Thursday, November 25, 2010

Muar. :)

It's been what? 2 weeks? :)

Homesick and missing a certain someone is basically, a routine for me. but my story is about everything except those.

The town. Busy busy town with nothing i can do. pffftt. It's basically a chinese town as their race kinds of dominates the town. I can't even find a decent restaurant at noon thanks to the traffic and one way road. =.=' don't even ask about dinner, we would just stop by any restaurants or stalls that looks promising and assuring. Siapa kata makan murah?? Normal. feels just like Subang. and believe me, i've not been outside the house after 7pm. Don't have a reason too plus am too lazy to drive. Ngee~ Kind off getting used to it by now, whats with the tons of works given.

Work. I am starting to love it here. Leceh? Mungkin untuk sesetengah pihak. For this 1st 2 weeks, things are a bit chaotic as the management just changed hands, and one of the physio got into an accident (1/12 MC). Yeah, u could imagine how things are. But today, a staff meeting was held and Alhamdullilah. Lots of things were resolved, and i admire the HOD spirit of trying to help us become a great therapists. Even with the lack of time, lack of staff he starts on a routine of daily tutorial to help us with our skills and knowledge. Not forgetting all the other physios, with different characteristics and all they're always willing to help. :) Even tomorrow, i'll be conducting an aerobic class for the hospital's staff. wish me luck eh? ;) This friday, CME would start. Tutorial would start next week. We also have to make a timetable for 3 types of group exercises. each of us would handle one class. There's a plan to ask us to prepare an educational board for the department, perhaps on stroke. Then there's the world diabetic's day and so on.

Whoever follows this blog would know how i dreaded coming here! but now that time flies so fast, i don't even feel the rush to finish this posting. :D

ouh yeah, My Sayang? He's doing faaaaiiiyynn! :) As long as he stays true, i've got nothing to worry about. Apa? Kalau dia curang? BAKAR je! Seriously, this is what i told him. haha.

I miss him though. Hmmm. 6 weeks more.

Sabar ye?


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am gonna exaggerate on this post. If u don't like what u read, please close the window. Thank you.

13 days more till the start of our clinical practice. As for this moment, i am freaking and stressed out. Say what u want, i know myself better. Its just that, people been saying that u don't have to see each other all the time or be together all the time to be happy. cause then u'll learn how to miss each other and appreciate each other more. The problem is, even with us being together all the time i still miss him when we're apart for the night or the next morning. *tak-kahwin-lagi-tak-boleh-tidur-sama*

and even for the few hours we're apart, its like disaster! *yes-exaggerating* i mean, tonight would be an example. We have a special assignment to be done before this Friday, and since our exams is on Thursday we plan to finish it by tonight. So, we went out to get the ink to print out all the case report we've found. After juggling much, we decided one is enough. Back home, i was ready to nap when he text me saying, ink was not enough. we would probably need 3 more. =.=' Tonight, we went out again to get the ink. Why didn't he goes or i go on my own u asked? The assignment involved both of us, i feel obliged to help him or atleast accompany him. i don't even like him riding his bike at night with the traffic of Meru. Dangerous even for car drivers. Extra dangerous for motorbike riders! And right after we got back home, from Tesco again. He text again saying i forgot to give him the papers. *denggg!~* So, its like there's always something bringing us together during the day!

i don't care if u'r saying, LAME! my life, my way. hate it? get lost. :))

anyway, i am actually anxious regarding 2 things.

1st, us being away from each other for 2 months. *not-whole*

2nd, is like. em. maybe i should save this reason to myself. no, let me save this reason among me and closest friend. :D

what is it with me and long distances? well, the reasons goes a long way back in my life. i told him once about this and he went all ballistic! *where-did-that-word-came-from?* anyway, the point is he said that past is past. if i cant let go of it then it means that i am not ready for him. and he has a point. even all my friends repeated the same thing over and over again. now it's all up to me to make it work.

all this talk about relationship kinds of annoy myself now. i talk too much kan? LOL. if, it is mean to go the opposite way that i plan i know all this words would backfire. for now, i like to think that i live in the present. i have faith in us. i do! despite all this insecurities. it is just the immature me talking. i know, and i'm positive, i will survive in Muar, and we will survive apart.

we have a wish we share together. :)