Friday, November 21, 2008

home sweet home~

i am HOME! finally, i'm out from college. yesh yesh! n FINALLY, my exams over!! wee~ i'm over all the stress girls~

summarizing my exams in one word would be exhausting! especially my practical exams. but..kinesiology practical exams was quite fun..since i'm the last group to be examined, the examiner kinds of loosen up already. and since we already got some of the questions from our friends who had done it earlier. its not like we're already confident or anything, i am still nervous.
but at least i didn't screw up like i how i did in my therapeutic exercise and electrophysical modalities.

enough with my exams. to all my girls and boys. bit of a bad news here. i may have trouble in joining any kind of gathering(small or big) due to my SUA practice.

date: 18th November-4 December
time: 9am-5pm

so, u see. it's a whole day practice but i'll try to make myself available for you guys okayh?
i was thinking of a whole lot of things to say in my blog but suddenly now..i'm just to sleepy to go on.

but, i'm saving this for last.
my dear sayang, i never chased u away. been busy and been confused. u know that.
tried to plan for us but since u either dont want to tell me or u really dont want to come home so i cant do anything.
love u =)