Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Courage. Love. Sympathy.

Its not easy to find a guy who won't let you go no matter what. Its not easier to find a guy that we love who won't let you go.

Once you find this particular guy, it won't be easy to actually get your happy ever after. You might find a 1001 obstacles and reasons to give up and walk away.

He might already have a girlfriend. You, are too in love to actually back off.
He might love you more than his current girlfriend. You, sympathizes for his girlfriend.
He just won't let you go. You, have jealousy wrath all around you.

No trust. No loyalty. No sincerity.

So why must we fight for this kind of love?

1001 questions keeps on repeating itself again and again.
Why can't you leave her if you don't love her?
Why can't I leave you despite all the lies and hurts you cause me?
Is this really love or just an act of the devil?
How can we sort this out?
How do we move on?
What should I do?

For one to be able to love and be sincere about it, one must have the courage to face anything.
Have courage to leave the ones you don't love for the one you love.
Have courage to move forward and never look back.
Have courage to stand on your own two feet.
Have courage to face the heartbreak.

is something you will never want to let go once you know how it feels.
Question is, is it suffice to just love?

Love needs sincerity.
Love needs honesty.
Love needs loyalty.
Love will grow with all this.

With sincerity and honesty, love will grow.
Adds up with the courage build, love can be the strongest feeling you ever had.

A feeling that needs to be rid off.
A feeling that can destroy relationships.
A feeling which should only be there for mishaps NOT in a relationship.

Its hard to understand. Its hard to actually make it happen.


If its meant to be, it will be.
No two ways about that.


Sunday, December 23, 2012


The saying goes like this, sometimes we're at the top and sometimes we're at the bottom. So it really is up to us to make the most out of our life no matter how hard it might get.

Why all of the sudden am I rambling about this ?

Probably cause I'm feeling low at this point of my life right now. I feel like the world just passes by me leaving me behind. If that make any sense. I used to blog to spill my hearts content but right now nothing that I write seems to be able to express my feelings.

All these while I stop blogging is due to I have friends to talk about it with. I still do. Its just that I feel I had been burdening them with my story a lil bit too much. They too, have problems to think about. I can't expect them to always be willing to hear me out right?

What are these foreign feelings I am having right now.. I have no idea.. I just hope things get better faster.

I miss you.

I love you.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!

So there I was at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil for the Merdeka celebration..

Wow. There are a LOT of people!

I was literally suffocated at first! But I got used to it after a while. Taking charge of where should we go as my mum are already lost.

I don't really wanna go through part by part of the events as I don't find it interesting enough. I don't think it differs much from any other celebration done in a stadium before. So... Yeahh...

The thing that intrigued me is how enthusiastic all these people were. Singing along to the patriotics songs (well to the popular ones that is, they just waves the flag during the newer songs), waving flags big and small while chanting merdeka!

A dad beside me brought her 2 daughters along, I'm guessing around 4 and 5 years old ? Both of his daughters are very energetic! Singing along to almost every song! Not to mention jumping and laughing and giving the impression of oh what a happy family we are in this merdeka era. Of course there are so many other families there.

And... Hum... I think that's that. I don't really have much to say about the event. What is the saying again?

If you have nothing good to say about something, its better to keep quiet.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Fabulous find Beauty Box; 1st review

Burt's Bees Nourishing milk & honey Body Lotion

Claims; 24 hours moisturization

My say?
It does work as it said! It might not feel as luxurious as some other body lotion might gives you, but having dry scaly skins like mine (yes I lack moisturization. Bad me!) you don't need luxurious feelings!

1st thing I noticed was that it is fast to absorb. One of the things I look for in a body lotion as I hate the fact that I have to keep rubbing it in until it absorbs.

2nd thing I noticed was that my skin wasn't scaly for days after using it once! That was last week. I do think my skins feel softer too. Teehee.

The 1st and last time I used it ( after luxuriously slapping it on my body, legs, necks and arms) there are still some left so I kept it inside a container. Tonight I used it again, and I still have enough for the body, legs & feet! Did I mention it comes in a 7ml packaging ? Hah! Yes it's that small!

The only thing I disliked about it is the smell. It is too strong of a smell and it's the kind of smell I hated on any other products. However, when I woke up the next morning the sickening strong smell turns into a sweet acceptable quite nice smell. Haha. So I guess it's okey.

On another note, I am thanking Fabulous Finds for such wonderful service given! I love the idea of having beauty box delivered to me every month! At least now I have a reason to babble more on my blog.

Till then...


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of Eiffel Tower & Ribbons

No. I did not went to Paris. Unfortunately. *sigh*

Instead I got myself this scarf with an eiffel tower print on it which I totally dig!

I was feeling fancy too today that I decided to wear prints over prints with other detailings on.

It might be a tad too much thus the reason I kept my accessories to the minimum.

To be honest, I rarely dress up which explains why I rarely...no..actually never attempted a self-fashion post before.
I guess I am a lil bit vain today.

Oh well.

scarf from Zorascarfs on facebook
Cardigan by Dressing Paula,Setia City Mall
Top by Uniqlo
Ring from a booth at Bazaar Oh Bazaar @ Rasta TTDI


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A child. Something that most married couple wished for.

What I won't understand, refused to understand is that why abandoned them when they're diagnosed with cerebral palsy or down syndrome or just mere delayed development?

They should have been grateful that at least your child will live. Quality of life? Yes, lower but that's the purpose of rehabilitation. Be grateful you could spend time and love them. Be grateful that you don't have to know they're going to be dead sooner that you expected.

I'll take the example of muscular dystrophy, the prognosis is death. Slowly, your once normal active child will become crippled. At one point, they won't be able to do anything. I can't imagine the feelings of parents experiencing this.

A child being left at the hospital because they're crippled. The dad sue the hospital and left the child. The mum? death during childbirth.

A dad looking after his delayed child. The mum left them for another guy.

What a world we're living in eh?

InsyaAllah. I pray that I won't be this kind of parents.

Allah S.W.T won't challenged us more than our capabilities. So, the fact is that we ARE capable of going through all this.


Thank Allah for ALL the Blessings in the World.


InsyaAllah I'll be graduating soon enough, given that I passed all my subjects this semester. *Praying that I do*

So what's my plan? 

Let's see... this weekend I'll be in Rasta TTDI promoting my online boutique there. Do come and have a look! Not just mine, but 69 other booths spread on 2 days! 

10th of July I'll be travelling to Johor working/volunteering - whichever fits better - for Inter-university Sports Carnival. I'll be there until the 20th. Coming back just in time for Ramadhan :) 

Preparation to find a job/transition to work life etc etc... NONE! 

Now I know, most or at least some of my classmates had started drafting their resumes. Some of them had even targeted where do they want to apply for work. Some had decided to just wait. Some had also decided to not work or steer out of physiotherapy line. In short, they had made up their mind. Give the future a thought. 

Well, me? Contrary to the old me who had always imagine/dream about the future. I find myself staying in the present as much as I can instead of planning ahead. I haven't start a thing on my resume. I haven't re-organized whatever it is that matters when it come to job-hunting and of course I don't even know where to start or where to apply. Different people in my life have different hopes for me. Sometimes I felt that I might let them down if I gave too much hopes. 

People had been popping the Q (by people I meant my parent's friends, my aunts my cousins etc etc) : U had finished studying right? When are you graduating? Where are you going to work??

Honestly people, I don't have an answer. My answer will come once the results are out. I am NOT being negative. I am just trying to be optimistic. I am scared to death for my own future. 

Rambling again am I?