Tuesday, July 29, 2008


okay..it's early in the morning and i'm already up. Thanks to this damn Kine assignment. For the moment, id only manage to prepare 12 slides?? WTF! and lagi maw blogging...haha!
it was supposed to be a group assgmt but working last minute in a group is not a perfect solution.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SUA and Phytas Orientation

SUA stands for Sukan Universiti ASEAN. I'm a volunteer! It'll be on 11-21 of December. The info i've got for the moment is our practice schedule and our performance coreography roughly. The practice would start in September but since it is Ramadhan, it'll be only the positioning practice.

However, after our finals, the REAL practice would start. Damn..there goes my holiday.

Extra iNput: Around 5000 UiTM's student are going to be involve.

This picture shows me and my groupmate during the PHYTAS(Physiotherapy Association) orientation. The one in reds are our Part 3 seniors. I seriously went crazy on the day.We start the day with aerobics.Uitm physio's had won in an aerobics national competition. Exhausting~ Then we get in groups,choose a group name(Tempoyak was the result),design a cheer for the group and I paint my face!Several games were played in which one of it i was "bath" with flour+salt(masin nak mampos)..the whole packet of it by one of the seniors. i was damn filthy by the end of the day. We even race using wheelchair and ape name tongkat tue. =p teruja plak..

FUN Exercise: i want to share with u guys a physio's exercise..kind of a trademark la..first stand widely..hands on your hip..bend your knees...n rock your pelvis!! forward n backward not side to side..It is call the pelvic rock exercise.. =P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Distance

Long distance is a pain.Not that being close doesn't bring probs too.
The boyfriend is waaayyy up north. And i'm stuck here? Not complaining though.
The problem is....me?? I could not find a way to keep my temper.
My schedule is not helping either. Falling asleep at 10-11 at night? Soo not me!

It's just that i get tired too easily. Give me time to regain my stamina.My lecturer will kill me by the end of the sem if i still don't regain it =p

Therapeutic Exercises. Yes! Girls!! i'm exercising!! *LOL* having two classmates with diploma in Sports science kinDa help. and another classmates who is actively involved in Uitm's taekwando team also helps. Yeah..they know i'm not big in sports. =)

"Ain! Bukan camtue..mcm nie la.."
"Ain..ain boleh bwat x nie?"

Haha! Klakar kn? For the moment..yes i'm quite busy.

Tapi ain rindu YC ngan Geng Bas skola!!

Till next time Dear~