Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Semester

was feelin bored.

nuthing new.

nuthing exciting.

the studies may seem interesting.

but i'm missing the craziness of AUG.

eventho there's tension in the air and misunderstanding.


the friendship still remains.

a friendship that last n meaningful.

not a friendship on the name of "classmates".

this year have been something.

Goodbye 2008!

HELLO 2009..!~

may it be sumthing to0. =)

have u had ur love story? =p


Monday, December 29, 2008

Awal Muharam.

Semoga tahun baru ini menjadi lebih bermakna untuk kamu kamu semua, tahun yang penuh keinsafan dan kesyukuran.

Doakan ain.
Insyaallah, ain akan doakan kamu kamu.

ain juga mahu mintak maaf atas segala salah ain.

i may not be the perfect friend but i try to be a good friend that u can count on. =)


to Mohd Rasyid B. Osman,

i'm sorry. too many wrong doings of mine had hurt you n nuthing could heal it except time maybe.
i may seem like a slut to u now but please know that i never meant to hurt u. this big time ego n the need to satisfy myself gets by the best of me. i ignore what u feel to make myself happy. not only that, i've hurt many hearts on the way. so, yes u cud judge me all u want the way u want it.



Saturday, December 27, 2008


it's complicated.


not loving anyone makes us miserable.


loving someone turns us crazy.

well at least that's what happening to me. now.

and i dont see any way out


running away from the truth.

feelings can be very complicated.

here's for u Mr. Ikhwanul Naim.
u are a friend of mine. n u are important as anybody else are.
no more question here ok?

to my dearest YC ,
sorry kalau masalah ain ter-effect kamu kamu juga.

i'm very sorry.
i've been weird stupid busy n clumsy.
i know u said even u don't recognise me anymore.

there's one more person to be included,
but not now..
need to straighten things out with him first.


Friday, December 19, 2008


just as i expected..
just finee..
not something i could be proud of..

congratulations to all my friends.

igt u divaa??
x friendship btol..



Wednesday, December 17, 2008


expression ain masa bace blog 2 org yang sangat ain sayang : COMEYL GLER!!

haha..ain sangat excited bace..(gler..crita org len tapi org len excited =p). tapi mmg sgt sweet sangat. somehow, both of u made me smile.

kepada naz: sorry, masa tulis blog nie maybe naz igt ain da tdo but actually ada satu lg masalah yg menyebabkan ain x leyh tdo.

and yeah..lepas satu, satu masalah yang datang. giler susah jadi perempuan yang keras kepala gile.

masalah pertama,
status ain?
it's complicated. i'm single yet i'm in a relationship.
ain nk ngaku ain single tapi masih ada ego dlm diri ain yang x nk mengaku single. tak tak..bukan ego..tapi sbb awk xnk lepaskn sy..camane sy nk ngaku single. gile la sy camnie....

masalah kedua?
msg yang sgt best dr seorg lelaki yg sgt korg sayangi..

"kepala minah tue degil sangat."

masalah ketiga pn dr text msg(teknologi itu menyakitkan)..

ade lg text msg yg ain mmg tergamam bace.

ye ain degil.
xde hati xde perasaan kn?
tp sbb sy degil sy buat keputusan tue sebelum kedegilan sy tue buat dieb'tmbh skt hati sedih sbb sy.

sy keliru siapa ain pd kamu?
kawan atau bhn?
cara kamu ckp mcm kamu nk mengkaji sy. nk menguji sy.

malam nie..
jatuh juga air mata ain.
bukan kerana "couple".
tapi kerana kawan.
bukan tak pernah.
tapi da lama x jadi.

kepada semua kawan kawan ain including my abangs,
ain sayang sangat korg.
sorry sgt if ain ade buat slh.


Monday, December 15, 2008

perasaan itu tak mungkin kembali.

satu masa harapan itu masih ada. tapi bukan sekarang.

mungkin betul kata kamu, kalau aku cuba sebelum ini mungkin masih ada harapan.

tapi sekarang tak mungkin aku mencuba. cukup.

bagilah aku peluang untuk merasa hidup sebagai aku tanpa perlu memikirkan tentang hati dan perasaan yang "complicated".

aku minta maaf.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

current situation

AUG's opening ceremony is officially over. it may not be perfect but once we reach the end. everyone was laughing and hugging and congratulating each other. there's camera and flashes everywhere.
segala perasaan tak puas hati marah geram kecik hati dilupakan dalam masa satu malam je.
the event started kelam kabut. trying to organize athletes from all over asia is one hell of a work. haha..
athletes mmg sume sangat berdarah. the volunteers' fav? thailand's athletes~ haha..

all the time of my AUG practice. lots had happen. every single thing happening in my life went to another level. it is too complicated that i just cant tell it here.

actually, naz had ask me to blog so that he could "baca sampai lebam". haha..
unfortunately, whatever happen in my life for the moment is classified as "PRIVATE". so sorry.
but if i do tell it all, ur wish is fullfilled my dearest.

soory to tQah! didnt get to join ur party last nite.

