Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life is Love

So, it has been 2 weeks since I started my final clinical practice in Hospital Selayang, Selangor.

Hospitals amazed me with their stories. Somehow, I feel hospitals very inspiring if you look at the right places the right way. I know i know, hospitals are dull and full of sick people so how can it be so inspiring?


As a Muslim, we're told to remember 5 things before 5 things. In this instance, 2 of them answers the above questions.

Healthy before Sick.

Life before Death.

For the sake of time....

So, yes. Every story behind a patient's life are very much inspiring. What makes it better is that you know its true. Not just some script created by us with no such experiences as them. Take it positively, remember our place here on earth. Everyone is a nobody on earth. :)

Story One

She's a young mother not even 30 years old yet, with 3 kids. One of them hospitalized. Her husband? Long gone with another woman without a divorce. Reason? She's no longer attractive. Her womanly parts are used out. A younger women suits him better than her. She no longer hopes for him, nor she hopes for another man. She's happy on her own. She's happy with her kids. She doesn't care as long as her kids stayed with her.

Such a pity.

Its not that she is not beautiful, but sometimes men forgets that beauty gets old. Hold it right there women before you go "hell yeahhh". Women too, tends to forget that beauty gets old. Sometimes, we pay too much attention to physical beauty that we forget its the inside that really matters. Choose and find those with faith to Him, insyaAllah we'll get someone with dignity and manners.

Story Two

A boy, an innocent age still. Playful, active age. Its normal for them to run around, fall down and bang with each other. But who are we to fight His wish? He runs and bangs a friend in the head. Gets on with school without any major problems. Problem starts the moment he reaches home, he suffered seizures.

Doctor diagnosis? Traumatic Brain Injury.

One minute you're a normal kid, the next minute you are dependent, inactive, pretty much bed-ridden although still lovable. :') Positively, we can say Allah loves him more. He protected him from the sin of the world.

Story Three

Who knows how work-life are gonna affect us, no? She's young, not yet 40 but already suffering common medical problems you hear in an elderly's life. Diabetes and Hypertension at such a young age. One day, she falls from stroke. Lucky her, although depressed she still have the will to get better. 8 months of physiotherapy, she could now walk independently, but... she still haven't gotten back her hand function. :( She also look depressed with her gait pattern.  I can't help but feel very very sorry for her. Oh, did I mention she have a 8 year old kid? No? Ok. So, now I'm telling you.

I pray for her.. I can't imagine if I was in her place. I really feel I have a great great GREAT tendency to get depressed easily.

So, you're still not happy in your life cause you have no boyfriend or the latest gadget?

Appreciate what we have before its gone... :)

There is always more stories besides the one I mentioned.

Working in a hospital can be a bore, but there is always a story behind everything. Turn it around your way. :)