Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daddy's home!

My dad gets the offer of going overseas only once in a while. A VIP here it seems. lols. This week is one of the week, he's in Aussie. And he got me a Coach's bag~ At last, and no, my family is not from the oh so wealthy i could have coach everyday if i wanted to. Thank you. ;) Love u daddy! *grin*

Being a girl, getting a bag makes me jump for joy ~ !

Today, Naim is playing rugby for SAF. ;) Good Luckk dear~ No, am not going to support. *awkward* Lols. Maybe i should ask him to play something where girls are not a non-existence. :D

So far, things are going well. A few exceptions here and there though. ;)

bye! going shopping!


Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is something to be think about, or maybe not.

Why on earth does we feel secured around the one's we love?
Every minute spend was worthwhile nevermind the fact that it was actually wasted doing nothing.
One second in their arms makes us feel a whole lot better.
Every touch makes u smile?
Every smile makes u melt?
and even with only a look in the eyes could turn u upside down?

Some would say "Sorry" seems to be the hardest word, but sometimes "sorry" is easier to be shown, not said. Even words can't deny the effect of an action. ;)

Can't seem to understand my rambling? Ignore, thank you. :)

Another thing is, foes or enemies.

How do we define them actually?

U know, most people claimed, that a certain person is their worst enemy and they just so hates them. yet, they stalked, they asked, they have the needs to know what is happening in their so-called enemies.

I'm confused. If u hate that person so much, then why do u have to care about them? Then, define hate. I would say, it's not hate.

It's either care, cause there's actually love not hatred.


It's just plain jealousy.



p/s: i could have explained everything, but then i thought it's for no reason.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nothing to blog.

Its been a while. Lots had happen yet nothing to be blog. I think i'm losing interest ? Whateverla~

Well, a news would be that we would be going our seperate ways. Starting this November ? The lecturers had happily seperates us for our clinical practice. ouh well, they have their reasons. Mummy is not happy yet okay with it.

The annual dinner is around the corner yet seriously, LOTS of things need to be done. Gym to be decorated. Things to buy. Budget to fit. Making everybody else happy about it. Seriously, the least thing u could do is understand the situation and not make a fuss out of it. and yeah, SUPPORT. an attitude? oh thanks a lot for being in a community~.

There was this alumni13 dinner hosted by the high school. have fun LOL-ing with YC. yeay! Spend approx. 3 hours getting ready! Best sangat! The place and food was yucky but it was cool to meet up with old friends old flames old teachers. yeah. long lost everyone was there.

Love story? ;) Loving every minute. Hopefully, our ups and downs would gain us strength.

Studies? i dont even know what to tell since class is something that almost not exist in my diaries. *grin*


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

note to self;

Well, at last i have something to say.

This comes from my good side.

I understand that the owner makes u representatives to collect all the money and stuffs, but seriously u don't have to ask us everyday when its been crystal clear he's coming on saturday~ u'll only exhausts urself and annoys us.

household items. PLEASE talk and let us know before buying ANYTHING! i don't appreciate people asking me money when i don't have the slightest idea of what u bought. we're living in a house, NOT college as we used to. So, treat it like ur own house AND act like ur living in a real house. we don't need 2 to 3 similar items in the fridge or kitchen or anywhere else just because everyone's acting so selfish. Except the item for your own room and ur toiletries, please, let's share. it'll let us saves more than u can imagine.

oh. for what i am babbling in here not to them? to restrict myself from flaring up in anger and disgust. i know how i'm capable of doing that.

for those who are not related to this house, stay out of it.