Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of Eiffel Tower & Ribbons

No. I did not went to Paris. Unfortunately. *sigh*

Instead I got myself this scarf with an eiffel tower print on it which I totally dig!

I was feeling fancy too today that I decided to wear prints over prints with other detailings on.

It might be a tad too much thus the reason I kept my accessories to the minimum.

To be honest, I rarely dress up which explains why I rarely...no..actually never attempted a self-fashion post before.
I guess I am a lil bit vain today.

Oh well.

scarf from Zorascarfs on facebook
Cardigan by Dressing Paula,Setia City Mall
Top by Uniqlo
Ring from a booth at Bazaar Oh Bazaar @ Rasta TTDI



Qurratuaini Wajihah said...

blogwalker :) nice entry btw. hihi.

AIN said...

@qurratuaini wajihah haha! thanks! :)