Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A child. Something that most married couple wished for.

What I won't understand, refused to understand is that why abandoned them when they're diagnosed with cerebral palsy or down syndrome or just mere delayed development?

They should have been grateful that at least your child will live. Quality of life? Yes, lower but that's the purpose of rehabilitation. Be grateful you could spend time and love them. Be grateful that you don't have to know they're going to be dead sooner that you expected.

I'll take the example of muscular dystrophy, the prognosis is death. Slowly, your once normal active child will become crippled. At one point, they won't be able to do anything. I can't imagine the feelings of parents experiencing this.

A child being left at the hospital because they're crippled. The dad sue the hospital and left the child. The mum? death during childbirth.

A dad looking after his delayed child. The mum left them for another guy.

What a world we're living in eh?

InsyaAllah. I pray that I won't be this kind of parents.

Allah S.W.T won't challenged us more than our capabilities. So, the fact is that we ARE capable of going through all this.