Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Courage. Love. Sympathy.

Its not easy to find a guy who won't let you go no matter what. Its not easier to find a guy that we love who won't let you go.

Once you find this particular guy, it won't be easy to actually get your happy ever after. You might find a 1001 obstacles and reasons to give up and walk away.

He might already have a girlfriend. You, are too in love to actually back off.
He might love you more than his current girlfriend. You, sympathizes for his girlfriend.
He just won't let you go. You, have jealousy wrath all around you.

No trust. No loyalty. No sincerity.

So why must we fight for this kind of love?

1001 questions keeps on repeating itself again and again.
Why can't you leave her if you don't love her?
Why can't I leave you despite all the lies and hurts you cause me?
Is this really love or just an act of the devil?
How can we sort this out?
How do we move on?
What should I do?

For one to be able to love and be sincere about it, one must have the courage to face anything.
Have courage to leave the ones you don't love for the one you love.
Have courage to move forward and never look back.
Have courage to stand on your own two feet.
Have courage to face the heartbreak.

is something you will never want to let go once you know how it feels.
Question is, is it suffice to just love?

Love needs sincerity.
Love needs honesty.
Love needs loyalty.
Love will grow with all this.

With sincerity and honesty, love will grow.
Adds up with the courage build, love can be the strongest feeling you ever had.

A feeling that needs to be rid off.
A feeling that can destroy relationships.
A feeling which should only be there for mishaps NOT in a relationship.

Its hard to understand. Its hard to actually make it happen.


If its meant to be, it will be.
No two ways about that.