Friday, October 30, 2009

Yeehaa Crew.

i miss u!!
bile boley jumpa?

rezuin si student "overseas". ceit. konon.
halimatul dan babi hutan nye. :P ade lagi x?
suriati dan kisah2 nye. sape yang baru? kejam ta bagi i view blog u.
nana yang sangat the "menteri-ness". susah tol nak jumpe.
ifah. jangan banyak sgt submission nnt!
liesa si artist. kan? ta eh?
farahin. ni lagi sorg. bawak2 la balik time cuti.
zafa. haha. satu-satunye YC yang paham bile bcerita tentang studies.
the boys. yang bersepah i tataw korg kat mane da. :P

tQah the hotelier mmg tataw la ble boley jumpe. sape suh g blaja jauh2?

macam sikit list nieh. sape lagi? cukup kan?


already gone.

has it always been like this?
are we meant for destruction?
why do the past needs to reconcile?

when i'd actually open up.
things would never go my way.
or am i in the wrong direction even from the very start?



Wednesday, October 28, 2009


manusia ta penah puas.
sentiasa ada keinginan.
wpun kadang2 kita ta pham ape yang kite nak sebenarnya.

currently listening to "Sedang Ingin Bercinta". :D
memories floating in the air.
ain rindu sekolah. :(


Monday, October 26, 2009

here comes the end. :D

well. the test are done. assignments submitted. classes covered.

that only left us with one more things to settled before we get our brain rusted again.


Good Luck everyone~ :D


Saturday, October 24, 2009

act of random.

rase macam mau blogging. eventho keje banyak. :D

relationship status in facebook.
from "in a relationship" to "it's complicated".
banyak mendatangkan pertanyaah eh?
no. i don't have any explaination, thus the ignorance for the comments posted on FB.

funny thing.
matol came by my house tonight. (thanks for coming by when i'm "decent")
she gave me door gifts of her bro's engagement.
i didn't realised it until my brother shout out loud..
"ain! ko tunang ke??"

then i realised her bro's fiance goes by the name ain jugak.
ngel nye adik.
takkan la sis sendiri tunang tak tau.
kate sayang?? :))


Friday, October 23, 2009

hospital visit~

wad rounds.
fun. horror. makes me want to go into practice fast!

okay. yang last tu penipuan besar. haha~
besstt pegi wad rounds.
meeting all kinds of people and looking at various cases.
patient degil patient peramah. paling penting patient handsome (bukan ade pun tadi :P)
mostly tadi ada elderly patients. yang re-admission. yang multiple fractures. yang re-fracture.
gangrene. diabetic foot. cellulitis. semua laa.

okay. several things need to be developed before my clinicals.

  • the art of communication~
  • cheerfullness yet with empathy~
  • the ability to understand what patient is saying. (kes ta phm ape org yang da tua ckp laa nie. adoii..)
  • oh. and knowledge! duhh~
haha. bengong ain. dgn budak 14 tahun pun boleh kelu lidah nk bwt subjective assesment. adoiii~

cane nk kuar clinical nieh??


Thursday, October 22, 2009

get out of my head!


pray for me my dears. i need all those wishes.

i am currently supposed to be studying for neurology test tomorrow but as usual. i got bored and sleepy. so, blogging is kind of a therapy. lagipun, da lama tak blog kan. haha~

neurology is fun. seriously. knowledge is fun right? no matter what it is.
then, why do we get bored? or fed up with it?
for neurology, it will be the fact that i have to memorised precisely what bloody blood vessels are affected and what are the symptoms caused by the injury. oh, not forgetting which part of the brain it affects. lalala~

mesti korg ta paham kan? haha!

stroke is also known as cerebral vascular accident (CVA). it is defined as the sudden onset of neurological symptoms more than 24 hours, usually acute and results in impaired or loss of functions.

saje nak bg korg pandai sekali. :P
ok. get to get back to understanding stroke patients. :D


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ikot hati, tak kemane. ikot hati, mati.
akal fikiran, buntu?
so macam mane?

jom kite b'soal jawab.

YC! 24th Oct ok tak? :D
ask around kayh.


Friday, October 9, 2009

busy busy bee~

saya sgt sibuk. recap of the week? are u serious?

monday: due date of orthopaedic asgmt which i finished at ard 9 in the morning the same day. btw, i slept at 5 the night before. or shud i say morning? what ever.

tuesday: due date of pathology asgmt. finish that one at 3 in the morning. haha. last minute gile. and ade aerobic session in the evening and first aid test at 8 pm. sigh~ balik test igt nk bwt asgmt exs yg da tgguh gile punye lame. tapi tertido after kemas2 bilik yg..sgt sgt sgt bsepah!
oh. and today dpt 3 asgmt neuro. handwritten to be hand in next friday.

wednesday: aerobic class! i conducted an aerobic session. yes i did. :D:D:D caye x? thanks for all who joined in. clinical cndition night class. a replacement. balik igt nk buat asgmt exs yg semlm ta jd buat. tp alas, ttdo again. that shows how exhausted i am. n calf muscle sgt sgt skt.

thursday: td ptg during exs class, buat aerobic n yoga. bdn mkn sakit. rite now i am taking a break fm pregnancy asgmt yg da ttgguh dua hari sebelum nie. and after that nk kne buat asgmt clinical condition. due tomorrow!

friday: pagi ade seminar women's health smp tgh hari. ptg ade clas practical orthopaedic.

saturday: practical test first aid. :((

sunday: alas, rest time. and then back to work. asgmt to be hand in byk lg!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hectic. Scared. Lost.

my life is hectic as it is. i haven't been getting enough sleep yet i can't seem to be focused on my work. (eg. right this moment) due dates of assignments seems to be everyday of the week. tests is practically fighting its way to be on my calendar. aerobics programme is still going on. with addition of the senior's programme. examination is just around the corner with no study weeks!

and omg i am just freaking scared of it! i have a bad feeling. that i'm gonna screw up. sigh. hope not. heart problem doesn't seems to be interfering though sometimes it distracted me. no, i don't think theres a problem. just this friggin' doubt won't leave me in peace. i can't be bothered if it's forever or not right now. what matter most is my double friggin' exams!

despite all that, i think i am lost. i need an answer. but no, no one's gonna get it for me. it's for me to finds out on my own. wish me luck.