Sunday, May 29, 2011

Conceited Brat.

Yes i am. That's why I talk only about me on this blog. Well, it is my blog right? :)

Its semester break but I'm working my ass off. or so I think. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm working at my uncle's bakery shop happily having fun and had also picked up some bakery tips and tricks. No, don't take me wrong. I'm not hinting that he's dishonest, I meant it from a positive side. Such as how to make the recipe's better tasting and such. At the same time I am also still working on my FYP proposal and am now working on the last stage before submitting it for ethical approval meeting. Supposedly I would have had the time to focus on it as I take the day off on Thursday and my weekly day off is on Friday and Saturday. 3 freaking whole days to do just that. But as the saying goes, we plan but God decides. :)

So, on Thursday morning I was offered a 5 days job by *ehem*. Interested for experience I accepted thus ask for another 5 days leave from an Understanding uncle andd *Green Light* ! Another factor would be *ka-ching~* Haha! Okay, so yes. Today is actually the second day I'm working as a medical cover for MBPJ-Milo Tennis Open bla bla bla ~ Exhausted? not really. But yes, it is mentally tiring. I have absolutely noo idea about tennis. The fact that it could take up to an hour or even more for one game makes me go blerghhh~

Well, MASUM is next on the list. Next month. I just couldn't stay at home and do nothing. Once in a while, yes that will be lovely ! But not 5 months straight ! 2 weeks top! LOL. After this week, I guess I would be back to bakery. :) Nicee ~


p/s: gotta get back to ethics proposal ~

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I wish i could tell you the truth. I wish i could tell you what i felt. I wish i could open up that easily.

But, I just can't.

I listen, but never talk.


Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, i'd started my holiday since 25th of April but have nothing to blog about as i was doing nothing, except shop, date and finishing my still unfinished research proposal. :)

Today however, i had officially start as a part time worker at La Rosmar Bakery Shop. Well, basically its my uncle's shop. I am sooo lucky to be working there as i don't have to go searching for jobs and i don't have to endure un-flexible working hours which comes in a package if i chose some fancy boutiques or shops in a mall. Don't worry, i am not taking advantages. I'll be working like i work at any other places.

In the mean time, I will still be working on my proposal. By hook or by crook, i want to start collecting data before my sem starts. Since i start work at 12 in the afternoon, i could easily spend my morning for my research. Yes, i am a lazy girl but once i get in the mood of a working woman, i'll be so the rajinnn.

I had also got an offer to be a physiotherapist for MASUM end of next month. *woot* So, yeap. I'm gonna go. I don't really like to be a sports physio but why not? The experiences that count. Same goes to my part-time work. It may not be as glamorous as some people's job but atleast i'm learning new things.

Am also trying to get the aerobic instructor license but still haven't had the chance to talk to my senior about it. Maybe later. But i am determined to get one no matter when it is that i can get it. Haha. Ambitious lil me.

Well, a Diva would always Dream Big !


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frenemies. Friends. Enemies.

What is it with all these haters? or frenemies? They are friends yet they are enemies.

When it comes to frenemies, these dialogs are commonly heard.

"hoomagaaddd! i hate her soo much!"

"what? who? naaahh, i dont want to know anything about her anymore."

andddd, when it comes to bitching.

"she is such a fakee!"

"i thought she was MY friend."

"how could she betrayy me like this?"

"if she is a REAL friend, she would have understand what I AM going through!"

"She's not a real friend, a real friend would stick up to ME no matter what happen"

Well, how do i know all this? Believe me, I've been through all this frenemies phase throughout my WHOLE life ! Not exaggerating as i used too, but its seriously true. I don't know, maybe its me. Theres always something similar happening to me.

Well, technically everyone, every best friends would go through this phase at least once. :)

It depends really, if u feel that the friendship means a lot to u then I suggest drop down the ego, hatred, hence making up. Apologize. For me, thats the easiest way to survive this phase.

Anyway, there would always be a chance that he/she would still not forgives u as easy as u do. Big chance also that she will accuse u all the way back. Well, for me. Easy. U should have known her long and well enough. U should be able to judge, is this relationship worth the effort? Worth the ego that u let go? :)

Sometimes, not everything is about u. Sometimes, not everything is about He/She.

When these happens, both sides are at fault. No matter what it is. Both sides would have their faults.

Think about it. Have u ever go through this phase?