Friday, April 30, 2010


Oh, i am dedicated to studying this week. NOT!

lols~ naahh~ not really dedicated actually. despite all the tough subjects this semester, i'm more relaxed compared to the previous semester. don't ask me why. i just don't know. anyway, when studying reach the ultimate boredom, i tend to tweet and stalk people who matters most in my life. not those haters. when it comes to H, i gave up. her blog is totally out of my league! anyway, she tried to help me by making a special post. and oh i am touched! ;) To S, i read all yC's blog. no matter how kompelikated it mait sim. :))

Summary of exams? Please, just wait for the result. what's the best summary for exam except results aite? :D as i said, i am dedicated to studying this week. and lets make it a much smaller NOT! insane much?

what else. what else. oh! houses for next semester. as a degree student, we're meant to be kicked out from college one day or another. so, we decided to get our ass out from the college before we got kicked out. haha. but then, we found kind of a perfect house. RM800 w/o the bills. Fully furnished w/o bed. Great neighborhood too. Max 6 tenants are allowed. Good news, we have 4 at the moment. bad news, we dont have anyone to total up to 6. and we are very sure that we can't afford the rent with only 4 persons! anyone up for the grab? 2 person needed tops!

i should start studying now. tutoring love. *as if*


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am basically glowing in and out! ;)
Thanks to Love, that is. He came to my rescue before i get all hormonal. rofl~
Seriously, being here would not get me at my best. i'd stress out before u cud even count to 3. *3secondrulesanyone?*

at the moment everyone else was so stuck up in books notes etc.
we took the liberty to went out together.
the thought of getting out from here was ALWAYS comforting in a way.
being with you makes it even better. :)

thought of coming back?
makes me squirm~ and whine~ and god knows what else.
i wish i could just stay at home.
best place one could be.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Imperfections does not mean unhappiness. ;)

Somethings cant be shared with words. ;)
Let it stay in my memories, yet i can't seem to keep this happiness alone to myself.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy 23rd Sayang.

Happy Birthday Sayang! U are getting old. lols.

never mind,

i love u still.

*Gambar ta clear. Benci*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Physiotherapy Department, HUKM

A visit that had at last, open up my eyes & mind.

Previous hospital visit didn't actually exposes us to the everyday routine of a physiotherapist in a department work. One reason was 1st, in the 1st and 2nd semester we only had visit to have an idea of a department and it's equipment etc.
3rd semester we did went to the orthopedic ward, but we didn't actually get to see how a physio functions here. Even in the outpatient, almost all the patient are quite normal despite few limitations. plus, there are very few patients at that time.

this semester however, a visit to a bigger hospital. with more friendly physiotherapist helps me, us to get the feel of being in the hospital, working not just visiting. i hope i am ready to be an intern this upcoming holidays. pray for me! cause i know, i'll be suffocating d/t lack of knowledge. thanks to being super lazy all four semesters. :(

oh, he asked me. till when i am gonna keep myself shut and ignore the lots?
seriously, i don't know. maybe, until i am ready to forgive & forget.
definitely not now.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's time.

Call me a bitch.
That wouldn't make u better than me.
In fact, it puts u at a lower level than me.

Put on your seatbelts girls.
The Diva had pushed on the Bitch-y button.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


How hypocrite can a person be?
despite all the laughter and smiles and gratitudes, deep inside there's always a negative thought.
i've experienced this for oh so long now.
in fact, i am facing hypocrites almost everyday for the moment.
and have been putting up with it for as long as i can remember.
i've played it their ways. now its my turn to play it my way.
what the heck?
do i look like i care what they're gonna say?
i've had enough!
pull a face if u want to but i couldn't care less.
talk behind my back and see if i care.
plan to ignore me? don't waste your time cause i'd be happy to do it first.

from the start i'd never thought bad about any of u.
but being here. seriously opens up my eyes.

Who am i referring to?
Ask yourself.
Once u read this, u'd know who i'm talking about.
Maybe it's u?
I can't wait to get out of here asap!

don't make me loathe u lots!
once i start being a bitch.
there's no turning back.
even Naim wouldn't be able to stop me.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Awak & Awak,

saya tau, walau macam mana pun penyelesaiannya awak & awak, dua dua akan terluka.
tapi kita kan kawan dah lama?
janganla sebab ni, hubungan tu jadi renggang, paling teruk putus.

kalau betul awak happy.
kalau betul keputusan ini adalah terbaik.
saya sokong. saya doakan yang terbaik.

awak pula,
mungkin bukan masa awak.
mungkin ada yang lebih baik untuk awak.
ingat, tuhan maha adil.
dia tak akan anugerahkan kita pasangan yang tak setanding kita.

saya tak cukup baik untuk menasihati.
tapi saya cuba.
sebab saya sayang awak & awak.

Perkara itu belum pasti.
Mungkin masa depan akan mengubah perkara kita jadikan sekarang.
Tapi yang pasti, persahabatan itu jika tulus. Pasti akan kekal.
Cinta antara sahabat itu lebih indah.

Saya sayang awak, awak, awak , & awak.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have no idea who is being true to me. or who's not.
No, i am not talking about love. Seriously, nothing to do with it.
Just that, sometimes when i thought i'd finally made friends. something would always happen that made reality kicks me hard.

i am not the kind of person who can be friendly to just about anyone that easily. we may sometimes shares the same joke, but thats just it. to spend time together, to really take notice or care about, only with those i'm comfortable with.

secrets and problems are another thing. i only share it with one i knew, would understands me. i have a tantrum. i have a mood swing. i have my own way of dealing with my problem. sometimes, people can't accept my ways. but that's my way. i dont expect anyone to understand. yet still, people misinterpret me. yeah. nvm. people misinterpret me all along.

i had been an ignorant little me once. it work just fine with me. i dont have to care about anyone. i'd do my things, n not have to consider about others. it does have it's downsides tho. but for the moment it sound perfectly bliss to be able to do that, again. if only, i can.

once, that ignorant little me came back. Everyone around would be affected. I'll come and go as i please. I'll only care or be with the ones who really matters most to me. That time, my friends would be categorized into priority. That time, i'd be heartless. Bitchy. wtv u called it.

That time, everyone would be talking behind my back.
That time, i couldn't care less.
That time, ones who are true would be the one to stay.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Gian nak update blog.

Yet, i have nothing on my mind. Oh. Aznil just won. lols. no reason why i'm typing this. i told u. nothing is on my mind right now. so, bye!