Happy Birthday Dear!~
hope for bigger things cause its better =P

heard that my results coming out in a few days. shit and damn. don't want to know what the results would look like.


Monday, December 8, 2008

calling in *sick*

ain demam sejak kelmarin lagi..
few possible reasons is..
-kurang air
-kurang rehat
-cuaca yang berubah-ubah
mula dengan sakit tekak, selsema then terus demam. agak teruk sebab ain sampai xle bgn.

ain juga dah ada "tan" dan juga "belang".

btw, yc..what happen with our road trip? update with me yeah? maw mtk shift or cuti tros. =)

sorry jarang update. ain skarang sudah start rehearsal kat stadium nasional bukit jalil so sangat penat.
and kepada sesiapa yg tetbe menghadap jam ketika jalan tidak sesak disebabkan 44buah bas uitm, terima kasih kerana memahami dalam keadaan terpaksa eah? hehe..

abang poliss..maw naek satu round je boleyh x?



Thursday, December 4, 2008

semakin celaru

currently addicted to this song.

Everyday seven takes of the same old scene
Seems we're bound by the laws of the same routines
Gotta talk to you now 'fore we go to sleep
But will we sleep once I tell you what's hurting me

The world slows down but my heart beats fast right now
I know this is the part where the end starts

I can't take it any longer
Thought that we were stronger
All we do is linger
Slipping through our fingers

I don't want to try now
All that's lefts goodbye to
Find a way that I can tell you

I hate this part right here
I hate this part right here
I just can't take your tears
I hate this part right here

I know you'll ask me to hold on
And carry on like nothings wrong
But there is no more time for lies
Cause I see sunsets in your eyes

i hate this part
pussycat dolls


Monday, December 1, 2008


satu malam, 28 November 2008....

masalah yang tak pernah sudah macam tidak ada penghujungnya.

Dia mencari punca masalah kami. Adakah aku atau dia puncanya?
saat itu hati aku terdetik "maafkan aku. tapi aku tak mampu"

Orang itu pula ada masalah sendiri, tapi aku tidak sedar.
maaf ganggu kamu. tapi terbiasa dengan kamu yang selalu ada untuk aku.

you, time time i nak tak ada kn? i tak salahkan you.
i pun busy kan sampai tak ada masa utk you.

sedih celaru terharu
semua ini jadi dalam satu malam
tapi keadaan diri yang dipengaruhi dadah
membuatkan malam itu berlalu tanpa setitis air mata
walaupun hati meronta-ronta kesedihan.


Friday, November 21, 2008

home sweet home~

i am HOME! finally, i'm out from college. yesh yesh! n FINALLY, my exams over!! wee~ i'm over all the stress girls~

summarizing my exams in one word would be exhausting! especially my practical exams. but..kinesiology practical exams was quite fun..since i'm the last group to be examined, the examiner kinds of loosen up already. and since we already got some of the questions from our friends who had done it earlier. its not like we're already confident or anything, i am still nervous.
but at least i didn't screw up like i how i did in my therapeutic exercise and electrophysical modalities.

enough with my exams. to all my girls and boys. bit of a bad news here. i may have trouble in joining any kind of gathering(small or big) due to my SUA practice.

date: 18th November-4 December
time: 9am-5pm

so, u see. it's a whole day practice but i'll try to make myself available for you guys okayh?
i was thinking of a whole lot of things to say in my blog but suddenly now..i'm just to sleepy to go on.

but, i'm saving this for last.
my dear sayang, i never chased u away. been busy and been confused. u know that.
tried to plan for us but since u either dont want to tell me or u really dont want to come home so i cant do anything.
love u =)


Sunday, November 9, 2008


i'm home! it felt BRILLIANT to be home. theehee..

what does it feels like to wear brilliantly sculptured chocolate as clothing?
i read about this in Kosmo! today. cool~
the turn the chocs into lara croft clothing including the gun and all. there's also bat woman with a huge choc wing. haha! cute one!

click here to read about it ;p

p/s: exam daku sangat menyakitkan jiwa!


Friday, November 7, 2008


late post on this one..

now where do i start?
last saturday which is on the 1st of november, 5 families(including mine) who lives in a row organizes a bBq nite. it's one hell of a night. its been a while since i met most of them. as any usual bBq we ate drink laugh talk gossips yadayadayada..
we also held a lucky draw where each family sponsors one hamper. haha! well, neither one of the organizers won the lucky draw.
here's a pict which i like the is should i say this.. neighboury? ;p


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


malam ini..
ku tak dapat melihat sang bulan dan bintang-bintang yang sentiasa mengelilinginya..

seperti langit yang gelap..
seperti itu juga hatiku ketika ini..
segala semangat yang telah terbina selama ini..
hilang dibawa segala masalah yang tak pernah berhenti meragut nya..

dan saat ini juga..
ku mampu bersyukur kerna dikurniakan seseorang yang sangat memahami diriku..
tanpa dia aku buntu..

semangat ku mungkin tak akan pulih sampai bila-bila..

kamu tahu siapa kamu..


