Sunday, October 5, 2008

Agony usual, i woke up late. very late! get up and get ready. went to Ani's house. omg! it's been ages since we last see each other. well, she never changes. haha! glad bout it. i was really afraid it would be awkward. then went to Summit with Faie and Naz. haha! today is like..went to visit places or peoples that i haven't seen or went to for ages! eventhough i'm in agony all the time i am out today, i manage to have fun.'s 4 in the morning. i started on my assignment that i had been putting off for several days at 9 but..too much distraction.haha! only manage to really progress like 2 hours before. still in progress but decided to blog.

i am actually very very worried about my finals. i had never been the type to study study even if i know that i had too but i never worry this much. hurm2..maybe it's the assignments. see ain. this is what happens when you procrastinate.

rumors have subsided though my curiosity is killing me. i badly want to know who's the one responsible in spreading rumors.

"tak suke ckp x sukela.."
-Ikhwanul Naim-