Saturday, August 21, 2010


Baby during the first four weeks of life. :)

Am supposed to get this assignment on neonates done, but i have no idea how to start. So instead, i'm stuck here. HAHA. I'm in love with parachute by cheryl cole and pyramid by charice ft. iyaz. okay, crap. seriously i have nothing to write about. just feels like crapping.

Yesterday buka puasa luar. kfc je pun. i know, lame~ but who cares? it's who i'm with and how i appreciate my meal that counts, no? :) another reason it's kfc is cause i've been wanting to try the shrimps. haha. though all my other experiences taught me not to trust the ads, but suka hati la! nak jugak rasa. :D after all, we debated on where to buka puasa for hours. at first it was supposed to be a restaurant we rarely goes to or never, well lets put it this way, kfc is something that is close to our hearts. ngee~ i wonder if he realised this or not, i don't think so though. *sigh*

Oh, i really want a new jeans. no, make that several new jeans. cause all my old jeans just dont fit anymore. NO, im not fatter. im THINNER. hate that fact but i've got to admit it. :) Oh, want several new blouse, shirts. oh maybe trousers and what else? new bags? again? haha. shoes shoes! tho i have lots and only wears each of them once or twice except my comfy pairs. :) which i drag everywhere. like seriously everywhere. shopping, class, bazar etc etc etc.

oh. boyfie is once again indulging himself in fantasy football. and yeah we do talk about it together. he's been gloating for getting the highest point in the 1st week. anddd been talking about it only with the boys in class. somehow, in someway i know i'll be ignored. =.=' he better make it up to me. oh, i think i already know what to get him for his bday next year. lols! :D

okayyyyy. i'm crapping way too much.


Friday, August 20, 2010


As in today, its been 2 weeks i'm stuck at home literally. minus last saturday and sunday. ;) oh and classes and meetings and stuffs.

Okay, so not really stuck at home la. Stilll, i'm bored to death. Its been ages since i'm kept at home on weekends. Shopping? Broke. Eat? Puasa. Then nak buaaattt apaaa neeehh? =.='

Assignment, please. Its a handwritten assignment, and am absolutely lazy to get it started. *sigh*

I dont even have anything to blog about. No, thats not entirely true, its just that i chose not to say anything anymore. :)

I'm even more lazy to get back to Subang. Malas drive! *dasartaretibersyukur!* :))


p/s: ignore the title it has nothing to do with the post.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ramadhan is here. Again.
A peak for all Muslims in salvaging our love for Allah the Almighty.
Late as it is, I am wishing Happy Ramadhan and i seek for forgiveness from all.
I'm human. A creature god created to make mistakes, yet learned from them.
May every Ramadhan become better and blessed for each and everyone of us Muslims.
May it also be a turning point for some.




p/s: Masquerade party is a job well done. :) Thanks everyone especially to my class. HS224/05.
Next event, we'll do better okayy?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Masquerade Party.

One more day to go.
I'm excited and worried at the same time.
Hopes everything goes well after what we've gone through.
It may not be the most perfect, but it will be something.
We've tried our best based on our limitations.

We're touched by the support.
Hurt by the complaints and rambles.
yet, Strong.

I'm amazed how some of the committee members are so collected and committed in handling the event .
I've to admit, w/o them the dinner wouldn't have come true.
Thanks guys. Ur the best! :)

Gotta go sleep. Busy busy day ahead.