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ikhwanul Naim

i forgot something.
i got this news on Thursday night.
words could not decribed what i felt when he broke to me the news.

Naim is going to stay!

well, if u had read my previous one. i'd mention about him wanted to change his programme. apparently, he changed his mind and decided to stay in Physiotherapy programme. we'd only known each other for one sem but we're quite close. kan Naim? haha!

"kan aku dah kata, kau akan sayang aku lebih ;p"
-Ikhwanul Naim-


Practical Exam

my practical exams would be on the 19th and 20th of November.

on the 21st, i am required to be a model for Diploma Part 1 practical exam.


mira is like... "o'oh~ abeslaa~"
but she refused to tell more..


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Final Fear Fight

here is my Final exam schedule :

29 Oct 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

3 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

6 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

9 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

13 Nov 2008
2.15-4.15 pm

18 Nov 2008
9.00-11.00 am

i still dont know when is my practical exam..will update on that later.

who in the right mind wont?

Fight is still going on..
kinda going from bad to worst.
hope for the best is all i'm capable of doing now.

cause my focus is on my exams.
sorry Dear..
got to sort out my priority now.
tried to talk to you earlier..but with no response.

"buat ape cari orang yang menyakitkan hati kita, baik cari orang yang tak menyakitkan hati kita"
-Nur Ain-


Monday, October 27, 2008

Azri Alimor

happy birthday!

lotsa lucks in whatever you do!

hope for the best and only the best u'll get.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

more and more...

i made a mistake.

pretended to be strong when i'm not.

now, i suffers from my ego.

tears wont stop falling how much i tried to stop it.

laughter suddenly stops being a miracle for a sudden.

i'd crippled back into the weak 'old' me.

maybe it's just who i am.

either that..

or i should never get to close to anyone ever.

cause i could never stand the word "seperated" or worst..




i hate cigarettes. i dislike smokers.

but what am i to do if a best friend start smoking?
yeah..i am sad and i did ask her to stop.
promised she'd try.

relationship problems which i thought would subside after sometime..
just go on and on and on.....
idk whether it will survives..

have i mention i hate losing a friend?
even though not permanently...
i am not actually losing one..
but still..
the idea of it makes a...

all these make me soo not in the mood for my finals..
damn it!
all these while i'd always had a friend to study with..
to encourage me..
but now...

btw..YC!! love u girls! please make it a reality..i mean about this december! i really need that vacation!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aerobics, PHYTAS and Movies

first thing on my mind today.

"got to get the aerobics video done asap!"

along the way. this came up.

"it's 12! meeting in next door class!"

after that.

"damn! they've left us two to finish it up? 'great' team i have here. *sigh*"

however, this night..

"nana nak pegi" *doublecheers*


"i dont think i cud make it" *sigh* *shrug*

credits however to Naim..

Thanx for helping me! i owe u A LOT man!
and if ur really going to change ur programme next semester.
one thing for sure..i'll miss u! *sobsob* =(

here is something u said to me
and ask me to not forget which i won't.

"biar orang buat kita, jangan kita buat orang."
-Ikhwanul Naim-


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


aku benci kolej nieh! tah ape lagi die nak..
x pasal2 aku kena pegi kem aspirasi??
what the fuck is that?!
dala last minute!
dorg taw tak aku nk exam nieh??!



kids and HSM3

okay Matul..
i've booked 6 tickets for HSM3 this friday for the 9.50pm showtime.
need you to book the rest and also. arrange transportation and timing with tqah. or nak ain buat tueh? hehe. i pun bz finals ohh~

i'm not sure wether i'll be able to go home first or not since i have class till 5pm. xleyh ponteng syllabus x abes lg. dam it.
just confirm with me the time.
btw..Liesa said she is not promising anything but i booked one for her neway. in case she's joining.
if she's in..maybe she could drive and i could go with her..if not.lalalala..


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


our last therapeutic exercise class was end with an advice from beloved Mr.Bahman.

"in physiotherapy, first you must study hard. secondly, you must look at number one."

-Mr.Bahman Jamaludin-


Sunday, October 19, 2008


hari minggu yg diidamkan rosak sekali lagi.


da tau ade dua fakulti same tapi tempat berasingan letakla notis kat dua2 tempat.

menyusahkan pun ade jugak.

kalau takde org bgtau lgsg camane?

rosak plan maw shopink pada esok hari.

ain akan pegi modul yang bosan bersama org2 yg bosan.


p/s: thanx matol n tqah! wonderful nite~

Friday, October 17, 2008

The end at last

at last..this hectic week has come to an end.
this is the 2nd or 3rd time this week that i was wide awake till subuh.
gotta get the assignments ready darlinks!~

but still, no lazing around just yet as the final has yet to come.

i'm hoping for a miracle this weekend. hope all the plans go as it was plan.

