Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thank Allah for ALL the Blessings in the World.


InsyaAllah I'll be graduating soon enough, given that I passed all my subjects this semester. *Praying that I do*

So what's my plan? 

Let's see... this weekend I'll be in Rasta TTDI promoting my online boutique there. Do come and have a look! Not just mine, but 69 other booths spread on 2 days! 

10th of July I'll be travelling to Johor working/volunteering - whichever fits better - for Inter-university Sports Carnival. I'll be there until the 20th. Coming back just in time for Ramadhan :) 

Preparation to find a job/transition to work life etc etc... NONE! 

Now I know, most or at least some of my classmates had started drafting their resumes. Some of them had even targeted where do they want to apply for work. Some had decided to just wait. Some had also decided to not work or steer out of physiotherapy line. In short, they had made up their mind. Give the future a thought. 

Well, me? Contrary to the old me who had always imagine/dream about the future. I find myself staying in the present as much as I can instead of planning ahead. I haven't start a thing on my resume. I haven't re-organized whatever it is that matters when it come to job-hunting and of course I don't even know where to start or where to apply. Different people in my life have different hopes for me. Sometimes I felt that I might let them down if I gave too much hopes. 

People had been popping the Q (by people I meant my parent's friends, my aunts my cousins etc etc) : U had finished studying right? When are you graduating? Where are you going to work??

Honestly people, I don't have an answer. My answer will come once the results are out. I am NOT being negative. I am just trying to be optimistic. I am scared to death for my own future. 

Rambling again am I?