Thursday, October 28, 2010


Something he tells me this evening gave a me a reality-check-bitch-slap right in my face!

i was pretty embarrassed by it that i still can't stop thinking about, whereas he might have even forget about it. it makes me think hard. maybe, maybe we should just set like some kind of gap. no, its not like we haven't tried doing it. tell me, how do we separates ourselves when we're in the same class, studied the same thing, and be on the same group for almost every assignment. and yes, i am aware of people judging us. telling us to get a life !

well, the truth is this is our life! :)


p/s: about the thing he told me about, we'll figure something out. maybe, a "big" decision will follow? xD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Home vs House

mum proposed that i stay at home next semester instead of renting one. well, i'd love too, though for certain reasons i am still considering it.

1st; i would need a lunch time getaway to sleep or hang out. surau or library is not a choice. neither do naim's house.

2nd; i would need a getaway place from my stuffed house in subang. *yes darling, i dont actually have privacy here but it's home* and duhh~ me, too needs some times away from parents.

3rd; i wouldn't have an option but to drive all the way back to subang even on the most exhausting day out with naim or any college's friend for that matter.

4th; this reason supposed to be the 1st but~ xD i would have to go to campus on study week to study as there's no way i can study at home. prove is this semester choice of staying at home. not working for me, i end up in campus 5days in a row. *lols* studying in campus in daytime is no biggie, but to stay till night ? never done it. and don't think i will like it. takkan laa hari hari nak lepak starbux pulak. kaya pun boleh jatuh miskin. =.='

5th; i have no where to place all my stuffs. having a rent house allows me to ditch certain stuffs that i don't use at home there. like my academic books. ;P if i were to stay home, i'd have to find spaces to fit them all in.

so, i still think having a rent house is a better option. but i don't know. maybe should ask around if there is a cheaper and better one? cause even my rented room is very stuffed! =.='


Friday, October 22, 2010

Extra Work

d/t some technical mishaps, we've lost our clinical preceptors marks that would cost us 30% . Thus, now we've got to cover the marks by doing some extra work. We've been given the task to search for 20 case report. Mine is case report on stroke. and of course, physical therapy.

and i tell u, it is not easy!~ it may seems easy, with google and stuffs yet we still need to read and chose the most reliable, and suitable. that, and the number of cases we need to get.

ouh, don't get me wrong though. am not actually complaining. we're very grateful of having 2nd chances. we're even hoping that he scores us more than what we've got! u know the saying, behind every cloud, there's a silver lining. :D

actually, i'm getting bored and my eyes are getting sore of reading books and watching tele at the same time. and i'm not helping my eyes by staring at the laptop. *sigh* and i thought taking a break from studying by searching for case report is a good idea. LOL.

lets head to bed.


Friday, October 15, 2010


it kinda had become a habit for me.

when i'm mad with any of the friends, i literally absorb myself with more ME and HIM time.
This i realize, few days back.

I was pissed.
So, i drifted away from them slowly.
Stayed in the room alone indulging myself with HIMYM and Research Methodology notes =.='
And the next day, once i was awake, get ready and get my ass out of the house.
Met HIM and studied together.
After class, went out instead of going back to the house.
Tagged HIM and his friend.
Once i'm back at the house, a bit catnap then head straight back to Subang.
The next morning, got into a bit of a catfight with HIM, yet make up asap!
After test, went on a little runaway drive with HIM.
Still to the moment i'm typing, i am still putting myself in a distance from them.
but made a date with HIM this evening.

I have no idea why i do these things.
but boy am i blessed from having him in life.
which is the very reason why i'm thinking,
this could last. :)



p/s: i am the perfect wife! :))

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Happen?

We was the ultimate B & S.

note, WAS.

though i know, i don't exist anymore in her diaries of life.
and only God knows, how hurt i am thanks to her actions and words.

There's a feeling, lingering around. Reminding me, of the times together.
Pushing me to ask myself, what is she up to nowadays.
but seriously, for what?

we've been given chances to redeem back old times.
but both of us, for best or for worst;
denied it.

i could repeat saying, i couldn't care less?
but who am i kidding?
i do care.

i'm not really good at first moves.
but if there is something worth holding on forever;
it's friendship sewn with love.

If she reads this, i know she know that its her i'm talking about.


p/s: pathetic as i sound, i rather be a pathetic loser on earth than a helpless loser in hell. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I can't seem to come up with any title, thus decided to leave it blank.

I was at a certain someone house today, and i just don't know what i felt.
no, act i do know.
this feeling is just so weird.
i know its better to just be ME.

I am just too shy!

words don't spill out from my mouth as usual.
and i kept myself hidden as much as possible, though failed. =.='

macam, kalau orang masuk tanya dengan muka pelik sb ta penah nampak,
"nieh sape? "

rase nak terjun masuk gaung dek malu!

okay, i exaggerate too much. =.='

em.. aa..