YC! plan a getaway pleassee!~ haha!

before i forgot,

current situation in college: my room has officially turn into a psychiatric ward.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ku CHENTA kinesiology~

di saat ini ku maseh menelaah pelajaran ku meskipun waktu sudah menunjukkan jam 4.45 pagi.

maseh ade 5 tajuk lagi belum ku telaah.

ujian ku bermula pada pukul 8.30 pagi.

mampu kah aku meneruskan perjuangan yang tak pernah habis ini?


i'm announcing that i had officially gone nuts!~



Happy 19th Birthday!

sayang sama kamu. =P


p/s: jangan ada salah faham di sini kerana naz abg ain. huhu~

Friday, October 10, 2008


i love PINK!!

Next Week Schedule.

8.00 am: Anatomy and Physiology test
10.00 am: Physiotherapeutic Exercise test
*postponed next week* -damn-

2.00 - 6.00: Practical class

8.30 am: Kinesiology test
2.00 pm: Physiotherapeutic Exs practical test

9.00 am - 5.00pm: JPA scholarship agreement submission
8.30 pm - 10.30 pm: TITAS seminar

8.00 am: Public Speaking Presentation
10.00 am: Electrotherapeutic Modalities test

8.00 am - 10.00 am: Class
2.00 pm: Both Health Psychology assignment submission

11.00 am: BSMM exam
noon: Lia's open house

9.00 am - 5.00 pm: SUA practice


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy and Miserable

i'm having fun today.
at least i do at the beginning and middle of the day.
i was laughing all the way through the middle of the day.

today, our class started with the last public speaking presentation for the semester. well since my presentation is next week, Naim and me both sat at the back of the class and start making sense about the topics that have been chose by our friends. we joked laugh talk and question each other(at least this shows that we still pay attention to what our friends are talking about).

our next class was spent on finishing the assignment given yesterday. at first, she wanted us to submit the assignment today. Luckily, she extended it to next week. so, we kinda play more than working on the assignment. i was trying to focus, naim was busy singing his heart out while ihsan was busy surfing the net for anything that have to do with football. oh please..boys would be boys. could never seperate them from that sports. yet, they're aiming to get me to join them. hah! fat chance boys!

since i don't have any classes in the evening, i planned to revise my anatomy since there's going to be a quiz tomorrow. halfway through my reading, my brain is already telling me that sleeping sounds better than studying. so i slept till Naim text me asking about psychology quiz tomorrow. i was like..."Naim! aku tgh tdola!". haha! replied him, woke up and read one more paragraph. then i went down to find something to eat.


this is the part that make my day miserable. i waited for almost 2 hours till my food is ready! dammit. they're lucky that they're the only one thats open and i am bloody hungry that time. so yeah..i waited and and the waiter couldn't even said sorry plus he put on a 'idc as long as my works done and u paid for ur food' face. i was practically banging on the counter for my food.

and damn the food wasn't that nice either. *sigh* because of this i decided to skip my meeting and instead revise anatomy. but heh..fell asleep on the book.

bloody kedai makan. make me waste my time for 2 hours. now i have to stay up to finish my revision. and if my brain is blank tomorrow i'll surely curse that kedai makan cukup2 pnye!



ain rindu masa dulu dulu. rindu YC rindu ani rindu alah rindu semua.

boleh tak ain nak pusing balik masa??


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleepless nights

well, currently its 4.18 in the morning. i had just finish my psychology assignment. good for me eh?
haha! what supposedly to be a 2-3 days assignment turns to be a one week assignment. procrastination is not good people! better get rid of that habit of yours if you do have it.

cakap orang jea ain nieh. haha!

p/s: would you agree if i said that, a women who had heard rumors of her men's scandal from another person would first get mad at their men. then their men would explain and maybe apologize. the anger would subside. but not the doubt or vengeance towards the third person which may or may not be innocent in this rumors? however, this vengeance is hold silently without the knowledge of their loved one?


Monday, October 6, 2008

and the "LIFE" begins...

after one week of holiday, i'm back with classes and works and all those that have to do with studies. lots of test is waiting and assignment to be submit. plus the finals are just around the corner. yet what did i spent my class-free time today?

i slept for 3 hours peacefully. haha! those hours which i planned to finish up my assignment was spent for my beauty sleep.

i didnt have lunch today as none of the stalls are opened yet. actually i did. but instant noodle never satisfy me. n we had KFC for dinner. no problem in that except that the cashier forgot our cheesy wedges.and i trusted him enough by not checking. *sigh*

what more could happen this week? pray for the best~

"Shallow men believes in luck. Strong men believes in cause and effects."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson-


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Agony usual, i woke up late. very late! get up and get ready. went to Ani's house. omg! it's been ages since we last see each other. well, she never changes. haha! glad bout it. i was really afraid it would be awkward. then went to Summit with Faie and Naz. haha! today is like..went to visit places or peoples that i haven't seen or went to for ages! eventhough i'm in agony all the time i am out today, i manage to have fun.'s 4 in the morning. i started on my assignment that i had been putting off for several days at 9 but..too much distraction.haha! only manage to really progress like 2 hours before. still in progress but decided to blog.

i am actually very very worried about my finals. i had never been the type to study study even if i know that i had too but i never worry this much. hurm2..maybe it's the assignments. see ain. this is what happens when you procrastinate.

rumors have subsided though my curiosity is killing me. i badly want to know who's the one responsible in spreading rumors.

