Saturday, March 6, 2010

Exercise Physiology & Pharmacology.

2 different tests. 2 very different subjects. same day. half & hour gap.
takes the breath of our whole class and make us go blah blah blah.

i slept at 4am last minute revising my exercise physiology. the more interesting subject.

and slept the whole morning today, even skip my neurology class. ;p ignoring pharmacology. seriously, it's a bore. i thought i was gonna spend my morning revising the latter. i read 2 pages, and was fast asleep. :))

Arrived at the exam hall, prepared & ready to answer EP.


"Pn. Maria lambat sket. kul 3 nnt baru mula."


"Pn.Maria kata die da anta org suh jaga kite test"


"Pn.Maria bg choice, buat test malam ni or pg esok"



"Sape yg mara & kutuk sy petang td? tlg phm. sy pnat baru blk outstation n td meeting etc etc"

Tonight, we'll only sit for Pharmacology test.


"Puan, EP dulu la puan. budak OT ta dtg lg. Puan kate pkul 9.30"

"Np, i told ferdaus malam nie Pharmacology sj. Sy bwk test Pharmacology shj. Siape NR, drive carefully, jln Meru tu gelap"


seriously, i lost my momentum.
i don't have the heart to sit for these tests anymore.

feel sorry for the post diploma who came down or stayed back, but in vain. i am not blaming anyone though. Sabar je la en? ngee~

so, exercise physiology test is postponed to this Monday. Damn. Pharmacology was done & marked. *widesmile* Thanks Pn.Maria for the true & false Q's. All the statements was right from the book which is very convenient. Eventhough the test is 5% only, hopefully it'll help later on. ngee~

Gaahh~ So much work yet so lil time. What with clinical at the end of the sem, my life wont be the same anymore.