my Raya Fashion post as I will be updating it with pictures !


Walaupun tajuk post kali ini adalah "english" tetapi saya akan berbahasa melayu sepanjang entry ini. *okay, tak mungkin*

Kenapa dengan english? Begini ceritanya, selalu saja saya terbaca di laman sesawang Facebook status rakan rakan yang menggunakan english. Ini termasuklah diri ini. Tapi, perlu diingatkan di sini entry ini BUKAN untuk mengutuk menghina mencaci mengherdik mereka mereka ini dan mungkin diri saya sendiri juga. TAPI hanyalah sekadar NASIHAT & PERINGATAN. Jadi, janganlah ada yang sentap lepas baca. :)

Selalu sangat saya terbaca di Facebook status english yang maksudnya sepatutnya sangat mendalam. Tapi malang, kerana penggunaan English yang salah, struktur ayat yang salah ataupun direct translation dari bahasa melayu ke english menyebabkan status status yang bagus ini kadang kadang kurang difahami.

Apa? Ain berlagak? Tak ! Bukan nak meninggi diri. Ain bukan cikgu english dan ain tak hebat pun. Cuma dari pembacaan dan pembelajaran selama hidup 21 tahun ini *tua rasa* dapatlah kesan kesalahan kesalahan ini. Sedikit sebanyak, dalam entry ini dapatlah kita belajar sama sama kan? :) Sejujurnya, di sekolah dulu Ain sangatlah lemah dan tak yakin langsung nak bertutur dengan bahasa inggeris. Risau takut Ain tak dapat bersaing untuk dapatkan kerja dan bergaul di masa hadapan, abah hantar ain private tuition untuk english semata-mata. Cikgu Ain itu lah yang banyak membantu Ain sampai sekarang English tak menjadi masalah buat Ain.

Errr.... okay tiba tiba rasa letih type baku baku ni, pendek kata kalau nak buat status English di FB biarlah yang betul structure ayatnya and JANGAN guna direct translation. Ain nak tegur dalam FB nanti segan pulak and orang ingat Ain ni berlagak gila. Tapi seriously, bukan la nak membanggakan bahasa penjajah ni *dah tau confirm ada orang bangkitkan isu ni*. Cuma fikirlah, kalau Malaysian berfikiran sesempit ini, mmg takkan maju ! Menguasai bahasa penjajah bukan bermaksud kita masih dijajah ! Sebaliknya, untuk meletakkan kita sebaris dengan penjajah penjajah ni sume.

Think of it this way, would it be possible that they could manipulate us just by using words because they know how incapable of us to communicate with them clearly?

Bukan di peringkat negara je, tapi diperingkat office2 class and such.

Dalam entry ni jugak, ain akan feature a few examples of FB statuses yg ... pendek kata sukar difahami and maybe re-translate it. Siapa terasa status die jangan marah ye? :)

X: What so means?
Okay I really think this is supposed to be : What does it means?

X: ppl who are believe only wat they are see
Okay I really think this is supposed to be : People believe only what they see

Okay, ni je. HAHA. Gaya macam banyak eh? Malam ni ta ramai buat status, ramai upload gambar raya je. Mood raya lah katakan. :D

How to improve?


READ a lot of books in english ! Be it a fantasy novel, love novel or even educational book. BUT don't just read, take note on how the author structure their sentence and jot down every word that you don't understand and search through the dictionary for the meaning.

DON'T look through English-Malay dictionary. Instead, find an English-English dictionary. It helps to build your vocabulary.

CONFIDENCE ! okay fine, this is a cliché. This applies more to speaking not writing. How to learn speaking in correct English? Movies! Typical malays (I don't know how chinese & indians work this out) would rely on the subtitles. Change from reading to listening. Try to watch movies w/o the translation then try  imitating them. I find that children (my sisters mostly) learn through this way. I do too !

Now, I think i've ramble a lot! Sorry, I am SAD to see bad english especially when you are already in your 20's .

Don't let people underestimate you just because you can't communicate with an understandable english. :)


p/s: Bahasa baku mula mula bajet nak tunjuk semangat ke-Malaysia-an tapi habit dah tulis bahasa rojak ni. Balik balik kesitu jugaklah. Kepada pencinta Bahasa boleh lah beri tunjuk ajar kepada saya camana nak buang habit guna bahasa rojak nih !

p/s/s: I blog in English all the time is also one way to improve my English which is not perfect. Go through my old posts, you WILL find errors. :) If you do find errors in this posts do let me know okay?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Raya Fashion

Typical topic ain't it? LOL! 

But then, its one of the excitement of after-raya. Everyone, like every single person on FB will be uploading their Raya pictures, either family pictures, vain self pictures (or is it just me?) or food pictures. I love browsing through all of this especially ones that have people wearing all kinds of fashion in it. 

So, this Raya one thing that caught my eyes is leopard prints ! Something different from the original flowery pattern like mine. 

A friend of mine, her family (the girls ofc) all don on a simple plain baju kurung with leopard prints hijabs! Cute !

See how even her mum is wearing a leopard printed pashmina :D

My classmate on the other hand opted for a green leopard printed baju kurung paired with a green satin hijab! 
See how her cousins are also using leopard printed hijabs? Fashionista family! *woot*

Another one is my neighbour, donning on a kaftan kurung where the kaftan is a plain purple while the sarong is leopard printed ! Gorgeous I have to say! 

Wait, I think i see more of leopard but I can't recall. LOLS! Those mentions are the one that really caught my eyes as animal prints trends had been going on for a while and to be honest I really am not a big fan of it. Nice to have some stuffs with the trend though. :D 

Will try to update with pictures the next time! 

I wonder, what is the favourite look for Raya? 


Friday, September 2, 2011

Aidilfitri 2011

Assalamualaikum !

This is a mighty LATE post but holding on to the principles of better late than never, I wish you all...                         


Now I know I'm not the good girl like most of you out there, so here goes my apology speech. :D

I am deeply SORRY for every wrongdoing of mine, that includes my mulut puaka, any bad thoughts, any bad wish, and if ada tersalah pukul cubit jeling. Yes. I know I am capable of ALL this bad behaviours. *sigh* I am also sorry if u ever feel annoyed with my habit of non stop talking and bragging. Sometimes, I really didn't meant any harm. Pressure do gets to me.

Pendek kata, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN ! 

Most Importantly, may all our good deeds in the month of Ramadhan Al-Kareem diredhai Allah S.W.T.