"tak suke ckp x sukela.."
-Ikhwanul Naim-


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rumors 2

i have a bad feeling due to this rumors. damn it! i said before rumors have a way of expanding and then explode right? well, it also have a way of ruining relationships; friendships, love and family.

Friday, October 3, 2008


rumors do get people in troubles. cause rumors are meant to be bad don't they? the rumor has start but it's weird how it started. i thought rumors are soo high school. it's fine now. however, rumors have this funny way to expand in silence. and when the time'll explode. by that time, the damage is done and nothing could be done to reverse it. is befriending with others a sin? respect others la weyy!


Celebrity Crush

i was doing my assignment while my sister is watching Disney channel.
suddenly, i heard the voice that was rewinding itself in my head for sometime.haha!
i know. it sounds so immature to some people. but idc.
i believe that there is always a childish part in everybody no matter how mature they are.

Joe Jonas XOXO

p/s: i want only the ORIGINAL Joe Jonas. =P

Thursday, October 2, 2008

cakes and cookies

i spent my 2nd raya baking.

my mum woke me up early to go beraya but i refuse to follow because i was planning to finish up my assignment then by noon i could start baking choc chip cookies because i wanted to give a jar to Rasyid. heh. but alas, i overslept and only woke up at 1pm(buruk perangai anak dara bangun lambat). so, i had a bath, take a peek at my assignment, then start baking till just now.

now i had to entertain some guests.



Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Raya Mood

i am not even close to excited to celebrate this coming Eid. maybe its because my lack of..err..what do u call it in "pengisian"during Ramadhan. see..i'm cursing in this beautiful month. i've got to admit i'd been worse but somehow, it doesn't seem to affect me before.
there's another reason though, i have place my hopes too high that i get to celebrate Eid in Kelantan this year but it turns out that i am not. =(

in fact, i've got 2 assignments waiting to be done, muscles to be memorized and a report of Sinar Ramadhan to "karang". and it only takes one of it to ruin my eid. but now, it's more than enough.

to everyone that stops by n to all my dearest(which u know who u are)..

Selamat Hari Raya!~
Maaf Zahir Batin~

Saturday, September 27, 2008


why do i have to answer 240 questions where some of it i dont even understand..and some are not even appropriate for me..asking me bout sex drugs birth control pills..oh sure i did all those.

Mr.Farezadi!! why are you torturing us this eid!~ tak patut!~

you had better gave me good grades deary~ i answered ur questionnaire twice! the first one lost itself in the system. haha! dammit!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Nobody's perfect

nobody's perfect. for the upcoming eid, i'll just let all our problems pass by. some may say, typical me of running away from problems.
the difference is that, i am not running away. living on the days like the old times is what we need. there's a friend who said that i had been more lively and fun before. i wonder, am i not fun and lively as i used to be because of or me?

okkay~ i'll try not to post anything on fighting again..or else i will be bombarded with more question. haha!

p/s: missing yc n cant wait for tomorrow night~

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sinar Ramadhan

at last! the program is over and successful!~ from zero budget we got more than enough. even enough for us to have a feast just today for buka puasa. walaupun lauk x makanannya sangat la banyak!~

the program is sweet!~ we had fun eventhough it is a really tiring day!~
as speaks more than word.

during "duit raya" session.

look how we "connect" with the orphans.
they're soo cute!~
"kad raya" in the making.
promoting Health Sciences and Physiotherapy.
this is my group! the pelvic rock!~
even physiotherapist knows how to be a designer okay~
promoting the group.
masa nie macam pasar malam dewan.
getting the decoration ready.
selamat hari raya y'all!

ihsan! gotong royong kemas surau!

physio kuat! bertungkus lumus diorg angkat pasu2 besar2 tue.
ain gardening okay! i really do the dirty stuff until i met with that "damn" cicak.
then i stop. haha!
gardening and cleaning~
at 6.30 am and ready to go~

there's more picture. look for it. =)


Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 ways

why does it matter which phone i answer? it just so happen that one of it was in silent mode and the other wasn't. i don't even get the chance to speak and you hang up on me. i thought what matter is that u could get to me?

well, supposedly i should have understand your reaction and action. but i refused to because i am damn fcuking tired of this kind of fights. if u r expecting an apology from me, forget it.
none would come from me.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Again, to MatUL dearest~

Gladiator lawa..
ain pn tgh cari!!~ Voir ade??
okay..nampak sangat ain da lame x kluar window shopink..
actually ain pn x shopink lagi baju raye ade tp xde heels,bags n tudung lg!

urgh..hate this busy-ness of mine!

p/s: sape yg gedik2 x reti confirm tue cepat confirm! ahaha! ain tolong matul nie! =P



had a meeting with PHYTAS just now.i had been given the responsibility to handle next year dinner.but we have to organize another event which had not been discussed yet for next sem. for the moment, i'm having problem with the upcoming program which is our trip to anak yatim this Sunday.

major problem! budget! everything is a chaos. even i couldnt make head or tail of the problems right now. i could sense that tomorrow night's meeting and program briefing would also be a chaos. what with the questions and uncleared budget. damn!

like i dont have enough problems in my hand rite? baby syg..
when are u going to smile again?
lets kiss n make up k?


