Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tidy Up.

Assalamualaikum !

It's been a while since the last post and I don't really want my blog to be dead just yet. So, today inspired by me myself, I'm gonna talk about rooms and girls ! Okay, it's actually veryy normal for a girl to have more stuffs, cloths, accessories and all other misc items than the space they have. Well, at least this happens to me. So todayy, I did a bit of a spring cleaning of my stuffs. My hijabs and my bags.

I have lots of hijabs yet I keep on buying more ! Shopahalic's instict i guess? LOL ! While bags, a few I have to say yet I tend to use the same bag everywhere ! Its just that I LOVE buying new bags but I hate the hassle to move my things and stuffs around as I tend to missed out something. This happens, most of the time. Sigh. Careless me.

Anywhooo, the point of this post is actually about on how to become a neat freak when you are a lazy bum like me ! Haha!

Well, its basically easy. As a start, clean up the room all by yourself ! Make sure it looks clean, feels clean , and sedaaap mata memandang andd really really neat like all u see on those interior magazines .

Then comes the hard part, actually maintaining the cleanliness. This need what we Muslim call 'Istiqamah' or detemined. heeee, well the 1st step is actually one way of changing the way u think. Once u saw how clean and nice ur room can be, and how comfy and relaxing it is to have a beautiful clean and neat room, You would want to keep it that way forever ! So, starts from there, make a mental note to put back everything to its original place whenever you see it out of place.

Once you can do this 2 steps, it'll become easier and easier to become a neat freak ! Believe me. ;)


p/s: Thinking of doing a Pre-love sale! Anyone interested? ;)