Monday, September 15, 2008


i love my eyebags. some people may look at it as ugly.
i dont care coz it's a symbol of how "hardworking" i am.

haha! crap!

if someone really loves me they would accept me even with the eyebags.
they would accept me no matter how i look.

someone who love me could accept how crazy i am

so crazy that i'm willing to add more work to be done
eventhough i already had had too much to handle

someone who love me knows that i'm too busy

and dont care about it
they would even cheer me up when i am exhausted
they would smile
eventhough i'm grumpy

someone who love me
even their voice could put all my problems and pain at ease
without irritating me one bit

someone who love me
would rather put their feelings aside
coz they know i've other things to worry about

they put my feelings first before theirs '
they're hurted by my actions

but they know i dont do it on purpose
they know i dont mean anything to hurt them

i am just unconscious about their feelings
because i'm too busy being a workaholic
too busy putting my work before him
too busy to even care bout myself my health my life
even too busy to care bout my studies

all this actions of mine have its consequences on myself
i hurted my loved ones
i am lost in my studies
and i feel exhausted all the times

i've found this very person that knows me inside out
but i lost him

now i've found another
i know if i dont act soon
i may lose him too
i am determined not too

he may not be perfect
he may not know me inside out
but he love me and that is all that matter
with my own attitude now

no one would get to know me
we've a long way ahead of us
we have all the time left in this world to get to know each other

but my heart is screaming out

"please! for the time being...bear with me. i need to find myself. for so long i never had time for myself. i've dedicated all my time to him then you. i need time. time to really calm down. time to settle down. i had been greedy. now my greediness is acting back on me. i'm so lucky to have you. i know u had been hurted too much by me. but bear with me. please."


Sunday, September 14, 2008

current expression

ain x tenang sangat sangat
satu keje pn x jalan. x taw nape..
nape ek?

sangat risau dengan upcoming finals. sangat x prepare.



Saturday, September 13, 2008


i've been faking my smile all those days we're fighting.

tried to get my mind of you and focus on my studies and work.

and every time i tried, i failed.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Institut Sukan Negara (ISN)

Last Monday went to ISN with the whole class. we visited the physiotherapy unit there. to tell it all.

peeps busy stumbling in the bus and we're busy posing infront of ISN

Ice modalities - tub for us to sit in ice~

exercises for back problem in gymnast~
see the girl on bike? she's recovering from ACL torn.
electrical stimulation~

it's a short trip but an interesting one. scary tgk injuries of the athletes. and scary tgk on how big they are except for the gymnast. :p


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Breaking Free

i dont care anymore
i want to be me

who cares they're different
cause actually they're not different
but they're just being themselves
without the need to care of what ppl says

which is what i am stupidly doing
caring bout what ppl thinks of me
desperately trying to be them

a few hours change everything
they lead me to be me
just like my gals used to do

today just reminds me of my schooldays
those glorious day with my gals
doing things we love most together

what i did today also reminds me of what i love most
i would never regret ever getting involved in this event

i want to be me.


Friday, September 5, 2008

and My Heart Says..

Spitting fire back and forth now
Times have changed in just a few months
Neighbors complaining from the fights and
Why can't things be the same

And maybe I'm just a little bit cautious
Of what I'm gonna say
When I tell you I can't live this way.
But I don't know what to expect from someone who's so insane

Why can't I get through the night
Without another fight
I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again?
Cause I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut
When it's really open.

The only noises in my head
Are consumed of your voice
From all the pain and hatred
How long can you kick somebody down
Before a foot breaks?

And why can't I get through the night
Without another fight
I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again cause
I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut when it's really open.

And I knew that you would fabricate
This situation just for
The sake of your need for attention
And I'm sick of always being the one
To always break down, always melt down
In the end.
And maybe this time
It's a sign that independance and I
Are finally catching on
I don't need you to rely on.

And why can't I get through the night
Without another fight I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again cause
I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut
When it's really open.
Spitting fire back and forth now
Times have changed in just a few months

open by demi lovato


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

of Paperwork and Proposal

i thought today would be the end of endless editing of the "Sinar Ramadhan" project paperwork. but it turn out the other way round. Pn.K which is my head of programme is not happy with it as we only left like 2 weeks before the event and we still hadn't get the permission to proceed with the project from the dean. so, i'd to go to J.O and get the Dean and Pn.Suhana which is in charge of Tabung Amanah Fakulti to get the budget for the project and BANG! They'd just gone into a meeting the moment i arrived at the office. Damn! went to the library to make some copies of the paperwork and some letters, leave it for their attention and got back just in time for the follow-up meeting at Alamanda.
in the meeting we proceeds with the procedures without Pn.K knowledge (we couldn't just sit back and relax when we know that we're short of time right?). we fax the proposal and called back for a confirmation. he said there are too many of us and many of the children are out on that weekend. Luckily, k.zal had already planned a backup plan. we went back to our 1st choice which is in Melaka, and instead of doing a 2 days activity, we squash everything in one day. and I have got to re-do the paperwork AND the letters. Luckily(again), Naim willingly helped me to fax the new tentative and the proposal letter(he is the one that fax it the first time).
i could actually breathe after today hectic day of going up and down the blocks, rushing to J.O and late for class for the fact that the place had already been confirmed.
but i'm suffocating again, because i'd to prepare the proposal for next year dinner in 2 weeks. yeah, talking about organization and preparation. its an EARLYYyyy one okayy~ organizing it is one thing, but trying to make it an memorable and very the Enjoyable event in a low-class food court? that is challenging. and unless i could fine some sponsors and the cheapest ever hotel, i've got to stick with the food-court. *sigh*

now, i'm actually stuck of trying to finish an assingnment by tonight as tomorrow is another hectic day. i know. i've that bad feeling in me. *sigh sigh*
Matul had actually manage to cheer me up with the news that YC's buka puasa gath is on. yeaa!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka and Ramadhan

First of all..Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians! i hope this 51st independence day make us more thankful that we're Malaysians. and i also hope its a new chapter with "perpaduan" cause it is "teras kemajuan". =p

Then, i'd like to wish all the Muslims..happy Fasting! Jangan ponteng aww! Just like Independence day..i hope that this Ramadhan would be a new chapter for all Muslims to turn over a new leaf. Bear in mind on who we are to Him. That saying goes to me too just as anyone else.

"Begitu ramai umatku yang berpuasa tapi tidak mendapat apa-apa selain lapar dan dahaga"
-Nabi Muhammad S.A.W-


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Missing you.

ain sangat busy sekarang.

p/s: i know u r mad. but i am not u. i see my friends only once in a while. i know that i dont see u as often too. but we talk to each other everyday. but my friends only talk to me once in a while which is when we meet.
just for u to know, i've got an assignment to submit and 2 practical test next week. so i am busy. if u think this is the best for us. than i'll just accept ur decision.

i miss u.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

PHYTAS Gala Nyte 08

the dinner is the most simple dinner i've been to. but we make it fun coz we would only come if we enjoy everything that we do regardless of the venue or standard.
kami sangat stress kerana kerja yang tak sudah sudah.
tapi pada malam ini kami melupakan semua masalah kami.
kami lebih bersemangat selepas itu.

mereka bukan couple.

housemate kUe!~

there is more to this but it's mine to keep!~ haha!
minta maaf sebab gamba bersepah.
ain rabun it. ain nak cepat.
assignment menunggu.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i was talking to dearest Matul about her session with her physiotherapist. she's not happy with it. something about the crutches.

i asked my lecturer about it and he says that the therapist is doing the right thing. base on the body's biomechanics, the right side of the body would stabilize the left side of the body and vice versa. so when he asks you to change your crutches to the right side there's nothing wrong there. and regarding you being worried about your leg, well..he said that normally when the patient could stand on their own two legs there would be nothing to be worried about..

haha! mcm tue la. tp sbb kamu sudah tidak guna crutches and boleh berjalan dengan bahagianya..kamu lupakan saja pasal time cari ain plak ok? haha!

and matul gila handbags! yesh yesh!~
next on the list? tqaH!!~
btw matul, bila pula mahu gila makeup?

p/s: saya dilantik sebagai biro publisiti Phytas. saya semakin sibuk.
p/ss: naz kata page saya tak lawa. jadi saya pun tukar balik. haha! naz busuk!


Sunday, August 24, 2008


great night spent with great peeps! kamu kamu mmg sgt besh!

during our gathers..lots of topic had been discussed. after those discussions and reading a friends blog, i did some thinking.

these issues of races had to be stop. we would never get anywhere what with all this issues. all the races in Malaysia had to cooperate instead of "fighting" for our races right. Malaysia is known for its multi races.

Malaysians are going to be celebrating our independence days soon. think about this.
we'd got our independence because our all the races had work together and not by going against each other.

change our own mentality. then only we could change the world.
think about it.
i did my thinking. it's your turn.
fine by me if you don't agree with me.
cause I'm just giving an opinion.
correct me if I'm wrong.
as we all learn from our mistakes.


Friday, August 22, 2008

"kerna nila setitik. rosak susu sebelanga"

i admire those with hijab and still looks trendy and not "kampung", that is if they still style by the rules.

what is the use of wearing hijab without really understanding the reason YOU wear it? and whether your reason is strong enough? or good enough?

it is sickening to see girls with hijab on, but wearing short skirts? or short sleeves?

i perfectly understand a girl's desire to be "in-trend", i am a girl too.
but we could always do some layering. long skirts is still on sale. so what is the problem actually in dressing appropriately?

i'm not saying that i dress perfectly as a muslim. just a question and reminder for me as well. i'm happy that we are wearing hijab. but, for what if it would just stain the images of others with hijab and perfectly dressed too?



Wednesday, August 20, 2008


my debts are settled!

i had been imagining what to wear for my Physio Gala Nite this coming Wednesday. since the theme is red and black(so un-creative.i know). several images have been popping in my mind but i still haven't decided. my current wardrobe? red tee? BORED! aaa..damn.that's the only red i have. is not really my colour. i'm in a serious need to shop.



Tuesday, August 19, 2008


it's like i don't have enough in my hand. today i've got to deal with rising temperature and runny nose. one day wasted being a potato couch when i have tons of work to be done. how "lucky" am i?
if it was some other day, i could just pop some panadol and pills in my mouth and went to sleep. but it has to be today..the day i had overslept till noon and i'm paying my debt.

i still don't felt good.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

exercises and modalities

it has always been about kinesiology rite? today it's going to something more fun and simple. haha!

these 2 classes is the most relaxed class i had. these pictures tells it all.

this is a machine called CPM. aaa...lpe la name panjang die..haha.. it helps exercise coma patient or patient with very weak muscle. or in short, it is a kind of passive exercises. the pict that features me pulling on something is a kind of strengthening exercises using Thera Band. and it is HARD to pull it cause it has the max resistance. there are thera band with lesser resistance, thus easier to be stretch.

okay...did u all watch "Wanted"? This is the parafin wax healing like the shown in the movie. however, in physiotherapy we only used it for the distal part of the body. so jgn gatal nk rendam bdn dlm wax coz it is DAMN HOT! gle pnye panas! The machine exposed here is used to melt the wax. Advantages? the wax could be recycled!~

Actually, there is lots more! but we're so busy enjoying and exploring the equipments that we just don't have the time to take pictures. =p


Friday, August 8, 2008


Saya tahu....saya tak pernah pergi camping. tapi hari ini saya telah pergi ke satu camping yang sangat sangat sangat unik! saya rasa..ini adalah camping yg paling pendek pernah saya tahu.

tak caya?

saya pergi pada pukul 3 petang. pukul 4 petang saya sudah pulang. masih x caya?
percayalah..kerana itu adalah cerita benar.

tapi anda mungkin x dapat rasa pengalaman macam saya. melainkan admin yang berkaitan sangat sengal.

kerana perkhemahan yang pendek itu cuma terjadi kerana terdapat beberapa pertukaran di saat saat akhir. di hari dan masa kami sepatutnya pergi.

perkhemahan yang sepatutnya diadakan di sungai congkak bertukar lokasi di fakulti sains kesihatan dan bukit gasing. jadi kami telah diberi kelonggaran untuk memilih sama ada kami mahu ikut atau tidak.

saya memilih tidak. kenapa?

saya sudah sedikit teruja untuk pergi ke perkhemahan pertama saya. tetapi apabila di kecewakan sebegini rupa, saya hilang semangat. jadi saya sepakat bersama rakan2 untuk tarik diri.


there goes my "first time".


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quickie's early in the morning and i'm already up. Thanks to this damn Kine assignment. For the moment, id only manage to prepare 12 slides?? WTF! and lagi maw blogging...haha!
it was supposed to be a group assgmt but working last minute in a group is not a perfect solution.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SUA and Phytas Orientation

SUA stands for Sukan Universiti ASEAN. I'm a volunteer! It'll be on 11-21 of December. The info i've got for the moment is our practice schedule and our performance coreography roughly. The practice would start in September but since it is Ramadhan, it'll be only the positioning practice.

However, after our finals, the REAL practice would start. Damn..there goes my holiday.

Extra iNput: Around 5000 UiTM's student are going to be involve.

This picture shows me and my groupmate during the PHYTAS(Physiotherapy Association) orientation. The one in reds are our Part 3 seniors. I seriously went crazy on the day.We start the day with aerobics.Uitm physio's had won in an aerobics national competition. Exhausting~ Then we get in groups,choose a group name(Tempoyak was the result),design a cheer for the group and I paint my face!Several games were played in which one of it i was "bath" with flour+salt(masin nak mampos)..the whole packet of it by one of the seniors. i was damn filthy by the end of the day. We even race using wheelchair and ape name tongkat tue. =p teruja plak..

FUN Exercise: i want to share with u guys a physio's exercise..kind of a trademark la..first stand widely..hands on your hip..bend your knees...n rock your pelvis!! forward n backward not side to side..It is call the pelvic rock exercise.. =P